Perfect Girls Gallery

kcorra14, 20y.o., from Durango, Mexico
Durango, Mexico
kcorra14, 20
I’m happy, a little crazy
Sanja, 21y.o., from Zrenjanin, Serbia
Zrenjanin, Serbia
Sanja, 21
I am a young woman and I am prepared to find a man with who I can share my world. I enjoy helping people, homeless or poor, and people always say that I am a good listener and very supportive. I have lot of love to give and I always wanted loving family. I don’t like to argue, so I try to be around
Emilia, 23y.o., from Nis, Serbia
Nis, Serbia
Emilia, 23
I can say with confidence that I am very kind and sympathetic girl who dreams to change this world for good. My life consists of communication, learning and doing sports. I never betray people I love and I always keep my word. I am very affectionate and I’m ready to do everything for my beloved.
Regina, 38y.o., from Frankfurt, DE
Frankfurt, DE
Regina, 38
Whenever someone makes the decision to step into serious relationships, he starts drawing a perfect image in his head, dreaming about never-ending passion, loving relationships, absolute understanding, true friendship and pure love. There is a perfect image of perfect partner in everyone's head
clemenceparis, 29y.o., from Paris, France
Paris, France
clemenceparis, 29
I am 30 years old women living in paris, loving traveling, nice dinner, wear a nice dress and read old books
sarah665, 22y.o., from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
sarah665, 22
Hello you, Thanks for visiting my profile. I’m new here.. Love to meet new people! ☀️
Huiyu, 22y.o., from Shenzhen, CN
Shenzhen, CN
Huiyu, 22
Sunny, happy, loving, sincere, sexy, passionate, caring
AileenC, 28y.o., from Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia
AileenC, 28
kind, cheerful, outgoing, full of dreams!! Colombian girl interested to know another’s cultures!!
Daria, 23y.o., from Prague, CZ
Prague, CZ
Daria, 23
I have a lot of friends and I do like to spend my free time with them. I am loyal and I am always ready to help people. I am also creative, easy-going and talkative person)). Talk to me and you'll see, you will not boring with me :)I was born in St. Petersburg but a few years ago I leave it and now
doudou44, 26y.o., from Casablanca, Morocco
Casablanca, Morocco
doudou44, 26
Hey, New beautiful and crazy girl from morocco 🇲🇦 Looking for fun fun and fun 👯
saturn94, 24y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
saturn94, 24
I'm very funny I'm in school work as well single st this time in my life I wanna enjoy I love to shop enjoy cooking love the beach specially when I have my boo next to me I'm very passionate I love to joke I want someone the same
savbaby494, 23y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
savbaby494, 23
I'm fun and spontaneous... not to mention willing to try almost anything! I'm down to be your travel partner and have the most fun possible.
Liliana, 23y.o., from Lisbon, PT
Lisbon, PT
Liliana, 23
It is so difficult to describe myself! I think, people who know me, can do that better. But from my pluses I can emphasise, that I am very honest, sometimes I even to direct. I have my own look on all the things and mostly I do not care, what people will say, though I live in the society. I can be
Srini, 21y.o., from Mumbai, IN
Mumbai, IN
Srini, 21
I am very nice Girl, very kind, soulful and emotional and i love flowers, my favorite color is pink i love pet animals and i don't like to spend time all alone.I love my pet cat. I am Be pleasant to everyone around me, friends and family. Be warm, kind, positive, understanding and friendly.
Laudine, 32y.o., from Szczecin, Poland
Szczecin, Poland
Laudine, 32
I am a 30 year old who loves to travel. I can never settle in one place for long… always on the move.! I enjoy everything… from planing trough packing and trip itself as much as seeing and discovering new places. I think I am a Nomad deep down. I think I am pretty fun to be around and I get excited
happylatina, 27y.o., from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
happylatina, 27
If you dont have a pic or you dont send me a pic your messge Wont be replied. Just better stop reading now. And if you do have /send your picture here is my description about myself. Argentinian living in the caribbean. Am an active person, easy going person, speak spanish, english, portugues. Fun
Bozana, 35y.o., from Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, RS
Bozana, 35
I can write a lot of affirmative words about me here, but I would still like you to meet me and make your judgment and opinion. I believe I am confident, capable and courageous woman. I work in a Greek company as an organizer of cultural and sporting events throughout Europe. My job is dynamic and
ExoticGal, 26y.o., from Charlotte, United States
Charlotte, United States
ExoticGal, 26
Hey I'm Zahara From West Africa Togo Fluent in French Bisexual I'm a student majoring in hospitality and travel management I'm looking for a patient man that can offer his stability & worldly expertise/knowledge to me. In fact, I am in search of a gentleman, that knows what he wants and is capable
Maruka, 30y.o., from San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Maruka, 30
I'm a funny, easy going, love to make friends and travel person!
Radostina, 28y.o., from Sofia, BG
Sofia, BG
Radostina, 28
If you ask anybody about me, they would tell you that I am nice and sweetie girl. I am a little bit noisy but only in a positive meaning. I like to have fun and spend time with my friend doing something active. I need moving and action because moving is life and action is a life style. And I never
Chaya, 21y.o., from Bhopal, IN
Bhopal, IN
Chaya, 21
Basically I love life and I love living life. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, restaurants, laughing, going to cultural events, and socializing with quality people. Its just better living and sharing life with someone else.I enjoy being active, healthy and Staying fit.Speaking of dance, I am
deexoxo, 25y.o., from Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
deexoxo, 25
I am a fun, adventurous 25 year old looking for adventure and memories. I have a great sense of humour and I love to laugh- if you are the same then I'm sure we will get along just fine. I really value a true connection, respect, and trust. I'm very ambitious.
Anastasia, 21y.o., from Novi Sad, RS
Novi Sad, RS
Anastasia, 21
I am very cheerfull girl and I try to always look with positive attitude at world. I am always willing to give chance for love and relationship and I expect the same from mine partner. With me you will always wake up with the sight at the smiling girl and go to bed with a warm feeling of love and
Lingling, 25y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Lingling, 25
hi,i am out-going,open-minded, passionate, easy -goinggenerous optimistickindconfident. my friends say that they like my smiling,it likes sunshine in the summer.
Sofia, 28y.o., from Algiers, DZ
Algiers, DZ
Sofia, 28
If you are reading this, it means you like what you see)) I'm athletic, dark-haired girl with soft lips and a sweet smile. But I also want you pay attention on my inner qualities - this is my heart and soul. I am a very friendly girl and I love the new meetings. I try to help people who need it
Zhanna, 51y.o., from New York, USA
New York, USA
Zhanna, 51
I am active, optimistic, sociable and interesting lady who is always smiling and who is always ready to discover the world! I remain honest, reliable and trustful woman who is ready to live and to be loved.
Yury, 30y.o., from Dallas, US
Dallas, US
Yury, 30
Hello,I am looking for my soulmate who is capable of making me happy, I want a special man who can value all my love, I promise to give all of me, to that man who knows how to win my heart ... I consider myself a very file and of good feelings, I just want to return to love a man that is honest,
Nora, 27y.o., from Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria
Nora, 27
I’m kind and naive person. I prefer to believe in people. I’m good-looking and family-oriented. I very feminine. I’m also passionate. I love to cry watching dramas. I’m helpful, but I can be strict with people, who are rude to me
Huimei, 25y.o., from Beijing, CN
Beijing, CN
Huimei, 25
My love, I want be your big superwoman to support u in finance, and I want be your life partner, so I can take good care of u. my love, u will like my open mind, fashion, passionate, mature, thoughtful and good sense of humor,and i will bring happy naughty wild passionate love to u,I am so sure u
Elena, 30y.o., from Washington, US
Washington, US
Elena, 30
Surgeon?? is my PASSION !! ♥ Are you looking for a prepared woman? the truth is just what I AM SO LOOKING FOR! educated, respectful and above all CARIÑOSO ♥ who likes to enjoy a good beer alone and go out together to new adventures in different countries and cultures! I like to travel and meet new
dollfces, 18y.o., from Kansas City, United States
Kansas City, United States
dollfces, 18
I'm an independent girl who's ready to go out and see the world!
Lanasweet29, 29y.o., from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Lanasweet29, 29
Cheerfuland romantic, love to smile and fun to be with)))
Irina, 43y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Irina, 43
I’m generally cheerful, optimistic and open-minded. I try to distance myself from hypocritical and envious people – they destroy positive energetic around us.
Caurys, 29y.o., from Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Caurys, 29
Im a Dominican girl living in Spain, I considered that Im A judicious girl but with spark of diversion necessary. I like to meet new people and to enrich cultural knowledge
Bingjie, 25y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Bingjie, 25
you see, I am a really sexy, tender, soft, and romantic woman. I love to do all things to make my future husband happy because I am a devoted considerate woman.
Blackbeauty813, 30y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
Blackbeauty813, 30
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. -Albert Einstein Let's laugh, be merry, and let our hairs down. I'm an affable and happy-go-lucky girl. I don't have any expectations other than to enjoy each other's company. So let's get acquainted and take it from
elenna67, 35y.o., from Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
elenna67, 35
I am a woman who knows very well what i want from my life. I am ambitious, open minded, active and not silly. I won't allow anybody to play with me!
Nataliya, 31y.o., from Kalush, Ukraine
Kalush, Ukraine
Nataliya, 31
I am lovely,pleasant girl.I am very goal oriented, I know what I want in my life and I always try to fulfil all my goals and dreams.I am confident and cheerful. I am optimistic and I always try to overcome all the difficulties with a smile on my face.I am enthusiastic about taking up new challenges
Jarib, 23y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Jarib, 23
Hello, Iam looking for some person with a big hearth, open minded, who want to love and by loved...
Svetlana, 41y.o., from Kharkiv, UA
Kharkiv, UA
Svetlana, 41
The most important quality, that helps me to look at the life brightly, is - the sense of humor. First, that my friends see, when we meet, is my smile. I suppose myself as a sociable and funny person, with easy position about life. But I’m not a frivolous blonde. Responsibility and hardworking are
Tara, 24y.o., from Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia
Tara, 24
I’m not jealous but I am very romantic when I’m in a relationship. I love animals and I’m a cat person. Education is very important to me, and in a few months I’ll be graduating from college. I like to be physically active and I play some sport.
iris91, 26y.o., from Milan, Italy
Milan, Italy
iris91, 26
I am a mix between Italy and Brazil, I am a cheerful and sunny girl who loves to have fun. I love traveling. I speak Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English sono italo brasiliana allegra solare amo viaggiare e divertirmi.
Aleskath, 20y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Aleskath, 20
I am a cheerful and extroverted Venezuelan, open minded, so you can talk to me about any topic, I love the beach, the sun the sand, I also like the mountains and I like outdoor sports.
Anna, 42y.o., from Kharkov, UA
Kharkov, UA
Anna, 42
I am very loyal and know what i am doing. I love my family and they mean for me everything in life. I am good cultivated lady with good family.
Olena, 32y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Olena , 32
Every man has his own standards of beauty and perfection but I believe that there are certain things every guy wants to see in his second half. A girl of your dreams is probably beautiful, open-minded, easy-going, has a kind heart, someone you can trust to and share both your ups and downs with,
Xinyu, 27y.o., from Hengyang, CN
Hengyang, CN
Xinyu, 27
Hello! :) I am a typical person with the traditional virtues of oriental women. I know how to enjoy life. I am good at Household and cooking. I am very healthy, I like fitness. I am a sincere and kind girl here longing for real love.
Anastasia, 23y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Anastasia, 23
I am a hopeless romantic, and at the same time a realist. I dream of a great and pure love, but do not wait for the prince on a white horse. My dream is to travel the world. See many new things and beautiful places. But my main dream - to visit Paris.
Alina, 20y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Alina, 20
I am very friendly and easy-going person. I am a very delightful woman and I like to be in a good mood. I like to give a bright smile to the world, that makes me feel great! I am a very romantic and tender person. It is important for me to feel the world with my heart.
suebosworth, 33y.o., from Arlington, United States
Arlington, United States
suebosworth, 33
I am a person who enjoys the simple things in life … cuddling up with someone special, sharing thoughts and dreams as well as the day to day stuff that happens. I love to spend time with the special person in my life and I’m not afraid to talk things out. I am perfectly comfortable with giving and
Tian, 26y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Tian, 26
I know i am not the best girl, but i could be the best girl for you.cause I  am easygoing and outgoing, I have sexy round body,I also very hot girl,I am very tender and caring,you would feel that when we are together. I am also very confident with strong determination to do good job in my career as
LanaWorld, 34y.o., from Miami, United States
Miami, United States
LanaWorld, 34
World traveler. Class and elegance are essential. Educated, love the ocean. I don't drink. Love hiking, nature, luxury trips and luxury destinations, connecting with real people who have something to offer.
Elena, 31y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Elena, 31
I am loving,caring and loyal.I enjoy simple things in life:family,loving husband and a nice job.What about my character, I am full of life person and I have many friends .But I need my only man who will love me and whom I will be able to give all my feelings.
Katerina, 32y.o., from Chernivtsi, UA
Chernivtsi, UA
Katerina, 32
I am a grown up so I know what it is like to be a loving girlfriend. I want to be next to a man who is able to value me as a woman)
Zhidan, 28y.o., from Hengyang, CN
Hengyang, CN
Zhidan, 28
am a lively and cheerful easy-going girl. Always thought that there will be better, and after selection, found I am missing all the time, hope I can meet you here.
Konstantina, 20y.o., from Limassol, Cyprus
Limassol, Cyprus
Konstantina, 20
First of all I am not an average woman. There are several things that make me unique. One thing that makes me unique is that I am Quality. You'll just have to ask if you want to know more about that. Born and Raised in Lemessos. I'm very family oriented, outgoing and social woman. I love meeting
Chouu1992, 26y.o., from Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Chouu1992, 26
Contact me if you wanna know more ✌🏽️😊
Pavlina, 21y.o., from Sofia, BG
Sofia, BG
Pavlina, 21
It may seem to you that I am just the same as many regular girls out there, and I won’t try to prove you wrong. Yes, I am a simple, realistic girl. I know that people are not perfect and I am not perfect as well. I think the best you can do for you is to be honest with yourself, accept yourself the
Xinyue, 31y.o., from Fushun, CN
Fushun, CN
Xinyue, 31
I am a gentle, simple girl, I am very easy to get well along with others, I always share my understanding and tolerance to my lover, and respect his choice, give him trust and security!at the same time, I also will bear his bad temper and through the communication and smiling, let them become our
Olga, 27y.o., from Poltava, Ukraine
Poltava, Ukraine
Olga, 27
I am an energetic and purpose-given girl. I am sensitive and romantic when it comes to love. I am fashionable, feminine, loyal, sincere, kind, tender lady, sociable and cheerful person. I would like to share everything with a special and romantic man with whom we'll make future wonderful memories.
Svetlana, 55y.o., from Scottsdale, USA
Scottsdale, USA
Svetlana, 55
I’m educated, kind and tolerant. My heart is full of love to nature and music. I like reading, cooking, gardening. I am family-oriented. I have an optimistic outlook, but I am alone. I hope to meet a man who needs my tenderness. I want to love and to be loved.
Olga, 33y.o., from Moscow, Russian Federation
Moscow, Russian Federation
Olga, 33
I'm an unusual girl... I'm bold, open, cheerful. I love speed! So we can ride together on a motorcycle or on a car)) But I'm also gentle, romantic and passionate... If we will be together, then your life will never be the same again!) I'm very attached to everything new and when its something I
sofiachuang, 21y.o., from Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
sofiachuang, 21
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LikeMasha, 24y.o., from Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kharkiv, Ukraine
LikeMasha, 24
Hi, my name is Masha! I like to dance and have fun. I love computer games and travel
Daniela, 25y.o., from Maracaibo, VE
Maracaibo, VE
Daniela, 25
Hi, I am a quiet girl, I study psychology, and I like performing arts, I love dancing, going to the beach and sharing with friends.
Carolayn, 21y.o., from Bello, CO
Bello, CO
Carolayn, 21
♥ I am a woman who loves to dare many things, I feel that the age difference could be an impediment for you maybe, but I do not see it that way, I just think that I am old enough to make my decisions. I like soccer and practicing yoga, you will see that I am very flexible.
Yujie, 25y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Yujie, 25
nothing i want on the site
desidez, 30y.o., from Atlanta, United States
Atlanta, United States
desidez, 30
I'm fun exciting (nerd lol) who loves to learn and explore as many places as possible.
Lianghan, 25y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Lianghan, 25
What is love? For me, it is a loving hug from my man, it is passionate kiss and strong sexual drive between each other. Now you know, what kind of girl I am? I'm a straight forward girl,passionate,kind,filial. friends say my personality is westernized, because i accept western education when i was
Elainelp, 27y.o., from Rua, Italy
Rua, Italy
Elainelp, 27
Brasileirasou uma pessoa que ama viajar,e estar ao lado de pessoas de bem com a vida, gosto de conhecer lugares bonitos conhecer pessoassempre discretavamos nos divertir e fazer uma viajem inesquecível !
myLaila, 28y.o., from Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
myLaila, 28
Beautiful, friendly, open minded person. Let’s be happy together 😉🤗❤
Oleksandra, 25y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Oleksandra, 25
I am an honest, soft, reliable and gentle woman! And also my friend say that, I am a caring and patient. My heart is open for love. I believe in romance so I am very romantic woman! I am very optimistic, I like to help people! I like kids and animals! I like to wear for my future man very kind and
DoloresC543, 32y.o., from Quito, Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador
DoloresC543, 32
I am a woman looking forward to have new adventures around the world. I have a BHM and currently live in Galápagos Islands. My work allows me to travel almost three weeks in a row so I am exited to start.
Nataliya, 22y.o., from Nis, Serbia
Nis, Serbia
Nataliya, 22
My mommy means a lot to me. When we go out on weekends, people often tend to make a mistake and think that she is my older sister. We look like one another, both physically and mentally. She is my moral lighthouse, someone who is very strong and caring, taking into consideration fact that my dad
missanwylde, 19y.o., from Las Vegas, United States
Las Vegas, United States
missanwylde, 19
(if you want two pretty girls to join you my best friend and I have always done this together. if its not your cup of tea then I'm ok with it just being me)I'm an 19 year old blond (temporarily brunette until someone can help me fix this disaster) living in Las Vegas. I’m learning French right now
Hongyan, 24y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Hongyan, 24
i am a simple woman, do not think too much in life, like little and simple things, like kidding and having fun, i am a sweet,sexy, passionate, cheerful and optimistic smiling girl, Although i am young,i am mature and smart enough to know what i need for my life,i run a beauty shop now, so i can
Linda, 25y.o., from Dalian
Linda, 25
I an a traditional oriental femalecan't say some sweet words, only say something from my hearts, and no games, please keep silience when u want to play games with me
sienna321, 20y.o., from Honolulu, United States
Honolulu, United States
sienna321, 20
I’m 20 years old and I’m Mexican girl living in Hawaii. Love to work out and travel as well as going to the beach. I enjoy having conversations about anything and everything and having a good laugh. And yes I do speak Spanish :)
Paola Andrea, 26y.o., from Bogota, CO
Bogota, CO
Paola Andrea, 26
Mei, 26y.o., from Nanchang, CN
Nanchang, CN
Mei, 26
soft, gentle, and easy going
Hongqun, 35y.o., from Chengdu, CN
Chengdu, CN
Hongqun, 35
Tender, caring, consideredresponsible, honest, romantic, optimistic, cheerful, independent, loyal reliable
Zhihui, 24y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Zhihui, 24
i am a simple girlwho just want to find a man can be with me and we take care each otheri dont need you too muchjust wish we can show each other real heart !
Lisaxox, 23y.o., from Sacramento, United States
Sacramento, United States
Lisaxox, 23
I am a full time college student, I love to travel and enjoy life.
dreaaaa22, 20y.o., from Kansas City, United States
Kansas City, United States
dreaaaa22, 20
My name is Andrea. I am 20 years old and have 2 kids
Marina, 32y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Marina, 32
I am very gentle and sensitive woman. I like to give pleasure and I know how to make the man feel comfortable and relaxed. I am happy because I have everything I need in life. Almost everything. The only thing I miss a lot. It is am kind and very honest person. I prefer everything to be clear and
Emma, 25y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Emma, 25
I' m a very artistic person.I like to draw and sing. It helps me to relax. I have a calm nature but when it comes to the art my nature changes to the opposite side.I think its very important when we have so much stress nowadays.The life in a big city is not so easy,so you have to learn how to rest
Hotkisses, 32y.o., from Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines
Hotkisses, 32
Adventurous fun to be with…
Isabella, 19y.o., from Lecheria, VE
Lecheria, VE
Isabella , 19
Hello I am sincere reliable person who loves life. I try to make the best of each day they have given me. In my spare time, I like to travel, run, ride a bike, not be intimidated by my age
Katherin Jinneth, 25y.o., from Colombia, CO
Colombia, CO
Katherin Jinneth, 25
Im a happy women all the time but i can act like a tiger if i feel threatened or the people treat me bad. At present I am still a student and I am happy in my college but I know I will be graduated soon and I need to live by myself. Some of my friends have boyfriends or girlfriends now, but I am
Jin, 27y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Jin, 27
i am a easy-going and a little bit quiet lady who has an optimistic attitude towards life.i like travelling around and enjoy the yummuy local food during the journey. i love to watch films to loosen up I want to cherish the simple life with my love and life partner, to enjoy the simple things in
Peiyi, 33y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Peiyi, 33
Honey, i want to wear our marriage ring, let me wear the white weddding dress for you. think of when it is the morning, I squeeze toothpaste for you, you comb hair for me. walk on the road in the dusk. lean on your shoulder when we sit on the grass land. to be with you all my rest life. wow, honey,
Allen0099, 28y.o., from Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Allen0099, 28
I'm a simple, caring, nice girl with a good sense of humor...i like traveling, swimming, cooking, dancing etc
MissErrtie, 24y.o., from Campbelltown, Australia
Campbelltown, Australia
MissErrtie, 24
I'm a young woman looking to relax and be free
vverronika, 25y.o., from Prague, Czechia
Prague, Czechia
vverronika, 25
I'm studying Religious Studies at Charles University in Prague. I am friendly, nice and funny (sometimes) I love traveling, but I do not have anyone to travel with now. I prefer for first meeting Europe.
Ekaterina, 37y.o., from Nikolaev, UA
Nikolaev, UA
Ekaterina, 37
I am a sociable person, I can be firm or tender depending on the situation but I always stay feminine and stylish woman.I think that all life of a woman is LOVE and at first a man should love a woman and then understand.
Daisy_121212, 31y.o., from Newport, United Kingdom
Newport, United Kingdom
Daisy_121212, 31
If I'm honest I probably talk far to much and can be a little over sensitive at times. However I always see the best in every person and every situation, I'm positive, kind and sincere and my enthusiasm for life is incredibly contagious! There are never any awkward silences around me...and never a
Ho Thi, 25y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Thi, 25
i am a loving and kindconsiderate and helpful
Isabella, 28y.o., from Pretoria, ZA
Pretoria, ZA
Isabella, 28
I’m full of tenderness and love which I want to share with my only man. I’m cheerful woman and can find joy in everything and everywhere. I have strong wish to start new relationship with a man I will find here. Most of all I like to have trips somewhere. Honesty to say I don’t like cities, I
good_energy, 31y.o., from Atlanta, United States
Atlanta, United States
good_energy, 31
I'm not perfect but I have a lot of things that are going very well for me right now. Business Owner. Highly educated. Great Credit. Own Home. 100% Natural. I am looking to share positive vibes and new experiences with a man of equal caliber. Let's chat. ***WARNING: Any institutions or individuals
Svetlana, 50y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Svetlana, 50
I am a very special woman. I know how to make people around me happy. I consider myself as a very strong-willed, always happy, positive, merry person who is very passionate too. I love to have fun, tell jokes, make good mood for the people around me. In other words, I like to be the soul of the
Xinyi, 25y.o., from luoyang
Xinyi, 25
i am a desinger, and also do my own business i like spotrs,singing dancing and traveiing i am very independent girl
Laer (Alice), 29y.o., from Chongqing, CN
Chongqing, CN
Laer (Alice), 29
i'm an open-minded girl, i like to learn different cultures, meet and know people from different places. i think everyone has his or her advantages and disadvantages, if i love someone, i will love him for who he is, and i think tolerance is a virtue. i'm also an independent girl, i think a
matshepolebo, 32y.o., from Kempton Park, South Africa
Kempton Park, South Africa
matshepolebo, 32
I'm a very loving and caring person with a bubbly personality..wish to travel and see the world.! with a person who loves affection as im a very romantic person.
Tlolulbby, 22y.o., from Fredericksburg, United States
Fredericksburg, United States
Tlolulbby, 22
Creative, fun and optimistic.
Xiaopei, 28y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Xiaopei, 28
Allow me to be straight: 1.i am a outgoing womani like smile and i want to spread my happiness to others . 2.I am a very diligent woman, i never leave things for tomorrow. 3. I am an independent woman, so i don't need your money, i have my own business and i earn good money. 4.I never laugh at
Stasa, 22y.o., from Podgorica, ME
Podgorica, ME
Stasa, 22
I am very optimistic and cheerful person, everyone around me told me the same. I am the one that will always laugh whenever you see me, even when I am passing through something hard. I love to be souranded by people that i adore and like, I am not hating or disliking anyone, I have understanding
Anna, 20y.o., from Lodz, Poland
Lodz, Poland
Anna, 20
I'm that lady, who you will never forget, if you see me once! Do you know which color of eyes is the rarest? Only 2% of people in the world can boast of it. Well, I give the hint for the kissing! :) (It’s green color of eyes) Yes, it’s really rare color, so, I’m unique :) You know, I’m a purposeful
Alejandra, 21y.o., from Barquisimeto, VE
Barquisimeto, VE
Alejandra, 21
Hello! I am a Venezuelan girl of 21 years, I speak Spanish and English very basic. I am a very happy person and who loves to make new friends from all places. I started using this page to practice my English by video call and to meet other people I can call friends and visit them at some time. I
Nataliya, 59y.o., from Moscow, Russian Federation
Moscow, Russian Federation
Nataliya, 59
I am very gentle woman! I like to care about man! I support my man in everything ! I can tell that I am sweet and I want to find a man whom we can be together happy! I don't like conflicts and that's why I an calm and never cry! I think that any question and problem can be solved without quarrel!
travelmonsterr, 31y.o., from New Orleans, United States
New Orleans, United States
travelmonsterr, 31
Sweet and silly. Curious of all things. Mildly sarcastic. I'm eager to travel and love to learn. I'm easygoing and a good conversationalist. I appreciate individuals who are worldly, but not pretentious. Bonus points if you're an animal lover! My interests include food, movies, and travel. I would
Viktoriya, 23y.o., from Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Viktoriya, 23
I’m ambitious and purposeful and at the same time I’m very tender and sensitive. I think that not every woman posses such mix of qualities. Despite of my profession I’m romantic and feminine and still believe in true feelings. In my life I have a lot of dangerous and unexpected situations, but I
Tong, 22y.o., from Beihai, CN
Beihai, CN
Tong , 22
mature good sexy hot
Idea44, 29y.o., from Thailand, Austria
Thailand, Austria
Idea44, 29
I’m Rotjana from Thailand I’m work Pharmacist
THRILLSEEKER123, 25y.o., from London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
English, student, living in london... Fun, very open minded, positive, ambitious, easy going nature, thrill seeker! Love photography, travel, fashion, sport, skiing, kayaking Live your best life!
Inga, 32y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Inga, 32
I am a very kind and loyal person. I love children and animals. I hate injustice and cruelty. And I try to communicate only with people like me. If I'm interesting to you, write to me and when talking to me you will really find out what I really am!
Tayiloac, 24y.o., from Villavicencio, Colombia
Villavicencio, Colombia
Tayiloac, 24
Soy una soñadora empedernida, que no busca llenarse de bienes materiales, si no disfrutar la magia que existe en cada rincon del mundo. soy una persona muy humana, sencilla, especial, me gusta disfrutar de las cosas simples de la vida, disfrutar los paisajes, conocer nuevos sabores, y aprender de
Mary, 31y.o., from San Diego, US
San Diego, US
Mary, 31
Mmm I think it is not so easy to tell about myself. I am far from being perfect, this is for sure. But every day I try to work on myself and to be better.
amejane, 35y.o., from Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
amejane, 35
I have a fun bubbly personality, I really like to explore and try new things. I'm very creative and arty, I also would consider myself a bit of a geek and like superhero movies and computer games. I have a lot of interest in nature, animals, geography and biology. I have been diagnosed with a
Miss_Nelle, 32y.o., from Atlanta, United States
Atlanta, United States
Miss_Nelle, 32
Mature (old-soul), educated (MBA), humorous, altruistic, mysterious, enjoy wine, open-minded, nurturing, love to read self-improving and biography books, very creative, love listening to classic music (blues and jazz are favs), foodie, aviation intrigues me, love animal prints, and cooking is
crzycee, 33y.o., from Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
crzycee, 33
Youthful spirited lady wanting to explore and experience more in life. It would be great to meet someone to bond with during a trip and create great adventures for New stories to tell in life. I'm techie, I love learning and going to different festivals and conventions. I love food! I'm one of