Perfect Girls Gallery

Mariam, 19y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Mariam, 19
I am a girl with many goals, I do not like to lie, I like it whenever they talk to me with the truth
Ma. Melvie, 26y.o., from Cebu City, PH
Cebu City, PH
Ma. Melvie, 26
I am totally simple, caring, hardworking and loving. I love not just human but everything that has breath I love and respect them so much.
Jing, 23y.o., from Nanchang
Jing, 23
Look at me look at me~~~~ i am sure that you will smile, your sexy girl will always wear beautiful clothes waiting for you at home. ~~~,oh babyyou want to kiss this lady? lol,come to me now baby!! i am waiting for you. as you can see from my pic, i love beautiful clothes and i like to dress me very
Yong Qin, 22y.o., from Nanchang, CN
Nanchang, CN
Yong Qin, 22
Open-minded Easy-going, You wanna find this kind of lady to be your special one ?? Love lifelove smile You see my photo Reward my big smile to you . But i also wanna sayI am not a perfect ladySometimes I am a little naughtyOnly for my love .ok ??
Crystal_E, 32y.o., from Atlanta, United States
Atlanta, United States
Crystal_E, 32
I'm a Black, queer, femme-centric social justice organizer, healer, yoga instructor, & photographer. Not in that order. That seems like a mouthful to some, but it's really just the tip of the iceberg. I'm a creative healer at heart and I let that guide everything I do. I teach classes all over and
Lili, 30y.o., from Nanning, CN
Nanning, CN
Lili, 30
easy going, honest, faithful
Lamis, 27y.o., from Kyiv, UA
Kyiv, UA
Lamis, 27
I want to find a man who will become my inseparable half. I trust my heart – it will help me to feel, I want feel butterflies in my stomach! My man is loyal, my man is a responsible and deep person, my man is kind and caring, my man will never hurt me, and my man will always respect me.
Elmira, 26y.o., from Kharkiv, UA
Kharkiv, UA
Elmira, 26
I am a very active girl. I like to be constantly in a certain movement. To all this, I am very talkative. In general very sociable. I love to celebrate the holidays. I'm not a lot of hot-tempered, if I take out.
sabrinapariss, 23y.o., from Paris, France
Paris, France
sabrinapariss, 23
Hello! Je suis Sabrina une jolie jeune femme avec de jolie forme généreuse et naturelle J'aime beaucoup profiter de la vie (shopping,voyage,restaurant) J'aime rencontrez de nouvelle personne Venais me découvrir mes loulous vous serais pas déçu gros bisous.
Alexandra Kornilova, 29y.o., from Yakutsk, Russia
Yakutsk, Russia
Alexandra Kornilova, 29
I am ready for long penpal :) Love rock music, dance and parties.
jullyguimaraes, 21y.o., from Brasília, Brazil
Brasília, Brazil
jullyguimaraes, 21
I am a super outgoing person, love meeting new places and being with nice people. If I am traveling with you will want to know everything! kkk I speak only Portuguese, sorry about that :'(
Kristine_K, 27y.o., from Hoboken, United States
Hoboken, United States
Kristine_K, 27
My name is Kristine, 27 years old, college graduate, and in the healthcare field. I’m outgoing, educated, humble and overall fun!
Deisy Vanessa, 31y.o., from Medellin, CO
Medellin, CO
Deisy Vanessa, 31
I am a sweet, honest and serious person, I like to respect others to respect me too .
Irina, 42y.o., from Tiraspol, Moldova
Tiraspol, Moldova
Irina, 42
I am very sociable, I easily find a common language even with strangers. I like positive communication and I love people.:)
Cui Li (Lily), 28y.o., from Liuzhou, CN
Liuzhou, CN
Cui Li (Lily), 28
I’m Optimistic, out-going, sweet-tempered, romantic, understanding girl
Lilya, 23y.o., from Bila Tserkva, UA
Bila Tserkva, UA
Lilya, 23
I am a serious girl, I know what I am able to give to my one so I know exactly I don't want to feel lonely and left...I am very romantic and love to make little surprises for my one....You will never get bored next to me)))
Angeles, 23y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Angeles, 23
I am and interesting girl who likes to meet people
MIMI, 27y.o., from Zhuzhou, CN
Zhuzhou, CN
MIMI, 27
I am a simple, gentle and virtuous girl, along with the nature and freedom. I also have good accomplishment. I have been eager for a warm and lasting love. I will feel very happy and content if someone is by my side and we know and understand each other in harmony.
Natasa, 21y.o., from Novi Sad, RS
Novi Sad, RS
Natasa, 21
I am very sociable, kind, and easy-going. I like to meet new people. I think it is always nice to make new friends. This time it will happen with you) Hope you would be happy to meet attractive, young girl with a quiet and patient character.
Naty1992, 26y.o., from Medellín, Colombia
Medellín, Colombia
Naty1992, 26
Me considero una mujer inteligente, profesional, independiente, vital, soy una entusiasta de la vida y me gusta disfrutar de las pequeñas cosas y ver lo bueno de las personas. No lo voy a negar me gusta divertirme y tratar de estar siempre alegre, tambien soy valiente y arriesagada porque pienso
Meijun, 30y.o., from Hengyang, CN
Hengyang, CN
Meijun, 30
I'm a beautiful, kind-hearted, confident and slim girl. Life has so much to offer. The simplest pleasures are the ones to cherish the most. When in a relationship, I am a good friend and companion, caring, concerned. I enjoy romance and affection.
RiftvalleyGem, 32y.o., from Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya
RiftvalleyGem, 32
I believe the world is a beauty rivaled by none and I would Love to see it all and experience it while I can… I live in the best way I can because I am free...I love happy and travelling to Me is the biggest expression of freedom… I am a passionate foodie, Bookie, Ancient architecture,history, Good
Kristina, 20y.o., from Kherson, Ukraine
Kherson, Ukraine
Kristina, 20
I am kind, caring and easy in communication, calm and do not like conflicts.   Stubborn in labor and study.I'm trying to make the best of it, and I always try to find as much positive as possible in my life. Easily trained, sociable and responsible. I can be sentimental, modest and shy, sometimes.
arewethereyetx, 27y.o., from Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
arewethereyetx, 27
Recently single, looking to amplify my life with new adventures and new relationships.
Maria Camila, 28y.o., from Medellin, CO
Medellin, CO
Maria Camila, 28
I am a woman who knows for sure what she wants and goes for my purposes. I am brave enough to change my life at one time and fall in love without fear but if I do it, it’s for the long time and serious. I'm crazy enough to do something new ! . I think it’s really cool when u enjoy your work.I am a
Juanjuan, 30y.o., from Wuhan, CN
Wuhan, CN
Juanjuan, 30
tender and easygoingconfidence
Anna, 27y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Anna, 27
I am a very tender, feminine, romantic and optimistic lady with an interesting inner world. I am open with people, very communicative . I like to communicate with people to meet new friends! I really like people and that is why I have a lot of friends. I always look positive into the future. I
Yuhan, 29y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Yuhan, 29
I am an open positive Changsha girl, i like sports, dance and singing since childhood, so in eyes of my friends, i am a girl of many gifts. I am also a passionate girl, believe in true love. I like warm sunshine in winter; like all ground and mountains rape flowers;i like sweater feeling in hot
Yanlin, 28y.o., from shanghai
Yanlin, 28
love to go camping,fishing,enjoy peaceful life and outdoor activities
Anna, 34y.o., from Houston, US
Houston, US
Anna, 34
I am smiling, positive and optimistic lady.
Rebecca94, 24y.o., from London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Rebecca94, 24
New on this website. Opened to experiences that allow me to have fun in London or somewhere else. Please look at my travel dates. My job does not allow me to be flexible, so unless you are coming to London, don't ask me to travel during other dates. Oh and don't ask for my number to ask for video,
Anastasia, 29y.o., from Kishinev, Moldova
Kishinev, Moldova
Anastasia, 29
I am kind and trusting girl. I love spending time at home, sometimes go for a walk, cook and go on trips with the family. I am a person with whom you can talk, I can support in difficult times and to give advice and in doing so I like to have fun. I like to enjoy life. Do you want to enjoy it
SugarBabiesInc2, 20y.o., from Champaign, United States
Champaign, United States
SugarBabiesInc2, 20
Two college girls looking to add fun and excitement into our SD/SM's life!
Shu chi (Ruby), 24y.o., from Nanchang, CN
Nanchang, CN
Shu chi (Ruby), 24
In my opinion,i think i have both sides in character.For example,i am outgoing and active when i work,i should make friends with others and i should try my best to show myself.But after worki am a simple and quiet girl,i just want to stay at home quietly to enjoy TV show and watch movies,especially
Guomei, 33y.o., from Shenzhen, CN
Shenzhen, CN
Guomei, 33
I smile a lot, not only because I have white teeth, joking, because life is incredible and I really can make you happy. I propose you to know me better and than we will see what happen.
sweetbel, 23y.o., from Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain
sweetbel, 23
Super sweet! Open minded I like cuddles and smile! ...
Essie2067, 27y.o., from Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya
Essie2067, 27
Outgoing. Happy soul, love adventure and meeting people. Into music and dancing. A fashion designer.
Irina, 46y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Irina, 46
I would like to introduce myself to you and hope maybe you can pay some attention to my personality. I am a lady with two grown up children, I am a free person with my own desires, aims and hopes. I have a mild character, but can be spontaneous sometimes. I am communicative woman, I have many
dancingbamapeach, 30y.o., from Atlanta, United States
Atlanta, United States
dancingbamapeach, 30
I am a sweet, southern, Sarcastic adventure seeker. I am self proclaimed professional bruncher and avid concert and festival goer. I enjoy sports, going to sporting events, trying new restaurants, working out, hiking, traveling, outdoor activities, hiking, camping and backpacking with 30 pound
Tatyana, 43y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Tatyana, 43
I am easygoing, friendly, genuine, autgoing and supportive woman. I am a wonderful mother and I can be a good partner, a wife for my beloved man. Would you like to check it?
Ma. Liway, 24y.o., from Cebu City, PH
Cebu City, PH
Ma. Liway, 24
I am only a simple girl.
Thanh Thao, 28y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Thanh Thao, 28
soft, gentle, and outgoing
Angelina, 23y.o., from Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Angelina, 23
What can I say about me.... I think it is really difficult to know someone reading profile but okay I should give you some common information about me. I think I am kind because I often cry at the end of many films about love, travel, nature, animals, split personality...okay I really often cry
Anastasia, 25y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Anastasia, 25
I consider myself as a very reliable and responsible person. I am very hard working and caring. I am always ready to support, to listen and to give a good advice. I am a very open minded woman full of optimism. I have a great sense of humor and I am really very friendly. My close people consider me
hotfunluvs2travl, 25y.o., from Los Angeles, United States
Los Angeles, United States
hotfunluvs2travl, 25
Hi! I️ am 24 years young and living in LA but originally from Texas. I️ lovee to travel, work out, have spa days, shop and drink the best wine. I️ am looking for more of a sugar baby travel situation but I️ am willing to just travel as friends or whatever- I️t is up for discussion :) I️ am 100%
SpecialWoman89, 28y.o., from Tulsa, United States
Tulsa, United States
SpecialWoman89, 28
Well I have a since of humor and out going.I'm sweet but please don't take my kindness for weakness we will get alone perfect💗💗💗😍😘💃💃💃
Anna, 24y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Anna, 24
Im a very sincere, kind person as well as caring and giving. I love my friends and I like to see them happy. They say that Im always frank with them.
Hongna, 35y.o., from Shenzhen, CN
Shenzhen, CN
Hongna, 35
I have my own image designing company! There are hundreds of excellent and professional employees in my company! In my work, i am very confident and elegant boss!After work, i am an easy going, relaxed, enthusiastic, cheerful, romantic, faithful and so on!
majo97402, 21y.o., from Quito, Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador
majo97402, 21
I like to read, music, art and entertaining talks
hayat, 23y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
hayat, 23
Hello. im looking for a serious partner .. An interesting man who knows how to treat soft ladies .. . and a well manared person who knows what he wants and knows his limits as well
Thi Thanh Hien, 27y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Thi Thanh Hien, 27
I m a soft outgoing and lovely girl. I m good at making friends.I like to experience different life. I also want to have a beautiful life.
Olga, 24y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Olga, 24
In my life I have all what I wanted. I have reliable friends and friendly family. I can say that I need to fall find my especial man with whom I can share my life. I think that relationship and love are very important in life of every woman. With my future man I want to share my tenderness, weasel
Momoejung, 28y.o., from Phuket Thailand, Thailand
Phuket Thailand, Thailand
Momoejung, 28
I'm Mo. I'm divorced has kid.hope to meet sincerely guy
Kittyinthesnow, 35y.o., from Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa, Canada
Kittyinthesnow, 35
I'm up for an adventure, curious to see what this site brings...
Xin, 27y.o., from Zaoyang, CN
Zaoyang, CN
Xin, 27
elegant, gentle kind humor
Ivana, 32y.o., from Novi Sad, RS
Novi Sad, RS
Ivana, 32
I am smart, funny, communicated, funny, careful, honest women
Traveller03, 30y.o., from Windsor, Canada
Windsor, Canada
Traveller03, 30
Looking for someone who loves to travel, and has fun exploring new places.
spanishkandi, 24y.o., from Chicago, United States
Chicago, United States
spanishkandi, 24
Hello! I'm a fun-loving, outgoing Latina who has a passion for science. I love going out and trying new foods, dancing, singing (even though I'm not good at it), reading and music. I have my Bachelors of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. I'm currently applying to graduate school so I can
yess20075z, 32y.o., from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
yess20075z, 32
I'm single, I never get married and I do not have children I am 31 years old, I finished university, at that time I work as an analyst account. my englis is very bad, I can understand just a little
darine, 31y.o., from Beirut, LB
Beirut, LB
darine, 31
أنا سيدة بسيطة. لذا الرعاية، والعطاء، ويمكن أن يكون محبا للغاية. أعتقد في الحب الحقيقي والبكاء أثناء مشاهدة الأفلام الصابون. أحب مشاهدة غربت الشمس. أنا لست ذلك بكثير رومانسية، ولكن أعتقد في كل تلك الأشياء. ربما أنا لم اجتمع بعد ذلك الرجل أن تريني جمال العالم.
Raislavna, 22y.o., from Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Raislavna, 22
I am opened for you; I hope you will like my personality. What can I say about myself? Well, first of all I am kind. I have big heart. I will help you when you need it, I will give you a hug when you feel blue, I will tell you a good word just because I wish to make you a pleasure. OK, I can say I
SeksySusan, 30y.o., from Los Angeles, United States
Los Angeles, United States
SeksySusan, 30
Fun! Love a good laugh, live for the moment
Ying, 26y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Ying, 26
I am an outgoing and independent girl. I am curious about new things and I like thinking. In my mind, the world is a mystery, so I think the things that are around me.
Greeneyed, 27y.o., from El Vendrell, Spain
El Vendrell, Spain
Greeneyed, 27
What could I say about myself? Well, I would describe myself as a cheerful, positive, active and friendly person. Love to enjoy every minute of my life, even if sometimes this is quite hard. I always can see the bright side of life. I have lots of interests: reading, music -can't just live witout
LadyJPatel, 34y.o., from Houston, United States
Houston, United States
LadyJPatel, 34
I'm tall, thick, & curvy. Adrenaline and travel junkie. I enjoy reading, wines, bubbles, craft beers and cocktails, cooking, and exploring paths less traveled. I'm always laughing or smiling and usually find the silver lining in just about everything. I don't like gossip or drama and am not afraid
fall101, 18y.o., from Beaumont, United States
Beaumont, United States
fall101, 18
I am a college student who is really spontaneous and always looking to try new things. I am open to being just a travel partner or casually dating. I am not a drinker or a smoker, but I don't mind someone who does either in a social setting.
myLaila, 28y.o., from Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
myLaila, 28
Beautiful, friendly, open minded person. Let’s be happy together 😉🤗❤
Victoriya, 20y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Victoriya, 20
I think, I am intelligent, a fast learner and a very strong intuitive. I am positive, things can go bad, it happens, I consider how you overcome difficulties with a positive attitude makes all the difference. I love to smile and be encouraging,it is magical to watch a smile spread across the face
Ningbo(Julie), 29y.o., from Xiamen
Ningbo(Julie), 29
I have a good chracter, easy-goind and warm-hearted. I like reading and have great desire to study new area. You will love to know me more when know me
Annee, 28y.o., from Warszawa, Poland
Warszawa, Poland
Annee, 28
Funny, open-minded, calm and honest
Lilit, 35y.o., from Texas City, US
Texas City, US
Lilit, 35
I am a sincere and frank person. I wish people treated me as I treat them. I can not stand pessimists and those people who always regret about their life. Life is the most wonderful gift, and we should appreciate it like anything else.
sikha, 24y.o., from Indore, IN
Indore, IN
sikha, 24
Swimming I love most of all and it is my big passion. When I feel uncertainty or tension I always go for the swimming. I think, the water helps me to achieve harmony inside myself and I always feel a lot of energy after it. I also like meditations, it helps me to feel the union with myself, with
Xiaoyang(Sara), 34y.o., from Beijing, CN
Beijing, CN
Xiaoyang(Sara), 34
If you are looking for someone reliable, well-balanced and lively, as well as confident, harmonious and caring - your search is over. I am at peace with the outer world and with my own soul. I consider myself a warm and tender lady able to make a man the happiest person. I am an intelligent, kind,
Alina, 22y.o., from Donetsk, Ukraine
Donetsk, Ukraine
Alina, 22
I am very young, but ambitious lady. I know what I want and how to reach my goals. I am loving lady and my goal for life is to love and be loved! I am family-oriented lady, and have very friendly family.
Fadoua, 28y.o., from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fadoua, 28
My personality is the best. I can easily connect with all kinds of people. I addapt to my environment. I have traveled a lot and met with so many people, mostly in general I'm liked, I studied hotel management. I can carry a conversation along. I love music and love to dance. I like dining favorite
Olena, 25y.o., from Krivoy Rog, UA
Krivoy Rog, UA
Olena, 25
I am kind, beautiful, honest and lovely girl. To tell many good words about yourself is not very modest and I don't like doing it because people see us from the other side, not an angel, but I can say that I am purposeful and industrious and trying to be reasonable. I can't say that I'm shy and
Redheadedlassie, 23y.o., from Glasgow, United Kingdom
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Redheadedlassie, 23
Hey there! I have travelled a fair amount before America twice and seen most European countries! I like to go out at night with friends and have a fun time. I love concerts and theatres as well as eating out. I also enjoy sailing and skiing. I am friendly and chatty and want to live life to the
madisonsk, 24y.o., from Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
madisonsk, 24
Super fun and outgoing. Love to have a good time and meet new people. Looking for new experiences and friends. Please start a conversation if you ask to join my trips!
Anna, 28y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Anna, 28
My main characteristic is the love of life. I am cheerful, funny, purposeful and very kind :)
Aleksandra, 28y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Aleksandra, 28
I am very sensitive, talented and original. I've got well-developed sense of taste and style. My imagination helps me to perceive the world. Desire to perceive the world, desire to create and desire to love - these are constituents of my life. I am kind, loyal and sensitive woman. I think I am
Olga, 38y.o., from Kharkiv, UA
Kharkiv, UA
Olga, 38
I am a woman who knows for sure what she wants from her life! I am independent but I miss strong man next to me. I want to be just a loving woman…I miss man’s warmth, tenderness and I miss just him. As every woman I just want to create my own world where would be only Love and Understanding. Where
Daniela, 25y.o., from Colombia, CO
Colombia, CO
Daniela, 25
About me, I'm a simple person, I love laugh so I'm pretty happy, I don't like lies. I don't like shows nor the little scenes of jealousy, I think is totally unnecessary, if you trust in your partner is useless. I have a 3 year old princess, I'm currently studying a technical customer service. I
Rui, 33y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Rui, 33
My love, this is me, Rui, a fashion, open mind, beautiful, sexy, mature and independent business woman. I like smile, this is the symbol of me, and I do know you will feel happy all the time with me. In my life, my friends admire me because they think I have a perfect figure, beautiful face, good
Donaferguson, 32y.o., from Houston, United States
Houston, United States
Donaferguson, 32
Being humble,loyal and unique to everyone
thamares, 24y.o., from São Paulo, Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil
thamares, 24
Divertida e animada, se não for pra compartilhar boas experiências não está em cogitação. Gosto de mimar e ser mimada.
Heloise, 24y.o., from Montréal, Canada
Montréal, Canada
Heloise, 24
I am intelligent, have conversation. I am pretty good looking. I am adventurous, audacious. I am bold and love to discover new things and places.
Kumba, 24y.o., from Banjul, GM
Banjul, GM
Kumba, 24
I am a passionate and romantic lady who is open to new adventure and ready for a serious relationship
Polina, 27y.o., from Sofia, BG
Sofia, BG
Polina, 27
I'm sincere, decent and intelligent woman who has her own plans a d aims. I think that life is a great gift and we should keep it and live with pleasure. I appreciate every moment and think that love us very important for me. I hope that I will meet here a man with whom can share my love and
Azadam, 24y.o., from Almaty, KZ
Almaty, KZ
Azadam, 24
I am very caring,sincere,and positive person.I am always optimistic in any situation.I am a good friend and always a soul of the company.I am very cheerful,respectful and honest.I am very kind and loyal person.
Oksana, 26y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Oksana, 26
I am kind woman with positive energy. My personality is shining with incredibly charming attitude to life. I am a totally emotional creature, tiny in my inner world and being a loving and caring person in my everyday life. I love life and like to make my life interesting, amazing and full of
CarmenUSA, 32y.o., from Laguna Beach, United States
Laguna Beach, United States
CarmenUSA, 32
Hi, all !!! I just heard about this great site for those who loves to travel !!! I am easy going, nice woman hope to meet here the same people ))) 😃😄☺ and travel together !) 🤓👍👌💋💟
Hanwen, 25y.o., from Sanya
Hanwen, 25
Hello, I am a rich, sweet and mild girl. I like to do charity job. I like to help others. I am looking for a nice partner here. I hope he can be a mature and passionate man. I want to have fun with him. I want to travel around the world. Paris is a place I have always wanted to go. I want to have a
sara, 25y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
sara, 25
Hye I am sara from Morocco 25 years My hobbies sport the first hhh Swimming and adventures Hilarious I hate routine yes I love change and I love the live ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Seouli, 23y.o., from Fayetteville, United States
Fayetteville, United States
Seouli, 23
My favourite song Maybe we're perfect strangers Maybe it's not forever Maybe intellect will change us Maybe we'll stay together Maybe we'll walk away Maybe we'll realize We're only human Maybe we don't need no reason Why - Jonas Blue I'm an international student. I love traveling and learning about
Meng Ting, 25y.o., from Zhuzhou, CN
Zhuzhou, CN
Meng Ting , 25
generous elegeant polite -i =helen
joss_kidding, 19y.o., from Philadelphia, United States
Philadelphia, United States
joss_kidding, 19
Lover of all things with 4 paws, music, reading and writing. Currently studying business administration at my local community college. Guatemalteca y fluente in Spanish and (some) Italian. I also love a great dancer!
Anastasia, 26y.o., from Smela, Ukraine
Smela, Ukraine
Anastasia, 26
I'm an open, gentle and caring girl. By education I am a professional dancer, very plastic .. I have my own dance school, among my students there are many girls who have become for my years of visiting my school close friends. I like cheerful and positive people. I like spending a lot of time in
Juliya, 38y.o., from Mykolaiv, UA
Mykolaiv, UA
Juliya, 38
Здравствуйте! Я ищу доброго, щедрого, интересного, любящего животных мужчину для серьезных отношений и возможно брака.
chabissima13, 31y.o., from València, Spain
València, Spain
chabissima13, 31
iam a 27 girl who love travelling and discovering different cultures
Elena, 35y.o., from Kharkov, UA
Kharkov, UA
Elena, 35
I am the one who is ready to meet challenges and to get forbidden fruits! I think that happiness of the lady is not about the opportunity to choose the one man among millions of others…Lady’s happinsess if about the opportunity t o be with the one you really love, but sometimes the one you love can
gislania, 31y.o., from Natal, Brazil
Natal, Brazil
gislania, 31
Good, nice,beautiful
meriem, 24y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
meriem, 24
I am very positive person and also romantic girl. I believe in love at first sight! I believe in fairy-tales. I believe in love that can lasts forever. I always try to be honest.
Alina, 19y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Alina, 19
What i can tell about myself is that i hate to be like all people. I always want to be unique and i do not want to be like all girls on this site, telling the same things, how sincere and open they are. I have bad and good qualities, because i am a human and i hope this will not scary you. The one
Amina, 26y.o., from Safi, MA
Safi, MA
Amina, 26
Hello,I am different, gentle and soft,open and friendly, passionate and caring. Looking for real friendships and relations
Chang, 23y.o., from Tianjin, CN
Tianjin, CN
Chang, 23
happy girl, open mind, sincerely, honest
NoMad29, 29y.o., from Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy
NoMad29, 29
I am a happy, travel lover Italian girl.. who loves to enjoy life every single second. I am friendly and very easygoing.. I love spending time outside.. it can be having a long walk, exploring new places, discovering new food (I'm a real food lover) and having some party ( I love dancing too!!). I
kenza, 24y.o., from Hoceima, MA
Hoceima, MA
kenza, 24
أنا منفتح الشخص التفكير، صادقة والرقيقة. أنا أحب الحياة، ونعتقد أن الحياة أعدت بالنسبة لي شيئا خاصا. انا منفتح على كل ما هو جديد ولدي رأيي الخاص في كل شيء.
Nadejda, 59y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Nadejda, 59
I am purposeful - know what i want from life and reach my goals.I am sensitive, thoughtful,self-confident, owning, dreaming, nurturing, managing and generally cool))
Diana, 41y.o., from Izmail, Ukraine
Izmail, Ukraine
Diana, 41
I think I am happy and peaceful person.I am a good listener and I always try to be delicate with people. I am a tender and honest woman. My friends say that I am very kind, generous,interesting personality,attentive to people, patient, a good character and very calm lady. I believe that I am a
Viktoria, 27y.o., from Cherkasy, UA
Cherkasy, UA
Viktoria, 27
I am very tender and romantic lady, who still believe in real love. No, I don't believe in fairy-tales, because I am not little girl. I am just sure that this world is impossible without love. Do think the same? Write to me then;) I always try to keep positive and active lifestyle. I like to joke
Ekaterina, 22y.o., from Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Ekaterina, 22
First of all, I would like to tell you about good qualities of my character.)) I hope it will be a good start and it will make a good impression. So, I can tell that I have an easy type of character and I am kind person. I think I am also very talkative lady and I am able to find a common language
Greis Isarab, 29y.o., from Lebanon, Lebanon
Lebanon, Lebanon
Greis Isarab, 29
i am asian honest loooking for a long tern relationship, and to be my future soon
Teodora, 21y.o., from Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, RS
Teodora, 21
I have many longings that are fighting each other - I want love and attention as a little girl,but also love to be alone, as a lonely grown women. Childish, but also very serious when needed. People have different opinions about me - cold as ice or very cute and loveable. Which part of me are you
Olya7777, 29y.o., from Odesa, Ukraine
Odesa, Ukraine
Olya7777, 29
I am a professional singer, smart blonde with a good sense of humor, my profession is a teacher of English, love kids and teach them with a pleasure. I admire kind, attractive and generous guys. I am in love with beautiful things, traveling,nature, sport,communication with good people And karaoke).
Lucy, 26y.o., from Kololi, GM
Kololi, GM
Lucy, 26
I am a caring, simple passionate and romantic lady who is very kind lovely and open minded, I consider my self unique and I am here seriously looking for a nice man. some one who can be my lover, husband friend and a mentor.
Hanying, 25y.o., from Hu Nan, CN
Hu Nan, CN
Hanying, 25
introvert, pure beauty, good intellectual, caring and responsible.
Elima, 33y.o., from San Nicolas, AW
San Nicolas, AW
Elima, 33
I consider myself a tender, kind, friendly and above all very, very affectionate person. I am looking for friendships and from there to see if I can find the ideal man with whom I can share pleasant and very pleasant moments.
Qiao Mei, 26y.o., from Kaifeng, CN
Kaifeng, CN
Qiao Mei, 26
i am an open-minded kindhonest hardworkingresponsible and understanding chinese lady . i love to make friends and i am easy to get along with .I am honest and i hope people can show me their honesty .
Antonia, 25y.o., from Madrid, ES
Madrid, ES
Antonia, 25
I just love making people around me happy! If you know the feeling that gives you a warm spring sunbeam after a long and cold winter then you will know the feeling you get when you meet me. I am warm, understanding and positive, I believe people are born to be happy and if someone got in trouble I
Ulpan, 25y.o., from Almaty, KZ
Almaty, KZ
Ulpan, 25
I am very sensitive person, I feel what people need and want from me and I always try to help - to listen, support or give some advice if needed. I am goal-oriented, well organized and responsible person. I am very active, energetic and joyful. I love my life. I am very caring and kind woman.
honeysmacks, 27y.o., from South Houston, United States
South Houston, United States
honeysmacks, 27
I'm very different from others love trying new things & very adventurous looking for long term relationship someone to show me the finer things in life.