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chrissyiare, 21y.o., from Miami, United States
Miami, United States
chrissyiare, 21
I'm ready for an adventure, take me with you! I'm young and I want to experience the world and see what it has to offer. i'm fun-loving and I love a good laugh . I'm a gym rat so i'll probably make us work out on our trip.
Gemma, 24y.o., from Cebu City, PH
Cebu City, PH
Gemma, 24
I am only a simple woman.
Xiaolan, 32y.o., from Hengyang, CN
Hengyang, CN
Xiaolan, 32
I am easy-going and pleasant, I have a very tender affectionate romantic heart, open to new things. i love living life to the fullest.
asmae, 19y.o., from Safi, MA
Safi, MA
asmae, 19
 I’m a pretty good person. Nice, honest, loyal, thoughtful, kind  I’m a very understanding person. I always put myself in the other person’s shoes and try to understand what they’re feeling,  I’m a highly competitive person. I’m extremely driven by competition, and will put all my energy into
JanTraveler, 35y.o., from Omaha, United States
Omaha, United States
JanTraveler, 35
#Wanderlust #Foodie #BigCity #Ocean #WaterSports #WInterSports #Hiking #Mountains Originally from the Midwest, and I have lived in a few different states. - Currently visiting family in Nebraska - Tennessee has been home for over 5 years total and new home will soon be Denver again! I am very
LitaTutta, 24y.o., from Santa Monica, United States
Santa Monica, United States
LitaTutta, 24
I love to work out. Read books and eat healthy oh and shake my bootty ;))
Oksana, 38y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Oksana, 38
I am open-minded, sincere, kind and responsible woman, who is looking for her beloved man here. I appreciate honesty and sincerity to each other. Perhaps, it seems naive, but I am that woman, who really believes in true love and I think love is a choice which is given for everyone. Love is active.
Souha, 24y.o., from Biba, EG
Biba, EG
Souha, 24
I will try to describe me in a few words. I’m smart, well-educated and family-oriented woman in a good shape. My friends say that I’m generous, sensitive and kind lady. I like to help others.
Szofia123, 26y.o., from Debrecen, Hungary
Debrecen, Hungary
Szofia123, 26
-From Hungary -25 years old -Love Traveling,
CocoGoddess01, 31y.o., from Germantown, United States
Germantown, United States
CocoGoddess01, 31
I like to focus on positive things! Life is too short for anything else. Get to know me!
Ya, 28y.o., from Changde, CN
Changde, CN
Ya, 28
I am a very easy going girl. I have a wide acquaintance. i am a family oriented.
Arlah, 24y.o., from Cebu City, PH
Cebu City, PH
Arlah, 24
I am a very nice person.
Ivanna, 26y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Ivanna, 26
I'm openminded, love to do things I never done before, like most kind of sports and I looking for someone who like to live life, do what ever the day will be up to… I am very sensitive, talented and original. I've got well-developed sense of taste and style.
Taeelovee, 21y.o., from Sterling Heights, United States
Sterling Heights, United States
Taeelovee, 21
Very interesting, outgoing, optimistic, and FUN
xinyan, 23y.o., from Qingdao, CN
Qingdao, CN
xinyan, 23
I'm a kind happy girl, who likes arts, now, i'm a dancer coach in a club !! I love my job, i love my life, i 'm always positive to life, i like smiling and treat everyone sincerely !!!! and you? are you a serious finder here?? have you found your love woman here??? I also want to meet you in real
Natalia, 34y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Natalia, 34
About Natasha: Married. Couple of kids. Looking for some side action. Just kidding. :) I work as a plastic surgeon. Single. 3 tamagotchi’s. Looking for someone to bring to family events so they’ll stop thinking something’s wrong with me... In fact I am really friendly, loving, optimistic, merry to
Anastasia, 35y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Anastasia, 35
I consider myself as a very kind hearted, and respectful woman. I am always very well-mannered and understandable. All my close people consider me as a very cheerful woman. I am also very truthful woman and I consider that everything should be built on trust and honesty. I am very responsible and
Erica36, 23y.o., from Atlanta, United States
Atlanta, United States
Erica36, 23
21 proud mother. Love the outdoors as well as movies,arcades, movies and dinners. I just love to have fun
islandbeautylee, 24y.o., from West Palm Beach, United States
West Palm Beach, United States
islandbeautylee, 24
Hi my name is Lee and I am a witty college student that loves to travel and experience the world… I am also a part time self professed comedian/iPhone model just kidding… I am just looking for a genuine time with a perfect gentleman. Anymore questions?? Just ask I dont bite ;)
Andreia Sofia, 24y.o., from Lisbon, PT
Lisbon, PT
Andreia Sofia, 24
It is hard to tell something about myself objectively, but I will try. I am a charming young woman with a good sense of humor. I’m creative and witty. My friends consider that I can make people laugh. I like taking care of my close people and I can give them my helping hand in any time. I have a
Anastasia, 24y.o., from Thessaloniki, Greece
Thessaloniki, Greece
Anastasia, 24
I am loving and romantic young woman. I am very positive, reliable and energetic. I am very loyal, friendly and passionate. I am social, and kind. I am loving and romantic. I am trustworthy and like helping people.
Ying Xi, 25y.o., from Shenzhen, CN
Shenzhen, CN
Ying Xi, 25
I am a gentle, kind and passionate girl.people may think i am quite or even cold at first time we met, but when we start to know each other, they will know how passionate and easy going I am. My dream is not to live in a luxury house or drive luxury car..I define happiness as healthy, loving and
Tatyana, 46y.o., from Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic
Tatyana, 46
I can say that I have a happy life and a happy personality, but I feel something missing in my life. I have a very good sense of humor, so you will never feel boring with me. I love to meet new people, socialize in a large company. I want to create a large and happy family.
Daffllu, 22y.o., from Goa, IN
Goa, IN
Daffllu, 22
Maybe i am not the best one, but i am the most hard-working one, i love my life, i love my family . I like to travel, like to go to nature and taste all good food, I am a simple woman, i just want to find my beloved to share all happiness and sorrow with each other . I don't like to lie, let us
Olga, 35y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Olga, 35
My friends call me Miss Sunshine!))) If you ask them about me you would get many positive reviews.))) I am very romantic and affectionate woman. Love and family are very important for me. I have two the most loved persons in my life; they are my daughter and my mother. I work hard because I think
DancingNoor, 25y.o., from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
DancingNoor, 25
Hi, I'm Noor and I'm 24 years old. As you probably can guess because of my user name, I'm a dancer. It's my profession and my biggest passion besides traveling. I also love to cook, work-out and read.
ChicagoMaple, 32y.o., from London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
ChicagoMaple, 32
Fun and bubbly girl looking to experience new things and new places with someone amazing! Let's make some memories together!
Lunny, 24y.o., from São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil
São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil
Lunny, 24
And I say Hey! What's going on?. I'm trying to be a gamer and I'm always playing or watching something. Series, anime, movies and tv shows. I'm more Netflix and a wine than party all night. I'm a cat person. League Of Legends | Overwatch | Diablo 3 | Dark Souls 3 | Smite | Word Of Warcraft
funandclassynerd, 19y.o., from Annapolis, United States
Annapolis, United States
funandclassynerd, 19
I'm a bit of a culture and science nerd. I love art and draw/paint occasionally. I absolutely adore animals. A few more facts about me are: I cosplay at anime conventions sometimes, I love old movies, foreign films, and horror films most, and my dream pet is a dik dik (class of antelope)! Going out
Nikolina, 26y.o., from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nikolina, 26
I am someone with a calm character. I do not get agitated or upset easily. My friends say I have a magnetic personality. I am kind and considerate of others
Jia, 34y.o., from Guangxi, CN
Guangxi, CN
Jia, 34
i love smile and i love help other people, all my friends think i am very good heart girl!
Lindsay, 29y.o., from Shanghai, CN
Shanghai, CN
Lindsay, 29
My name is Lindsay 30 years old, I have gone to a domestic international&econonics university,and my main major is business English, after I got my bachelor degree after graduation,I went to Dubai for study while work as a salesmanager a year,the God-given experience brought me a lifelong
Inna, 32y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Inna, 32
I am calm, lovely, kind, active and at the same time family oriented lady ... I love to visit historical places, and I love to sea and seaside.You can call me a romantic woman ...By the way, I like to cook and to take care of my man and my home!
Felicia162, 25y.o., from Kebon Sirih, Indonesia
Kebon Sirih, Indonesia
Felicia162, 25
I'm an easy going person, I can lived anywhere comfortable, include luxury touch and polite table manner. I can get wild at the theme park in the same time
Daria, 25y.o., from Sumy, Ukraine
Sumy, Ukraine
Daria, 25
I am very active person!! even maybe too much active! sport, dancing, high degree, a lot of different beauty and humor events! it is all me! but i hope that sometimes my man will calm me down ....with his kisses of course!!)) is it possible?
Anna, 19y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Anna, 19
I am easygoing, sweet, kindhearted girl who wants to finally have an honest, loving and sincere relationship. I am close with heart and soul person. I am the girl who enjoys the beauty of the world and is so optimistic and positive . I am also loving and passionate.
Kayy0hh, 25y.o., from Medicine Hat, Canada
Medicine Hat, Canada
Kayy0hh, 25
I am a young fun lady who loves to please others and enjoy life! I'm very easy to get along with and have quite a quirky personality.
NataliaSh12, 20y.o., from Wilmington, United States
Wilmington, United States
NataliaSh12, 20
Just a college girl who wants to see the world! I would love to travel and have a good time together. New and exciting experiences will keep me coming back. Take me to the art museum in New York or take me to a local coffee shop, I don’t care. Just show me a good time and hopefully we’ll have a
Duong Ngoc Xuan Thu(Am), 25y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Duong Ngoc Xuan Thu(Am), 25
i am passionategentlenaughty and fun .i love to be loved by my man .i love to feel the love of my man always .i want to be lazy in bed with my man .be kissed all over every night and sleep in his arms skin to skin and breath to breath . i love animals .flowers .love exploring nature and learning
Margarita, 25y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Margarita, 25
My inner world is colorful and deep. I am a strong girl with temperament. I like to be in center of attention. I am a very passionate girl. I love romance in relationships, I like to do a romantic surprises for my second half. I think it helps to diversify relations and make a very positive effect
Fangling(Stephanie), 30y.o., from Nanning, CN
Nanning, CN
Fangling(Stephanie), 30
I am a very open-minded, active, optimistic girl who is caring. I would like to be the woman to company you. Give you comfort when you are down, give you a hug when you are cold, pour you a drink when you are thirsty, look after you when you are sick. Do you want to be my boyfriend ?
Elena, 34y.o., from Melitopol, Ukraine
Melitopol, Ukraine
Elena, 34
I am a positive personality and easily find understanding with people! I am a kind, honest, trustworthy, and faithful woman. I am able to love other people and selfishness is alien to me. I am cheerful, like to smile and to have a fun! I am not lazy; on the contrary I am active, lively, and
Doudou(Karen), 21y.o., from Nanchang, CN
Nanchang, CN
Doudou(Karen), 21
I am caring honest and kind-hearted, cheerful, mature, healthy, family-oriented and hardworking . I love children and animals. I love nature, good food and all seasons.
juana26, 23y.o., from Bogotá, Colombia
Bogotá, Colombia
juana26, 23
Hi my name is juana i have 21 years old, i like to cultivate and set free my body with my skates and routines of exersice and mind writing about my life and diferent experiencies.
أمان, 28y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
أمان, 28
أصدقائي يقولون لي انني إنسانة إيجابية لدرجة أن أتمكن من تغيير العالم! نعم لدي ما يكفي من الطاقة والسعادة بداخلي. أريد أن أشارك مع زملائي الرجل المحبوب. حياتي مثيرة للاهتمام ولكن أريد التخلص من وحدتي والعثور على بلدي رجل. أحب أن أقضي وقتي مع أصدقائي. أنا شخص التواصلية جدا ومثل الشركات الكبرى. نود
Jun wei, 25y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Jun wei, 25
I am a very kind hearted girl . I am a very loyal girl. I am a very elegant girl . I have been searching my soul mate for long timeI want a true and forever love with him . I am a girl who need a man to company me all the time and forever . I want us to have a good communication all the time . i
kelseyski, 22y.o., from Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
kelseyski, 22
Young student with desire to travel and gain new experiences by meeting new and exciting people. I love warm, exotic places with lots of booze and good times.
Theodora, 40y.o., from Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece
Theodora, 40
I am an adventurous and ambitious girl trying always to be positive and optimistic in life! I am funny, outgoing and I try to be fair with everyone and not judge people before I listen to them! I’m creative decisive and dynamic and I am happy to help other people!
Oksana, 39y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Oksana, 39
Well-educated, kind, beauty and with a great sense of humour, that all is about me ) I am home woman who love to spent time with my close people, and gift them warm and happy. Always cherish and honest with people who relate to me the same. My parents are my best people in the world and i am always
sweetLeigh, 23y.o., from Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
sweetLeigh, 23
I'm a fun and loving person.. Hopefully you'll like me enough to talk to me
mariajdr, 26y.o., from Novi, United States
Novi, United States
mariajdr, 26
A young girl who enjoys positive energy, new adventures and exploring the world.
ljr4, 31y.o., from Denver, United States
Denver, United States
ljr4, 31
Easy going and Sarcastic. I have lived in Denver for six years. Looking for something different.
stargirl_stellar, 30y.o., from Beverly Hills, United States
Beverly Hills, United States
stargirl_stellar, 30
Nature lover from Hawaii. Loves to travel. Live for adventure. Luxury by design. Laughter is my medicine. Philanthropy my heart. I’m a singer, model, writer, you’ll discover much more if we have chemistry and get to know each other. Im only interested in all expense paid travel and have spending
Olena, 40y.o., from Krivoy Rog, UA
Krivoy Rog, UA
Olena, 40
I look forward to meet my true love here, I know how to make my man happy and I am inpatient to begin this process now! I want us to share everything - our love, happiness, hobbies, travel, develop, explore new things together. I will support my beloved one in everything and he will be my best
Rozalya, 24y.o., from Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Rozalya, 24
Hi I am living in Istunbul! Very like traveling and spend nice time.
Glory, 26y.o., from Cebu City, PH
Cebu City, PH
Glory, 26
I am a simple woman.
Nicole_san, 23y.o., from Mandaluyong, Philippines
Mandaluyong, Philippines
Nicole_san, 23
I am well-versed in English as it is my mother tongue. I am also very good in speaking Tagalog (I can teach you!). Since the degree I took up is Tourism, I know a lot of hidden treasures in the Philippines and would love to see beautiful places in other countries as well. I am full of fun and
Tamara, 22y.o., from Novi Sad, Serbia
Novi Sad, Serbia
Tamara, 22
Loyal and honest, very postive, believe in traditional family values; easy going, with the sense of humour, kind, loving and caring, someone you can trust to.
Gabriela, 21y.o., from Sofia, BG
Sofia, BG
Gabriela, 21
I am fun and curious lady. I try to be the best in every situation, because I’m competitive and intelligent. I like new styles, new looks. I think I’m like chameleon, I like trying on different images to find something that is hidden deeply in me. Being versatile is a lifestyle!
Michelle01, 27y.o., from Panamá, Panama
Panamá, Panama
Michelle01, 27
Like to enjoy every moment in life :)
T255, 21y.o., from Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
T255, 21
Young, german lady that want's to see the world. Easy going, humorous, flexible and friendly. I love the nature. The Sea. Animals. Big cities, small villages. Adventures. Just exploring the beauty of the world. I like laughing, but also having serious conversations and '' talking about the
Kitzia, 30y.o., from Salt Lake City, United States
Salt Lake City, United States
Kitzia, 30
I am 29, Mexican born and raised but I reside in Utah. I am mother of a 5 year old boy. I speaks English and spanish fluently but I do have an accent Just got my US passport and looking to get stamps from all over the place.. are you willing to help?
Anna, 27y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Anna, 27
I don't like to tell about myself a lot. I'm a shy, young and tender lady) My character is not so hard and complicated like the other girls have, I'm open and honest person. I can't say that I have a lot in my life, I mean that my life is so quiet and peaceful. I love to live such way, but I wait
Julesns16, 30y.o., from Tampa, United States
Tampa, United States
Julesns16, 30
I'm a pediatric RN. I love food & great conversation. I would love to do more traveling since my schedule allows for it. I'm currently in nurse practitioner school. I haven't been too many places but I hope that changes soon. I do have my passport.
Irina, 25y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Irina, 25
I am very open heart, always truthful woman, always ready for experiments and new feelings and emotions ! Dream to be a famous photo model. Love children and animals, and help to the animals shelter . I am hate people who lie, because i am couldnt trust them at all. And it is important to me to
aspiring-travel, 22y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
aspiring-travel, 22
Exotic with tan skin & black hair. I love to read, write, exercise, dance, and bake. I think I have a pretty amicable personality. I am very easy to get along with. Currently, I go to a business school & would like to go into real estate. I aspire to travel the world & grow as a young woman. ♥️
Cuihong(Cinda), 22y.o., from Inner mongolia, CN
Inner mongolia, CN
Cuihong(Cinda), 22
passionate,open,independant,loving,and ready to help.i like to help friends with debt and make them smile again. why true love always pass me by?i dont mind your age,just give me your heart
Samira, 23y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
Samira, 23
I hope you would be glad to get acquainted with me. I am very goal oriented, and outgoing. I always have things to achieve, and new horizons to widen. I like meeting with interesting people and I'm always open for learning new information. I never give up on anything and I always try to improve
Bsullie54, 26y.o., from Myrtle Beach, United States
Myrtle Beach, United States
Bsullie54, 26
A small town gal-- who seeks adventure Has a passion for life fulfillment Nature enthusiast Hiking the rocky mountains Sipping wine in italy Zip lining through the forest Kyacking
yafei   zhang (Melody), 30y.o., from Beijing
yafei zhang (Melody), 30
I am yafei. From China, proficient in English, now do the business on jewellery,and there are about 500 employees here.I am so seccessful in my career and live a good rich life now,In my free time, I like dancing very much. I like to dance Latin dance and tango. Can I teach you to dance? I also
Palm, 33y.o., from Bangkok Thailand, Thailand
Bangkok Thailand, Thailand
Palm, 33
Normal simple easy going animals lover
AmberFct, 20y.o., from Durham, United States
Durham, United States
AmberFct, 20
Expect to graduate with Summa cum laude in Literature and Gender, Feminism and Sexuality Studies from Duke University. Planning to get a PhD degree with a focus on porn studies after graduation. Speak four languages and have travelled to four continents.
RebelBallerina, 30y.o., from Los Angeles, United States
Los Angeles, United States
RebelBallerina, 30
Let’s make the quick and easy. ☺️ Born in Chicago IL, sagittarius, Mixed race ( Inbox if you want to know)😉. Ballet dancer and Aerial Arts instructor ( Silks, Lyra, and Pole ), I Exotic Dance from time to time. Currently caring for my 85 grandmother, Flexible Schedule, Passport ready, licensed in
Nevena, 23y.o., from Novi Sad, Serbia
Novi Sad, Serbia
Nevena, 23
I am sincere, tender, romantic person. I looking for my real happiness and true love. I believe I can make this world better, especially around me and my beloved man. I am cheerful, loving and kind. I believe in fate.
Olita, 28y.o., from Ukraine, Ukraine
Ukraine, Ukraine
Olita, 28
I am looking for peaceful,understanding,caring,loving,trusting and romantic man.
Yuan, 26y.o., from Beijing
Yuan, 26
This is Yuanyuan, a very spicy Chinese girl. I'm full of passion and love. I like making friends, from whom I can learn a lot of things and improve myself. I believe I am a good friend to the people around me. I like smiling, as smile makes life full of sun and warmness. Are you ready to take my
Olga, 21y.o., from Illichivsk, UA
Illichivsk, UA
Olga, 21
Hi! I am very crazy and positive girl! If you want to have a lot of energy, i can share it with you! I am young, but my greatest dream is to get married! My mom had me when she was very young! So, i am also dreaming about kids already!
Israa1, 21y.o., from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Israa1, 21
I am not trying to give an image of a fairytale, perfect, everything else i am just being myself. Open minded, easy going, social, enthuasitic.
yellowbone15, 25y.o., from Luton, United Kingdom
Luton, United Kingdom
yellowbone15, 25
So I'd consider myself to be easy-going, fub, loving, and amazing :) Ok, sorry I'm just being playful. No but seriously I'm so easy to talk to i love making people smile as it pleases me. Im a very simple person, I love long walks on beach, nice candle lit dinner in the sun and relaxing reading a
Maria Weina, 33y.o., from Liloan, PH
Liloan, PH
Maria Weina, 33
I am a nice, kind, and friendly person.
marcia-161, 22y.o., from Cercado de Lima, Perú
Cercado de Lima, Perú
marcia-161, 22
Funny, outgoing, risk taker, optimistic always, ingenious, clever, sweet but fierce and classy. Like fashion and appreciate personal care. Manners are important. Want a gentleman but with edge.
Kharen, 27y.o., from Cebu City, PH
Cebu City, PH
Kharen, 27
I am a simple person.
allthegoodplaces, 27y.o., from Singapore, Singapore
Singapore, Singapore
allthegoodplaces, 27
I am an outgoing, fun-loving, happy, passionate and easily-contented lady from Singapore who speaks fluent English and Mandarin. I run the Marketing as well as Business Development team for an EdTech startup. So, no, I don't have much money, have never traveled luxuriously, but I work my ass off to
Rachell, 28y.o., from Cebu City, PH
Cebu City, PH
Rachell, 28
I am honest, easy to be with, hardworking, and simple.
Alla, 41y.o., from Prague, CZ
Prague, CZ
Alla, 41
I am a calm and tender person, the one you can easily and pleasantly have communication with. I don't like arguing, I prefer harmony. I am happy and I like to laugh and joke. I am also fashionable and stylish. And I prefer to use my head before using other parts of the body)
rubydiz, 32y.o., from Las Vegas, United States
Las Vegas, United States
rubydiz, 32
Fun easy going. No drama and current passport let's travel together.
Prithivija, 24y.o., from New Delhi, IN
New Delhi, IN
Prithivija , 24
My favorite color is pink i love pet animals and i don't like to spend time all alone.I love my pet cat. I am Be pleasant to everyone around me, friends and family. Be warm, kind, positive, understanding and friendly. Spirituality is also important for me and I hope my soul mate will also embrace a
Wenjun, 30y.o., from Zhuzhou, CN
Zhuzhou, CN
Wenjun, 30
easygoing, funny, sexy, healthy, hehe all and all
Juliana, 32y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Juliana, 32
I like to laugh a lot and make people smile with me. Also I can say that I am very romantic and tender woman))) I Believe that every day gives us something special, and that if life brings is lemon we should make a lemonade with it! I like extreme sports and active recreation...
Meiyi, 28y.o., from Hengyang, CN
Hengyang, CN
Meiyi, 28
easy-going; open-minded; active,positive and optimistic
GypsyGirl-, 28y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
GypsyGirl-, 28
How can I put my multifaceted personality into words. Impossible, I am however a fun, upbeat and adventurous girl that loves to explore… relax… and have a good time. I have fun friends that are always down for an adventure as well
Yue, 25y.o., from Nanjing, CN
Nanjing, CN
Yue, 25
positive, hardworking, humorous, kind-hearted considerate
Maria, 21y.o., from Sofia, BG
Sofia, BG
Maria, 21
I’m kind and tender, caring and sensitive woman. I’m positive and kind, like to make laugh all people surrounding me! My dream is to create a happy future with my beloved man and to show him how world can be wonderful when you live together!
Jhoneydis, 19y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Jhoneydis, 19
hello I am a very extroverted girl I like to dance, model, do exercises, I am determined, I like to make new friendships since I am very nice, they can write me without any problem I will be for you
Blondiexoxo11, 32y.o., from Dallas, United States
Dallas, United States
Blondiexoxo11, 32
I'm an adventurous woman who loves to laugh with a wild side. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to plan things ahead; The spur of the moment adventures make a great story. In other words, I don't play by the rules, I just bend them a little.
Lavani, 28y.o., from pune
Lavani, 28
I am a sincere and outgoing woman. I am a very calm woman with a sensitive heart. I like to look always perfectly. I am very well-mannered and I was taught that from childhood. My heart is full of romance that I am ready to share. I also consider myself truthful as I never lie.My mission in life is
Marina, 30y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Marina, 30
If you are looking for a mature woman, clever, intelligent and independent – I am that woman what you want! I am a strong woman with my own goals and wishes, and I know how to make myself happy. But meanwhile I am a tender, beautiful lady who needs protection and love. I am kind, but strict to that
LolaLaee, 25y.o., from Orlando, United States
Orlando, United States
LolaLaee, 25
Down to earth. Love to sightsee and eat.
majda, 21y.o., from Temara, MA
Temara, MA
majda, 21
Im a model i've 21 years old and im looking for man who understood me for having known eachother he will became my everything i love cooking and im a professionel in zumba dance 😂i do sport everyday and if i have a person serious i will married him
chantelleno1, 32y.o., from London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
chantelleno1, 32
I am English and love to explore new places I am interested in visiting countries I haven't been to before .. with great company :) I have blond hair, blue eyes and size 10 Getting Immersed in New cultures, meeting like minded people and living life to the fullest ! I believe in sharing, good
Wenxin, 27y.o., from Changde, CN
Changde, CN
Wenxin, 27
I am easy going positive girl. I am family oriented and I would love to have my own loving home. When I am in love, I will do a good balance between giving and taking. Do you understand what I mean?
Lili, 30y.o., from Beijing
Lili, 30
passionate, open-minded. easygoing. humorous, naughty, and optimistic .
Hanna, 30y.o., from Paris, FR
Paris, FR
Hanna, 30
I'm tender and sensitive woman who wants to find her especial man with whom I can be happy. I still believe in love and know that my destiny is kind. I hope that here I will meet my especial man with whom I can be free and happy! I’m ready for changes and to start new relationship! I like to spend
Angela, 21y.o., from Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, RS
Angela, 21
I am very young and therefore i would say for my self that i am really energetic, and positive, but in the same way I think I am more mature then my age. I am very communicative, friendly and chatty. I also enjoy man's attention and also love to give my all attention to the right man.
Nataliya, 35y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Nataliya, 35
I am a positive, smiling, cheerful, outgoing, curious and very charming lady! I have a good sense of humor and a quick mind. I like communicating with kids, young people and older ones. I am very active and try to give people only my positive energy. I like and get pleasure from my life. I am fit,
Kylie, 27y.o., from Lagos, NG
Lagos, NG
Kylie, 27
Once I have heard search not for gold but for love. Your heart tells you truth and right way in your life. I remembered and these phrases become my motto. I’m sincere woman and here to find my love my man. I think it’s very important for me to find my love and my man. I like to spend my time
Anastasia, 28y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Anastasia, 28
independent, ambitious, honest, sports, soccer, music, movies, walks by the sea
Veronika, 27y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Veronika, 27
I am nanny and in pedagogy that is my profession. I am watching some children now at the moment but hopefully one day I want to be in school, to help guide young people to their success. I am very romantic person in my heart I love romance, and when guys do crazy things in live, because I am also
Wenlan, 35y.o., from Kunming, CN
Kunming, CN
Wenlan, 35
I graduated from Central Conservatory of Music, currently teaching music in a university. because of my grandmother,become a music teacher.she is a professor at Central Conservatory of Music she is my idol. I have a big family, father and mother work in government sector. My aunt works in the
Diana, 24y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Diana, 24
I am very tender and loving lady, I love people and get inspire from them! I like to help animals, help homeless people and make world around me better!
Xyy30, 31y.o., from Atlanta, United States
Atlanta, United States
Xyy30, 31
I'm a very friendly, but shy person. I like meeting new people. I love getting prettied up for different occasions. I like hearing people talk about their accomplishments and how they made a good life for themselves.
sweetbellacece, 22y.o., from Denver, United States
Denver, United States
sweetbellacece, 22
Background: Latina 🇲🇽 From: Denver,Colorado 🌎 I love dancing 💃 Very talkative Fun time all around ❤️ 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Every girl has three personalities 1. The one when shes with her friends 2. The one when she's with her family 3. The one when she's with him .
Danni, 26y.o., from Hu Nan, CN
Hu Nan, CN
Danni, 26
I am cheerful personality, warm generous, versatile, serious, responsible and aggressive.
Mayra, 25y.o., from Cali, CO
Cali, CO
Mayra, 25
Hi,there I am a happy person, who loves to laugh and enjoy life. I like music, dancing, going to the beach and sports. i'm looking for someone with a great sense of humor ...someone who i can share anything with and spend time with ..and have fun with..please message me if you've got a great
Rongrong, 29y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Rongrong, 29
Lively and cheerful girl and very easy going
Lina, 35y.o., from Nikopol, UA
Nikopol, UA
Lina, 35
I am a tender and romantic woman. I wish to admit that I am a woman who knows exactly what she needs in her life and doesn't want to loose time in vain.I like to care about people who are close to me! I have a lot of love in my heart and I want to give it to some special man. For the rest you can
Elena, 36y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Elena, 36
What I like, what I love: Happy; cheerful; beautiful; affectionate; Pretty; clean; tender; modest; sensitive; generous; light; heart; good-natured; harmonious. I am full of grace, warmth, sensitivity and sensuality. I am a woman goddess, I am a woman - a muse! I am able to please! I really
audrey0923marie, 18y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
audrey0923marie, 18
NYC princess attracted to maturity and success. Long legs and lavish things. Galleries, traveling, and shopping. Intelligent, goal oriented, slim, and vibrant.
Brethamae, 23y.o., from Cebu City, PH
Cebu City, PH
Brethamae, 23
I am a simple woman who loves to talk a lot and jolly to be with.