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Singlegal28, 28y.o., from Ringold, United States
Ringold, United States
Singlegal28, 28
28, 3 year old son. Love hanging out with friends and just having a great time
Ekaterina, 25y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Ekaterina, 25
The more, that you readthe more things you will know, the more you learn, the more places you will go! Travelling around the world opens a great opportunities for every person in this world, as we travel and we the taste to new countries and its really wonderful! Since my childhood, I’m really keen
caiding, 35y.o., from guangxi yangshuo
guangxi yangshuo
caiding, 35
i hope that man will comfort me while i am in helpless i hope he can smile to what difficulty is ahead of us i hope he works hard for our future of course i will do i hope that he will not betray our family i hope whatever he have he will share with me. when he meet with some happy thing, he share
Ana, 21y.o., from Lima, PE
Lima, PE
Ana, 21
I can say about myself that I am a pretty and kind girl. I am also tender and affectionate. I have the sense of humor and use it at any party. I am a loving and understanding girl.
Olga, 32y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Olga, 32
Everybody knows that any person has his positive and negative sides, so I am not an exception! Though I think that I have more pluses! Thats why I am understanding and loyal person who takes people for who they are. I am easy-going and curious person who likes to meet new people (especially
Min(Amy), 27y.o., from Zhengzhou
Min(Amy), 27
If I was besides you now, i'd love to cuddle you, what would you like to do ?I am honest and sincere to looking for my partner .I like traveling,I often go abroad, I have been UK, USCanada,South Korea, Thailand ...I am thinking about which city should I go next time, would you be my guide when I
Elizabeth, 24y.o., from Cebu City, PH
Cebu City, PH
Elizabeth, 24
I am a simple girl who has a big dream in life.
LJtheOfficial, 22y.o., from Tampa, United States
Tampa, United States
LJtheOfficial, 22
Young, Adventurous, and Spontaneous ❤️
Katarina, 20y.o., from Leskovac, Serbia
Leskovac, Serbia
Katarina, 20
In my life I appreciate every moment and like to be myself. I’m honest, sensitive and tender woman, dreaming of my own happy family, which I’ll create with my beloved man. I think that in relations should be respect and compromises and ability couple to understand each other.
Juliya, 24y.o., from Kharkov, UA
Kharkov, UA
Juliya, 24
I consider myself a kind and sweet girl. I am a goal-oriented person. I be communicative and interesting girl.
Gabriela, 21y.o., from Sofia, BG
Sofia, BG
Gabriela , 21
I am fun and curious lady. I try to be the best in every situation, because I’m competitive and intelligent. I like new styles, new looks. I think I’m like chameleon, I like trying on different images to find something that is hidden deeply in me. Being versatile is a lifestyle! I like fashion
jimei(Fray)  He, 32y.o., from Xiamen, CN
Xiamen, CN
jimei(Fray) He, 32
openminded hot and naughty as well, are you a naughty man?i like intimate with my man because i think it is a good way to express love to each other . support my man all the time no matter what he will dobecause his pleasure means so much to me .
Aisha, 23y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Aisha , 23
hello I consider myself an intelligent, intellectual, funny, fighter, serious, with the feet on the earth, loving, affectionate and very sweet ... I like sports, model, visit museum ... and read a good book
Xia(Dana), 25y.o., from Wuhan, CN
Wuhan, CN
Xia(Dana), 25
I am visionary, humorous, loyal, honest, attractive, optimistical, ambitious, selfconfident girl
Rosa, 29y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Rosa, 29
I think that I am a very simple person. I mean that I don’t need much from the life. I don’t think about material values . I think that the most important thing in life is family. It is love, support, trust and understanding. If a person is satisfied with his or her family life I think that this
Irina, 29y.o., from Kryvyi Rih, UA
Kryvyi Rih, UA
Irina, 29
I am like a summer morning, that will tenderly wake you up with my sweet kisses, carely tickel with my caring touches))) However i am like a real sun, being offended and hurt and van hurt and burn too, so be careful)))) I am a creative person, who likes to find awesome things in the little nothings
Jiali, 22y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Jiali, 22
lovely and optimistic girl
Lyubov, 22y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Lyubov, 22
I can tell you that my character is very calm, I am very easy-going ladywho knows what she want in life. All my close people always tell that I am very mature and I can agree with them, on my age I am very mature and resolute. So if you are searching for honest and simple womanthis is-me!I will
Xiubo, 24y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Xiubo, 24
I am a talkative girl, I am no shy, open minded., tender but sometime is a bit crazy. I love to enjoy every second of my life. I know life is like a bitch, which always want to crashes us down. But I like to think on the bright side. I am not arrogant, not aggressive. But if something I am truly
Chaimaa, 18y.o., from inzgane Morocco
inzgane Morocco
Chaimaa, 18
hey i am looking for someone with a big personality but able to give me attention and understand me . if u have interesting please message me for know me
Babbiilux, 25y.o., from Brantford, Canada
Brantford, Canada
Babbiilux, 25
Single Mother looking for real potential in a real man. I like to be taken outside of the box and try new and exciting things with my loved ones.I’m Very fun and outgoing,I go with the flow of things I don’t like to rush anything.Im just trying to be happy and live my best life!
Natalia, 34y.o., from Moscow, Russian Federation
Moscow, Russian Federation
Natalia, 34
I am exactly what you see in the pictures! I am active and sportive. I am pretty little thing! I think that I am rather tiny lady but I am very active and with a strong will! At the same time i am very romantic) Have you heard that the woman is the sourse of man's energy ?))) I am ready to give all
MarkiElle, 23y.o., from Rabat, Morocco
Rabat, Morocco
MarkiElle, 23
I'm a young curious lady i love art museums historical monuments good restaurants and street food i like calm places were i can relax lay down and chill and enjoy my time i like reading and having good conversations cause i have lot to say and to share i like sharity work and taking care of
mustikakey, 21y.o., from Karang Kabung, Indonesia
Karang Kabung, Indonesia
mustikakey, 21
Just an ordinary asian girl would love to travel and parties. From Indonesia 😍🙈😎
Jg15, 27y.o., from Natal, Brazil
Natal, Brazil
Jg15, 27
Everything is intense. Greedy!
Thi Tuyet Trang, 26y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Thi Tuyet Trang, 26
Iam a sinere, honest humor and friendly lady .
KristinaCat, 20y.o., from Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia
KristinaCat, 20
I'm a student. I like to drink coffee, watch movies and travel. I dream one day to meet a man who will love me and take care. In people I like kindness, honesty and humor.
lizgrajales22, 30y.o., from Medellín, Colombia
Medellín, Colombia
lizgrajales22, 30
Soy una persona alegre, amable, divertida me gusta viajar la buena comida conocer diferentes lugares y cultura. Me gusta baila, ir a la playa.
Valeriya, 26y.o., from Lisbon, PT
Lisbon, PT
Valeriya, 26
Every woman searches for her something special, something interesting, it can be love, career, work or just woman’s happiness. As for me I want to find my true love and my man! It’s not so easy as it seems, different characters, habits, dreams or life positions, but I believe that in this world we
Viktoriya, 25y.o., from Minsk, Belarus
Minsk, Belarus
Viktoriya, 25
I am very modest, sensual and at the same time creative person. I like to travel and study the history and culture of different countries. I am a very kind and loyal person. I love children and animals. I hate injustice and cruelty. And I try to communicate only with people like me.
Thi Thanh Kieu, 22y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Thi Thanh Kieu, 22
I am a Loving, Honest, faithful, considerate, understanding, girlie girl
Jing(Alice), 22y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Jing(Alice), 22
I’m quite romantic and passionate. I have much passion in my life and my family. I want to find the one to realize my dream, since my biggest dream is to have a happy family.
travelbug1318, 29y.o., from Tampa, United States
Tampa, United States
travelbug1318, 29
Hi there! I'm steph! I am outgoing, hardworking and love to travel, live spontaneously and go on adventures!
Faith0828, 28y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
Faith0828, 28
I'm a graduate student now and was a model. I like hiking, biking, yoga, photography, videography, Graphic Design, British Literature, Asian Horror Films, and American Comedy. I like cooking, good at dumplings. Worry would destroy females' good looks. Worry curdles the expression. It makes us
Ekaterina, 20y.o., from Almaty, Kazakhstan
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Ekaterina, 20
I am not a selfish woman. I value trust and honesty. I am romantic, but also practical. I have a good sense of humour. I am hardworking, very inquisitive, fun-loving and a positive person overall. I am also very calm by nature.
Sara, 24y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
Sara, 24
I can say or describe me as young, active, kind and sociable girl. I appreciate family values and understand that the family in our lives is important. I'm ready to make a family and dream about it. I strive to ensure a better world and live my life so then I will be proud of my future أستطيع أن
Anastasia, 27y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Anastasia, 27
I’m a friendly, life loving, joyful, sincere person. I believe in a destiny. I can say I’m an easy going and down to earth lady. I treat people well and I expect they will treat me the same way. I’m one man woman and I believe in love.
Jovana, 24y.o., from Vrbas, Serbia
Vrbas, Serbia
Jovana, 24
Intelligent and purposeful, courteous and caring
lovespongebob, 27y.o., from Sangi, Philippines
Sangi, Philippines
lovespongebob, 27
Im a music lover, a driver, a traveler and i talk a lot.😂
Olga, 39y.o., from Moscow, Russian Federation
Moscow, Russian Federation
Olga, 39
Sunshine in the summer morning will remind you about my eyes, my embrace will be like a gentle touch of sea, and my kiss will burn you like heat of a desert )) I cannot wait for the day when I will be able to devote all of myself to my future beloved, spending every moment impressing him, giving
princesspow, 24y.o., from Santa Monica, United States
Santa Monica, United States
princesspow, 24
I am an entrepreneur working on an e-commerce business in my spare time. I am silly, sweet, and giggly. I like movies, tv shows, music, concerts, bars, dancing at clubs, gyming, going to the beach, hikes, to name a few things, the list goes on (: I'm only looking for young people to travel with so
Anastasia, 26y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Anastasia, 26
I am cheerful and I have a good sense of humor. I also can tell that I am smart and well-educated lady. I know what I want in my life. Everything I do makes me happy. I can also be very unpredictable. I like to be out with my friends and live to the full extend. And at the same time I am very
Huan(Tina), 23y.o., from Changde, CN
Changde, CN
Huan(Tina), 23
I am gentle, kind, understanding. I like smile, i love life, i enjoy every beautiful things in this world.
Valeriya, 54y.o., from Paris, France
Paris, France
Valeriya, 54
I'm sincere, positive and kind woman. In my life I have all what I wanted and now I want to start new life in which will be my beloved man. I hope that here u will meet him and start new relationship.
Olga, 35y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Olga, 35
Straightaway I have to say that I am normal lady who want to be happy) So my character is down-to-earth. I like to communicate with genuine people so I can't stand any flexibility in people behaviour. I am sure that life is too short to pretend to be someone else.
Diana_mn, 20y.o., from Guayaquil, Ecuador
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Diana_mn, 20
Soy cariñosa, divertida, amante de los animales. Soy estudiante universitaria.
Sanja, 20y.o., from Nis, Serbia
Nis, Serbia
Sanja, 20
I'm open, easy to communicate, regardless of what position in society takes. They say that as a ship called so he will swim. That's in my name Ulyana there is a mystery that madly attracts others. I am too delicate and I consider this my inuity, since I often can not get the truth in the person's
VictoriaRose24, 24y.o., from San Jose, United States
San Jose, United States
VictoriaRose24, 24
I am a really fun person. I have a passion for traveling. I have been to Scotland. I have green eyes, curly brown hair. I love reading, watching movies and I enjoy trying new things. I recently started going back to the gym. I love animals. Ask me what you want. I'm an open book.
Tatyana, 20y.o., from Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic
Tatyana, 20
I'm very purposeful. I'm open for everything new. I'm fond of art. I'm very creative and I prefer to spend my time actively. I love being around people and I love to make new friends. People from my surrounding have told me, that I'm great friend, I know how to cheer up sad people and I know how to
selena_k, 24y.o., from London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
selena_k, 24
I'm a bubbly extrovert who enjoys the finer things in life. I am quite well travelled and well educated. At uni I studying teaching in special educational needs. would like to progress into law, legislation and policies. I work part time during the day at my local school which I enjoy however 30
Xiaojing, 28y.o., from Zhuzhou, CN
Zhuzhou, CN
Xiaojing, 28
I m a very kind-hearted,sincere and optimistic girl.i love spend time with my family and friends.i love to enjoy the warmth of to breathe the fresh air,go to the beautiful place with my friends.
Ganna, 28y.o., from Amsterdam, NL
Amsterdam, NL
Ganna, 28
About myself I can say that I’m positive woman and always follow my heart! I think that feelings and heart is the most important in me! I’m here to find my especial man with whom I can share my life. I can say that I'm ready for serious relationship and changes in my life. I'm happy woman and wait
Ilham, 26y.o., from Azilal, MA
Azilal, MA
Ilham, 26
I can say I am soul of the parties, the leader and appealing lady. I dream that people around me are always smiling. I don't like boredom and monotony. I love the movement in all it's forms, I try to help others to solve their problems.
Irina, 35y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Irina, 35
Mercy is the best trait. Through charity, the person grows spiritually, learns, loves the world in all its manifestations.
Fang, 23y.o., from Zhuzhou, CN
Zhuzhou, CN
Fang, 23
I am a kind, soft, optimistic and out-going girl who likes sports really a lot.
Andre, 30y.o., from Toronto, CA
Toronto, CA
Andre, 30
I am romantic, with values ​​for me the most important is mutual respect I like to work with animals, running,,, sports, cycling, listening to music, relaxing in nature or going to the movies climbing swim travel in search of a Romantic man, able to show his love and always be able to hear the
LadyEriss, 28y.o., from Manchester, United Kingdom
Manchester, United Kingdom
LadyEriss, 28
Fun loving bubbly a little bit loopy but great laughs at the same time. I’m beautiful inside and out. I do have a cheeky naughty side. Let’s travel
Ekaterina, 30y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Ekaterina, 30
I am calm and at the same time is capable of doing is very risky. In me are fighting two people. I think this happens in every human being.
Kxbliss, 21y.o., from Decatur, United States
Decatur, United States
Kxbliss, 21
I am a bubbly 21 year old who is looking for fun. I like men who are strong and know what they want. I am not looking for anything in particular. I like to go out, eat and enjoy life. I live every day like it is my last and I could show you some fun, if you let me.
Nadejda, 29y.o., from Nikolaev, Ukraine
Nikolaev, Ukraine
Nadejda, 29
I am a funny girl. I am cheerful, sociable, witty person. Also I can be romantic and tender girl. I like my life and I try to be happy every minute. My friends say I am honest and creative but I work hard and scrupulously.
Alexandra, 21y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Alexandra, 21
I am looking for a man with qualities and values ​​with whom I can share all the beautiful things that life gives us. a serious man, sincere, with a good sense of humor loving retailer and have many desires to be delivered with everything either for a stable relationship or a beautiful friendship
Alexandra, 26y.o., from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alexandra, 26
Cheerful, responsive, sociable and adventurous lady. It is all about me. I can be a good friend. I like to listen to people. Sometimes it is very useful quality. I like surprises and presents. I like everything special and unordinary. I like romantic evenings, sunsets and sunrises. I love kids and
Daria, 30y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Daria, 30
I am a real woman, feminine and charming, understanding and caring. I always try to open something new.My heart is very tender and it is ready to feel love. I have most serious intentions to be here. I am very romantic and I like to enjoy special moments with my partner. I do not like to cry and to
Ebony_Goddess28, 27y.o., from McRae, United States
McRae, United States
Ebony_Goddess28, 27
Ok… so let’s start: I’d like to first apologize for the typos I might have… I must confess ( nobody’s perfect) and I’m pretty much new to this. I thought I would throw some keywords that would describe what I like to do. If you recognize yourself in some of them, I think it might be worth taking
Tatyana, 23y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Tatyana, 23
People say that I am very affable, cheerful, creative and enthusiastic person. I always ready to help to my family and friends. I am a confident and decisive. My dream is traveling a lot, I want to see as much as possible. And I feel that I am really ready to have a strong and friendly family
EL3NA, 35y.o., from London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
EL3NA, 35
She’s a special kind of woman… She’s the one with the ability to be that rock and that foundation. She’s the woman who will sacrifice for your happiness, support your every dream and be your biggest fan. She’s the one that will inspire you, motivate you and challenge you to become a better person
Piatalwar, 29y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
Piatalwar, 29
I work in the music industry as a marketing and operations coordinator. I’ve lived in DC, Miami and NYC. I’m pretty laid back and easy to get along with, especially if you have a sense of humor. I love music, traveling (duh), dance, good food and the beach!
Yuying(Candy), 32y.o., from Guangzhou, CN
Guangzhou, CN
Yuying(Candy), 32
I am Optimisticindependentout-going,caring ,nice lady My dear, what makes you reading my profile now? Is it luck, fate or love? I think all the loves contain them. Maybe our meeting now is just the beginning of our love ^_^ I like the France movie Jeux d'enfants. The love in it is very touching.
Juliya, 26y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Juliya, 26
I am an active girl. I love sport most of all. In my free time I like to play the guitar, to walk on the beach and to spend my time with my friends and parents. I like discos but it is does not mean that I am not serious I just like to feel free and relaxed on it. I also like to visit theaters and
Chunyan, 33y.o., from Guangxi, CN
Guangxi, CN
Chunyan, 33
I still believe in true love. I believe that everyone will find his or her soulmate somewhere. and I believe my love is here.I am very romantic, open minded, sincere, fun loving. I do not like to argue.
Trinh Nu  ( Trace), 25y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Trinh Nu ( Trace), 25
I'm a kind, warm-heart, and cute girl, I like to help people in need, I'm independent also. I hope the life will full of happiness and smile, I like smile and make people smile.
PourSome93, 24y.o., from Philadelphia, United States
Philadelphia, United States
PourSome93, 24
24 year old college student. Looking for a great friend to travel with. I'm good company, have good conversation and I'm spontaneous. The perfect travel buddy.
Savannahmae, 20y.o., from Naples, United States
Naples, United States
Savannahmae, 20
I'm a junior in college majoring in communications. I enjoy playing golf and other various outdoor activities. I love animals! I really enjoying traveling and trying new things. I enjoy shopping/fashion as well. I currently have an internship in fashion/marketing and love it. Personality wise I
Pizzimatt, 23y.o., from Almería, Spain
Almería, Spain
Pizzimatt, 23
Soy una chica simpática, divertida que le gusta disfrutar con las personas y vivir aventuras intensas. Tengo 22 años y toda la vida por vivir y me encantaría conocer mundo y relacionarme con personas nuevas. Además me resuelvo bien en todas las situaciones y siempre me mantengo muy positiva.
darajl02, 25y.o., from Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
darajl02, 25
She's got that style She's got that smile She's got the walk She's got the talk She's got that zing There's just one thing She's got a penis My names Dara, Im 25 and currently live in Bangkok Thailand. Im 1/2 Scottish 1/4Thai and 1/4Indian. Male to Female Transgender preop with a great set of tits
Yuan(Ellen), 31y.o., from zhengzhou
Yuan(Ellen), 31
I am a virtous woman. I can cook delicious food to wait for your coming when you get off work. I do the housework in perfect order. you could not have the trouble back home. once in a while I will make a surprise for you so that our love is freshing. I love lifefamily and my parents very much. If I
zulay yohana, 25y.o., from Bogota, CO
Bogota, CO
zulay yohana, 25
I am a woman of strong character but at the same time I am very sweet and friendly romance
Sabrinamariee, 23y.o., from Missoula, United States
Missoula, United States
Sabrinamariee, 23
Full time psychology student, easy going, likes to have a fun time by trying new things and going new places
Xuefen  Jia, 22y.o., from shanghai
Xuefen Jia, 22
Taking over a wine villa from my parents in shanghai,i am always busy with running it to make it better and betterso i always fly to ParisLondon,the UK to learn more knowledge and negotiate with my foreign clients.i have good cars and big housesbut there is no one to share with me .i like to
Tanja, 21y.o., from Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia
Tanja, 21
I consider myself as a loyal person and I am there when people needs me. Independent and strong woman but soft enough and full of empathy. I don’t tolerate lies and rudeness.
catherines2, 23y.o., from Los Angeles, United States
Los Angeles, United States
catherines2, 23
Wanderlust. Where are we going next?
Yousra, 20y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
Yousra, 20
I am very kind and friendly lady. I try to give my best to life and people around me. My heart is very caring and I will never leave without trying to understand and solve everything peacefully. I am well balanced and open minded person, I like enjoying life.
Napatcha, 28y.o., from Chiang Mai, TH
Chiang Mai, TH
Napatcha, 28
Romantic, fun, feminine, sociable, soul of the company, that's what I can say about myself. Of course communicated with me you will develop an opinion about me and would love to listen to it later. I have a strong character, I set a goal and go for it, I think the only way to achieve something in
Irina, 19y.o., from Prague, CZ
Prague, CZ
Irina, 19
I have a very caring heart, and a warm soul. I have a good mind, and I love to learn new things about myself or others. I am a good listener and not bad speaker. I am a woman who wants to fall in love.My passion and my satisfaction is food styling. Maybe even a little more creative than cooking,
Charlieburgess, 24y.o., from Stansted Mountfitchet, United Kingdom
Stansted Mountfitchet, United Kingdom
Charlieburgess, 24
I love to have fun, am energetic and quite loud. I hate being bored and always want to be doing things. Looking to meet someone that wants to adventure with me!
Jing(Jane), 27y.o., from Wuhan, CN
Wuhan, CN
Jing(Jane), 27
I started read the English novel when I was 16,and I was impressed a lot for the heroine,Jane.Eyre this novel describe how a lady gain her true love,which gave me the enlightenment of love this is the first English novel I read,so,I give me my English name Jane. I wish I can be the lady like herto
Valentina, 64y.o., from Kharkov, UA
Kharkov, UA
Valentina, 64
Ask me what person I am and I will answer you that my main qualities are kindness, compassion, commitment. Sounds typical? But look around. Do women you know really have this? No? But I do.
Test User, 75y.o., from Moscow, RU
Moscow, RU
Test User, 75
I am a test client. Please ignore me. rb148177 AT9f4bf84abab5#636749210006250183#U1JWSkVOS0lOU0NQMiNOaWdodGx5UnVuUnVzc2lhbkJyaWRlcyM1OTI=#
kenyakl, 22y.o., from Miami Beach, United States
Miami Beach, United States
kenyakl, 22
** I am Ambitious, Charming, Loving, Confident, Classy and Fashionable Young Woman I enjoy hiking, going to the gym, traveling, trying new restaurants and art museums. Most of all I love shopping:) very girly when it's comes to shoes and jewelry.
californiababy22, 23y.o., from Beverly Hills, United States
Beverly Hills, United States
californiababy22, 23
Super quirky i travelled with my band for 3 years and then entered the corporate world so now looking to travel and explore with some attractive men and women Personality matters more
Yuan, 23y.o., from Shanghai
Yuan, 23
Hello,I am yuan, very honest kind active lovely cute romantic girl. i have good beautiful heart,if you get to know me, you will know that well..i am born in a business family...i can be very very carefully and responsible and cool when i m working, .but when inperson, i am a super openminded
Juliya, 41y.o., from Lugansk, Ukraine
Lugansk, Ukraine
Juliya, 41
easy going, balanced, kind, sincere
Dijana, 18y.o., from Novi Sad, Serbia
Novi Sad, Serbia
Dijana, 18
Usually men find sexy any woman in strict military uniforms. But if this woman works with strong and well-trained friend- dog Roxi…Is it a barrier for a brave man to kiss this woman?))lol I can easy find the common language not just with dogs, but with any person too. I am calm, serious, very
Lucyanne23, 26y.o., from Naples, Italy
Naples, Italy
Lucyanne23, 26
Australian girl currently living in Italy trying to experience everything I can. I might be a little shy at first but underneath that I’m adventurous, out for a good time and I’d like to think just a little bit funny!
Xue, 26y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Xue, 26
i am a open-minded, easy-going, nice and responsible woman.I am also considerate, kind and beautiful girl,who likes traveling,listening to the music and love pets. i am a responsible girl who is also considerate, kindand nice. i think perhaps there are many beautiful things and nice people aroud
Olesia, 32y.o., from Kuwait City, KW
Kuwait City, KW
Olesia, 32
I am purposeful and strong lady, enjoy travelling and my job.
fatimaspain, 22y.o., from Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain
fatimaspain, 22
I consider myself a very happy person and lover of the trip, I like to discover new places and enjoy life. They tell me that I am very funny and that with me you can never bore with me :)
Luanjie, 23y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Luanjie, 23
I have soft, honest and passionate heart beautiful,sexual and generous Smart and excellent,open-minded and I am capable I am a part-time model own 6 department stores and a model. and I think my family is a legend. do you want to know better about me and my family?
Linyuan, 25y.o., from
Linyuan, 25
I am a girl who love smiling a loti dont like make up and i like to enjoy life a loti like nature and i like to explore more of the world, i like dancing and singingalso i like watching movies and reading novelslove to write poem tooand you?
Xu, 22y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Xu, 22
first of all.i'd like to say im financially independent,my mom owns a big fancy car trade market in zhengzhouall kinds,fancy sports cars, Benz,BMW,AUDI,Porsche,Bentley,and大众,丰田,本田,福特,越野suv and etc, i have my own Wedding photography company in zhengzhou called 爱情庄园摄影..and other 3 branch shops in
Anastasia, 25y.o., from Los Angeles, US
Los Angeles, US
Anastasia, 25
I am a creative person. Slightly selfish, but still very kind and fair. Vulnerable and girlish capricious, sometimes requires care, because in my heart I'm still a child. All things that you would like to know about me you should ask me:) I promise to be obedient and to answer all questions ;))
Ester, 31y.o., from Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel
Ester, 31
1.71 🇮🇱 🇷🇺 420🍀🏝🍍🥑🍻😻🎶💃⚽🏇📚 Kinda cool, kinda nuts, spiritual, honest, outgoing, independent.. never bored. Follow my passion and dreams. Love extraordinary!
Tatiana, 28y.o., from Madrid, ES
Madrid, ES
Tatiana , 28
Hello, I am a daughter of God, I am passionate about community help, we are in the world to serve the most needy, I am kind, caring, a cheerful and responsible person. happiness is in the simple.
Danijela, 22y.o., from Krakov, Poland
Krakov, Poland
Danijela, 22
Very romantic, temperament, social
vitoriag, 19y.o., from Cuiabá, Brazil
Cuiabá, Brazil
vitoriag, 19
sou uma pessoa muito fácil de lidar, gosto de conversar, sair, viajar
Keke200, 29y.o., from Durban South, South Africa
Durban South, South Africa
Keke200, 29
Hi, I am a very outgoing, spontaneous and fun loving person that loves to travel and meet new people. I have been to approx 18 countries so far and i hope to increase that with some of the people i meet on here. I consider myself a new world person and cannot keep myself to one place. I absolutely
Jastine, 24y.o., from Cebu City, PH
Cebu City, PH
Jastine, 24
I am a type of person who is friendly, honest, hardworking, and understanding.
Olena, 40y.o., from Rivne, Ukraine
Rivne, Ukraine
Olena, 40
I try to treat other people so as I want them to treat me; I am open to new things and open-minded, not self-absorbed; able to keep up and add to the banter. What about a classy pretty lady?! Be Classy is not trashy) Do you want in your life a woman who has morals, cares for other people, and
Sanja, 29y.o., from London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Sanja, 29
I am one simple girl from Novi Sad, and I am emotional, social, creative an caring
Ya, 28y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Ya, 28
I am a geniune, humble, serious and emotional stable girl. Want to stablish a health relationship here. I am a girl with good qualities. Have nice morals in my heart and will be very loyal to my husabnd and my family. I am a happy girl and like to show my sweet smile to you to make you happy too.
maya22, 30y.o., from Paris, France
Paris, France
maya22, 30
I'm Maya I'm 28 years old send me a msg and I'll tell you a little about my self ;)
Qun, 26y.o., from Wuhan, CN
Wuhan, CN
Qun, 26
I am outgoing and generous,I like making friends and comunicating with different people so I can learn a lot of from others and broaden my horizon.what.s more,I am very optimistic and and caring.
DerbyBex, 29y.o., from Derby, United Kingdom
Derby, United Kingdom
DerbyBex, 29
Ive always loved travelling, and i enjoy being spoiled :P i always have and i love my life so far x
Sowmiya Rathakrishnan, 32y.o., from New Delhi, IN
New Delhi, IN
Sowmiya Rathakrishnan, 32
I am emotional and i love to feel emotions. I am very homily girl. I like to wearing Kurtis, chudithar and saree. I am an active with the wide range of interests. I am eager in finding my true love to become a good wife, friend and love only for him.
clcgirl, 21y.o., from Los Angeles, United States
Los Angeles, United States
clcgirl, 21
Always looking for a good time and travel😉
Jiao, 28y.o., from Hengyang, CN
Hengyang, CN
Jiao, 28
I'm a sweet, kind, caring and happy girl. I love to get along with kind and honest people. Life is wonderful if you realy enjoy it, have passion and love for it. I'm not afraid of difficulties, always try my best to do a thing done, even if I don't achieve the goal at the end, I still feel ok
Jenny-K, 20y.o., from Wijchen, Netherlands
Wijchen, Netherlands
Jenny-K, 20
Soft, feminine, a bit on the girly side to be honest. I love travel and have a luxurious experience. If we travel you ALWAYS pay. Separate rooms, sight seeing, food, EVERYTHING. If I like you after the trip we can see each other again. If not it was fun but that's the end. No more. Clearly I wasn't
valensotq, 18y.o., from Puerto Montt, Chile
Puerto Montt, Chile
valensotq, 18
I'd describe myself as an outgoing, open minded, and easy going person. I like to enjoy myself as much as I can, I love travelling, getting to know new cultures and trying new things. I enjoy the company of more mature men, as I’m capable of handling curiosity with ambition. I have very strong
Yanyuan, 26y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Yanyuan, 26
I am a sunny and lovely lady, ONLY BEING WITH YOU, I BECOME MORE TENDER ... and i am also very outgoing and easygoing with any kind of people... i love smiling because it can bring good luck to me all the time or bring me out of the raining days and blue moods...