Perfect Girls Gallery

Nadejda, 22y.o., from Tiraspol, Moldova
Tiraspol, Moldova
Nadejda, 22
I’m just a girl and need to love and be loved, so this is the reason why I’m here. About myself I can say, that I’m quiet, kind, open and passionate girl. I’m positive and like to bring light to this world, like to develop myself, learn something new) Sometimes it is hard for me to believe in
Aliona, 27y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Aliona, 27
I’m a sociable and outgoing person. I’m a girl who loves adventures and I’m ready to start something new in my life. I’m ready to fall in love with a person who will win my heart. I’m an even-tempered person and I always keep to my opinion. I love smiling and I always do it. I like loyal and
Malvina, 21y.o., from Novi Sad, RS
Novi Sad, RS
Malvina, 21
Very energetic, positive, loving and caring
NYCBlondie, 32y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
NYCBlondie, 32
Creative| Positive | Polite | Genuine | Respectful - Easy going personalty - Admirer of all things beautiful, art, and animals. - I like to be stress-free, relaxed and enjoy what life has to offer
Petya, 30y.o., from Sofia, BG
Sofia, BG
Petya, 30
I’m open and tender woman, with nice sense of humor woman. The most important in my life is love and to find the man I will give him all my tenderness and care. I dream of big and friendly family with pleasant and quiet evenings!Picnics, parties, some kind of sport, trips and just walking. I like
thi kieu, 28y.o., from Ho Chi Min
Ho Chi Min
thi kieu, 28
I am an honest and open-minded lady, I think honesty is the basic thing, and being pen-minded means you can accept the new things, if you like me, please drop me a message
salwa driouch, 27y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
salwa driouch, 27
Difficult roads often lead beautiful destinations, do you want choose it with me
Anastasiya, 20y.o., from Novi Sad, RS
Novi Sad, RS
Anastasiya, 20
I am sweet girl, very gentile and in a need for a good care. I mean I am not of glass I will not break but I am for nice work with lot of details and finesses. Because I like things to be in order, and beautiful. Also I am go in high school, I will sure do be good in every aspect! ;) I am a fighter
Alena, 24y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Alena, 24
This is a very important part of my profile and the most important part of myself. I am an honest, sincere person and I can be diplomatic. I have a good sense of humor that makes me a pleasant and cheerful interlocutor. I'm an optimist and I always believe in the best in people, I'm ready to give
issygoingyoga, 22y.o., from Talamanca, Costa Rica
Talamanca, Costa Rica
issygoingyoga, 22
Medical student in the uk currently travelling the world for a year working with horses and teaching yoga Looking for someone to spoil me on my adventures around the world
Ekaterina, 22y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Ekaterina, 22
I love my life. I enjoy every moment I live. I appreciate all I have. I always think that whatever is done all for the better. I love our sea. I go to look at it every free time. I am a purposeful person. Anything I do, I do well. I can’t say, that I am very sociable, but when I find right people,
Juliya, 49y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Juliya, 49
I am a merry and life loving woman. I have a grown up daughter that I love very much. I have a good work I like, too, but I need to have my beloved next to me. I do not know why but I can’t find a good man in our country that is why I sincerely hope to meet him here. It seems to me that I will be
xorenae, 21y.o., from Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa, Canada
xorenae, 21
A young girl who has a dream of travelling all around the world. Mainly on here to hopefully find someone who is willing to take me on trips but also don't mind making new friends. I'm also very friendly, outgoing, funny, and lovable. :)
cutiekay, 21y.o., from Houston, United States
Houston, United States
cutiekay, 21
Laid back, funny, cute. Talk to me & feel my vibe.
Lucia, 33y.o., from Santa Monica, US
Santa Monica, US
Lucia, 33
I am a lawyer that I love my work and in search of an ideal man for me, who always wants me at his side and accompanies me to do sport and go to natural places.
LadyKatniss, 20y.o., from Chattanooga, United States
Chattanooga, United States
LadyKatniss, 20
An adventurous, intelligent, sweet young woman just looking to see what the site has to offer. I'm very mature for my age, and appreciate being respected and being told the honest truth. My hobbies include anything from zip-lining and horse back riding to staying home and bingeing on Netflix or
sexymodel, 31y.o., from Havana, Cuba
Havana, Cuba
sexymodel, 31
Funny SENSITIVE no lies no drama just enjoy GOOD company Finished my Mastery doing a PHD so it doesn't mean I'm smart just that I love learn... I have an athletic body I was a rhythmic gymnastics profesional competitor... So love dance from belly dance to salsa... (Yes I can teach u, I'm good at
Yan, 25y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Yan, 25
I am a very confident girl, because I believe, confident girl the most beautiful!Suddenly one day, I found that I need a home, need a man from the heart really understand me.
Maria, 27y.o., from Irpin, Ukraine
Irpin, Ukraine
Maria, 27
I am very sincere lady. I think that it is not right to lie this is why I try to always tell truth. I am energetic, I love life and I value every single minute of a life that I was given…The main source of happiness for me is communication with my beloved people.
Agnesita, 28y.o., from Rīga, Latvia
Rīga, Latvia
Agnesita, 28
fun, interesting and pretty wild female desiring to explore as much as possible and enjoy life at it's fullest! so looking for adventure
souhaila, 20y.o., from Agadir, MA
Agadir, MA
souhaila, 20
i am looking For a real man in my life . and all what i want Is feeling love
Leocharm, 32y.o., from Minneapolis, United States
Minneapolis, United States
Leocharm, 32
I have have traveled to several Latin countries to become fluent in Spanish. I've been to Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, and Belize.
RNyla211, 19y.o., from Perth, Australia
Perth, Australia
RNyla211, 19
Besides my absolute (and I hope) obvious LOVE for travel, I’m young and adventurous and open to things that make my heart race whether it be trying new foods or singing and dancing with the locals. I'm into a range of things - reading whatever is on the bestsellers or a deal at the secondhand
Natussja91, 26y.o., from Warszawa, Poland
Warszawa, Poland
Natussja91, 26
love life and travel…
Min(Candy), 21y.o., from Nanchang, CN
Nanchang, CN
Min(Candy), 21
I love the sun and always smile so sweet so my friends like to call me sunshine girl . ^_^ I am a very simple girl I love nature and small animals . I don’t like play games and tell lies I am sincere here looking for a lasting relationship the one who can hold my hand and never let me go are you
BAABBYGIRL, 19y.o., from Las Vegas, United States
Las Vegas, United States
Fun and always looking for adventure 😊
Rinjhil, 32y.o., from New Delhi, India
New Delhi, India
Rinjhil, 32
Good to look at and intelligent to converse. I am not just skin deep beauty but beyond ! I hate lengthy chats and outgrown the filmy flirty fundas and dramatic emotional sagas. Unconventional in my beliefs, I am definitely different !
kelz, 22y.o., from Dubai - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
Dubai - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
kelz, 22
easy going, fun to be with, love sport (running and hiking) traveling, movies, music, wine, fine dinning and shopping! lets chat and I'll tell you all you want to know about me x
Jenbby8, 28y.o., from San Diego, United States
San Diego, United States
Jenbby8, 28
Hello Jennifer, I am a 27 year old fun,social hairstylist in San Diego. I consume a lot of my time I work so barely get chances to stop snd smell the flowers to travel or get time alone or with someone special to have a good time with. I am not well traveled as I have lived in California my whole
Monika, 23y.o., from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Monika, 23
I would describe myself as someone who is honest, caring, intelligent, hardworking, and ambitious. I have a great sense of humor.
Mummy99, 24y.o., from Al Ahmadi, Kuwait
Al Ahmadi, Kuwait
Mummy99, 24
Hello with love, easy going girl nice in looking and easy to get along withHello with love, easy going girl nice in looking and easy to get along withHello with love, easy going girl nice in looking and easy to get along withHello with love, easy going girl nice in looking and easy to get along
Ruth, 24y.o., from Guayaquil, EC
Guayaquil, EC
Ruth , 24
I like to travel and to know everything knew. Everything unknown attracts me and when I have the possibility to travel I do it.I like places with an old culture and tradition.
Valeriya, 30y.o., from Almaty, KZ
Almaty, KZ
Valeriya , 30
I consider myself as a very easy goingpositive and optimistic woman.I am also very well mannered and respectful.My friends consider me as a very calm woman.I do not like to arque,I am a compromiser.I am always very cheerful and communicative.
roseel, 24y.o., from Cairo, Egypt
Cairo, Egypt
roseel, 24
anything includes Water,Sea,Ocean love it animal lover i like long walk n talk not a fan of seafood
Huanjun, 27y.o., from Xian, CN
Xian, CN
Huanjun , 27
i m a tan skin girl, many men in china think it is not beautiful as the white skin,but i love my skin, i think it is very healthy and wonderful, isnt it honey? if u love it too, u can come to my club to do the sun tanning, lol. for free for my man, when will u come ? or when can i cocme to u?
Anna, 36y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Anna, 36
I am a very interesting young girl with great energy, amazing charm I have a mixture of justice and kindness inside my heart, it means that I am kind to those who treat others with respect. I adore romantic evenings at the restaurants and I can be good housewife, who will bring warmth and love into
Karina, 20y.o., from Tiraspol, Moldova
Tiraspol, Moldova
Karina, 20
For many years I was dreaming about romance and read about it in the novels. But true love never happened to me. My heart is free and it has so much love and tenderness to give. I have a lot to share with my partner. I am easy going, cheerful, I will always cheer you up when you feel blue. I read a
Sladjana, 35y.o., from Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, RS
Sladjana, 35
I'm simple & honest and easy going, caringloving, industrious, honest and trust worthy woman with great sense of humori enjoy reading, watching movies, listening to music, going shopping, touring museums and Cinema as well, I like most beautiful and nice things in life. I am a woman with an
Ekaterina, 22y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Ekaterina, 22
I'm very friendly person and I like new people. I'm very purposeful, honest, open-minded, truthful and communicative woman. am intelligent lady with good sense of humor. I have a very romantic and tender soul. I want to love and to be loved. I like to listen to music of different styles. In my free
Dzhordzhia, 21y.o., from Sofia, BG
Sofia, BG
Dzhordzhia, 21
I’m sincere woman who still believes in love and true feelings. I’m very open and trusting women and trying to find my true happiness. I have done a lot in my life and not every time it was right, I made mistakes and right decisions too. So, I’m just a woman and need my beloved man by my side.I
Dragana, 22y.o., from Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, RS
Dragana, 22
I am very communicative, gregarious, social and witty. I have aggressive sense of humor so people usually misplace it for insults, which is not really my intention, but once they get to know me they will know when i am joking and when i am not.
naty993, 25y.o., from Bucharest, Romania
Bucharest, Romania
naty993, 25
love to travel and looking for new experiences :)
SoulSeekers, 21y.o., from Haverhill, United States
Haverhill, United States
SoulSeekers, 21
I'm in love with the little things about life. I just got back from traveling the southern states traveling with a show, was very exciting and I'm looking for more adventures in life now that ive settled back home to NH. Traveling is a constant happy place for me. I love learning new things, Teach
Anastasia, 23y.o., from Novi Sad, RS
Novi Sad, RS
Anastasia, 23
I am really funny, a bit flirty and really friendly. I love chatting and I am very direct girl.My biggest hobby is riding a bicycle all day long.
Marina, 28y.o., from Kyiv, UA
Kyiv, UA
Marina , 28
I am communicative, kind, sincere, fun, generous, very romantic, loving and positive person that always wants to get more and more out of life. I am a very peaceful person and I think all the conflicts can be solved by discussion and mutual compromise. I like surprises and adventures in my life. I
Zully627, 28y.o., from Philadelphia, United States
Philadelphia, United States
Zully627, 28
I am curvaceous, ambitious,and soft-hearted lady with a tropical, exotic flair. Moonlight, delicious food and shiny things bring out the best in me. I am a comic, and I know laughter is the best medicine, so if you have a great sense of humor, I’m certain we’ll get along just fine–don’t sigh too
Suhana, 26y.o., from Chennai, IN
Chennai, IN
Suhana, 26
I am smiling, kind and happy person in general. I am bunch of friendliness, openness, honesty, sense of humor and ability to cheer up even the most sad person on earth. Of course I am not perfect, but I think I am good person in general.
Ling(July), 25y.o., from Changde, CN
Changde, CN
Ling(July), 25
I am a modest, obedient, outgoing, sexy and kind girl.I like dress black and it makes me look whiter and sexier,lol this is a very strange habit,huh? but this is how i view, so you will respect me with that ? I believe that a relationship needs understanding and mutual respect,I hope you will be
ally_ftm, 27y.o., from Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
ally_ftm, 27
Funslightly crazy and easy going
Cuteone1, 26y.o., from Norristown, United States
Norristown, United States
Cuteone1, 26
Hi am a sweetheart I consider myself to be shy at first meeting someone but I open up quickly, I enjoy nice meaningful conversation and amazing things, I enjoy a glass of whiskey from time to time at home and I spend my weekend home if am not busy working, looking to make a lasting impression on
Jun wei, 25y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Jun wei, 25
I am a very kind hearted girl . I am a very loyal girl. I am a very elegant girl . I have been searching my soul mate for long timeI want a true and forever love with him . I am a girl who need a man to company me all the time and forever . I want us to have a good communication all the time . i
Ying, 25y.o., from Zhuzhou, CN
Zhuzhou, CN
Ying, 25
I am a honest, naughty, cheerful,open-minded, optimistic, considerate and caring girl. I love life, love nature, love all nature thing in the world. i have good temper and patient, treat others good and respect others but have my own idea and have special passion.
HelloStarshine, 28y.o., from Tallahassee, United States
Tallahassee, United States
HelloStarshine, 28
I'm a wanderlusting believer in magic. I love surface and inner beauty. I love to know the story and deeper meaning behind everything. I'd love to fall in love and have a family some day. I love wearing heels, dressing up, and being barefoot with my hair loose. I love trying new things and the rush
SilverSkies, 35y.o., from Hamilton, New Zealand
Hamilton, New Zealand
SilverSkies, 35
Hello! Firstly I would just like to be clear… if you are looking for a woman for sexual encounters on your travel, please move on to the next profile. I don't mind if you are male or female but just to clarify further I am hetero. So why am I here? I believe there are people like myself who
Fatimah801, 20y.o., from Pulau Peniki, Indonesia
Pulau Peniki, Indonesia
Fatimah801, 20
I am very warm-hearted, caring person, responsible, polite, humble, big sense of humor, energetic, fun and honest. . My hobby is swimming, cooking, and traveling.
Kristina, 27y.o., from Nis, Serbia
Nis, Serbia
Kristina, 27
I am serious girl,very mature who is ready to create her own family so my goals are happy life and love.I am very open and easy going and I think I have much more good qualities than bad :) I always know what I want from life and I work hard on my dreams.
feifei, 28y.o., from Shenzhen, CN
Shenzhen, CN
feifei, 28
i am a Dance instructor.i would like to show myself with my graceful body.i like dance .it can help me to express myself emotion.are you interested in my dance ?i wish i could find a people that could understand my heart totally .i will open my heart to you and talk with you with all my heart.
Anastasia, 26y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Anastasia, 26
Me in a relationship with a man: 1. Never scream (ok…to be honest I scream, and very loud….but only in certain cases…try to guess WHICH) 2. I don’t tell my man to finish with his friends…same I want he respects mine =) deal? 3. I never check mobile phone Ok, I am not perfect….ha ha…but I have
Isidora, 23y.o., from Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, RS
Isidora, 23
I am a fun loving, kind, free spirited and generous woman. I am good natured and have strong will and strong character. I want a man who is like me, but stronger! But I also have a very sweet side and am always in a good mood and positive!
Liliya, 32y.o., from Kherson, Ukraine
Kherson, Ukraine
Liliya, 32
I am cheerful, friendly, fun with a nice sense of humor. I prefer to smile more than to despond. I consider myself as a woman of gentle nature with kind heart, deep soul and intelligence. I have plenty of love and tenderness which I want to devote to a decent man. I don't like quarrels and
cassidyray, 24y.o., from Miami Beach, United States
Miami Beach, United States
cassidyray, 24
Outgoing and open-minded. Love to meet new people around the world and connect common interests. Fluent in 3 languages. Nature and animal enthusiast. Vegan :)
Ohhsummer, 25y.o., from Louisville, United States
Louisville, United States
Ohhsummer, 25
I’m a 25 year old dental student looking to spice up my life. Here’s to fun and new adventures! I love to travel, eat good food, enjoy a drink or a few 😉 Good vibes and better company are all that matter. This is totally new to me so I have no idea what to expect but here I am anyways!
جنيهة, 27y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
جنيهة, 27
أصدقائي يقولون لي انني إنسانة إيجابية لدرجة أن أتمكن من تغيير العالم! نعم لدي ما يكفي من الطاقة والسعادة بداخلي. أريد أن أشارك مع زملائي الرجل المحبوب. حياتي مثيرة للاهتمام ولكن أريد التخلص من وحدتي والعثور على بلدي رجل. أحب أن أقضي وقتي مع أصدقائي. أنا شخص التواصلية جدا ومثل الشركات الكبرى. نود
Mlee9711, 28y.o., from Meadville, United States
Meadville, United States
Mlee9711, 28
I can be a bit shy at first, but when the barrier is broken I am outgoing, fun, and fiercely loyal. I love to meet people with a positive attitude and a zest for life. Working out and being fit are pretty big in my life, only because I like to balance it out with food. I LOVE food. If you don't
kimmielove26, 23y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
kimmielove26, 23
I am a young Island Girl enjoy the company of my love ones and love travel. I’m very outstanding and love having fun.
TheNativeGirl, 22y.o., from Phoenix, United States
Phoenix, United States
TheNativeGirl, 22
I’m originally from Michigan, I’ve been in Arizona for a little over 6 years. I absolutely love it here! I enjoy going hiking up the numerous mountains around the valley! I like being outdoors (when it’s not too hot) so camping, swimming, outdoor shooting, etc is my thing. You can catch me at an
Tatyana, 31y.o., from Lisbon, PT
Lisbon, PT
Tatyana, 31
I’m a tender and sincere woman, waiting for my happy moment to come! I still believe in love and that I’ll meet this special man for me. And that I’ll be his long￾expected woman, whom he’ll love! There are 3 things are very important in my life: love, second part and relationship. I know that every
Julieth, 22y.o., from Cajamarca, CO
Cajamarca, CO
Julieth, 22
Hello honey, I am a single lady, I want to find my twin soul in this place, maybe it will not be easy, but I am going to intend I do not have a problem with race, living in another country, or age. I am very understandable, affectionate, sincere and very passionate, do you like something about me?
Polina, 21y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Polina, 21
I’m sensitive, kind and romantic girl, love my life and dream a lot. I’m communicative and open with the people. I have my strengths and my weaknesses, but like always to develop myself. I have a lots achieves and now want to have my own family, because I think it’s very important in our lives to
Guo, 23y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Guo, 23
I am a girl who know enjoy my life. And i like join in different benifit activities. I am a simple, generous girl. I like make friends with truthful people. I always postive and optimistic to meet my life. I like smile more. I enjoy share all of my happiness with my friends.
Viktoria, 34y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Viktoria, 34
I am adventurous and very optimistic person with sense of humor! I like to spend time with my soulmate so much if I find him...Hope you to))) I love to travel and active life style and at the same time I am very family oriented and like to spend cozy evenings with a beloved person, reading or
Darija, 23y.o., from Kryvyi Rih, UA
Kryvyi Rih, UA
Darija, 23
I am cheerful, adventurous, and positive. I like interesting people who are curious about the world and who want to learn more about it. I am full of desire for life and I would like to meet someone with whom I could share this passion.
halima, 26y.o., from Abadiania, BR
Abadiania, BR
halima, 26
I would like to introduce myself as a beautiful young lady with a charming smile. I’m smart enough and pretty curious. I seem to my friends as reliable and honest person. I like taking care of my close people and I can give them my helping hand in any time.
Yana, 37y.o., from Berdyansk, UA
Berdyansk, UA
Yana, 37
I enjoy simple things in life: family, loving husband and a nice job. Face to face contact is very important to me. I would say that I am nice, quiet, hard working woman, who wants love and affection.
Karina, 28y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Karina, 28
I am an attractive, self-confident and romantic lady with a big heart. I am kind, hard-working, and generous woman who is looking for that only one man whom I will feel happy with. I have much love in my heart and my soul is as pretty as my appearance. I like music, dancing, I wish to find a man
Lan, 28y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Lan, 28
I am a very sexy, amiable, passionate, traditional girl. I like smiling, my friends tell me that when they see my smile they seem to see the sunshine and hope. I am also a girl with kind-hearted and a love for life.I am an independent and mature woman,because I want to support myself use my strive
Alla, 32y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Alla, 32
People say that I am very friendly and very easily in contact with people, animals. I'm funny, and I'm looking forward to sharing with you some of my jokes. I'm rather quiet, but open, caring, honest, faithful, sincere, respectful. I would like to learn how to love, admire, give and receive from a
audreekitten, 21y.o., from Athens, United States
Athens, United States
audreekitten, 21
I am a student, aspiring doctor and fitness entrepreneur.
vanessavvv, 23y.o., from Lima District, Peru
Lima District, Peru
vanessavvv, 23
sociable, outgoing, happy and looking foward to meet new people ***WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies, articles or projects — You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and
diva1p, 26y.o., from Los Angeles, United States
Los Angeles, United States
diva1p, 26
I would describe myself as someone who is honest, caring, intelligent, hardworking, and ambitious. I have a great sense of humour. I am an easy going person & don’t get easily disturbed by down’s in my life. I am spiritual person & love to eat some I study and watch a lot of food channel,I love to
Jing Jing, 25y.o., from Zhuzhou, CN
Zhuzhou, CN
Jing Jing , 25
I am a very outgoing, cheerful, beautiful and generous Chinese girl.
Kristina, 25y.o., from Hanover, Germany
Hanover, Germany
Kristina, 25
Do you already know what woman you want to meet here? Have you thought about any criteria which your ideal woman should require? It is hard to tell someone whom you have not seen in person yet about your character. But we are here to make each other's hearts beat faster. The fist you see in the
taveling_vxn, 34y.o., from Miami Beach, United States
Miami Beach, United States
taveling_vxn, 34
Since June 2017, I have been traveling around the world. I have visited 25+ countries, met the most amazing people, and had experiences I would never have dreamed of. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Want to know where I am or where I will be? Just shoot me a quick message, maybe we can meet,
Anastasia, 23y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Anastasia, 23
My friends say that I am feminine, sincere, humorous, loyal, loving, easy-going woman. Also I am a purposeful woman. I also achieve the goals. I am creative, open-minded, intuitive, sensitive, and have a well developed sense of style and of course sense of humor. I do love to tell different jokes
Ela, 21y.o., from Manta, EC
Manta, EC
Ela , 21
I'm a tender woman outside and a real flame inside.I want to live every day like a last.Despite my spontaneous character I like to plan everything with a man.Especially life together. I have some mystery,and want you try to unravel it.I think then you will see another woman in front of you who can
CallmeValentina, 21y.o., from Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany
CallmeValentina, 21
Mexican-Hungarian girl 🌍 I love traveling✈️, dogs🐩, fashion👙 and play with my hair while drinking champagne 🍾 Public accounting 🎓 Münich-Budapest 🏡 I am a very spontaneous and extrovert girl. I’m always moving, doing and creating new things. I believe kindness is a quality. Drama-free, I am not a
Margo1mai, 28y.o., from Novosibirsk, Russia
Novosibirsk, Russia
Margo1mai, 28
Im nice and friendly ;)
Lannas, 28y.o., from Warszawa, Poland
Warszawa, Poland
Lannas, 28
Hello everyone I'm 27 years old easy going, nice, friendly person who try to enjoy every single moment of my life. I'm interested in history, fashion, geography. I like water and snow sports. I love animals. I want to go to the Borneo to help orangutan's orphans in animal healthcare center. I like
Ekaterina, 23y.o., from Limassol, Cyprus
Limassol, Cyprus
Ekaterina, 23
I am very sincere and I want the truth to be told to me. I Hate lies and I don’t even want someone to think lying on me. I am very trustworthy and I have strong family values. I am hardworking and I can be very emotional with the people I love. I am also very energetic and I love to learn and read
Alevtina, 75y.o., from Minsk, Belarus
Minsk, Belarus
Alevtina, 75
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Dejana, 20y.o., from Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, RS
Dejana, 20
I'll be short and sweet, I am a fun young girl. I think me ambitious, I love to learn, I like to meet new people and new cultures.
Riverlyn, 29y.o., from Hot Springs, United States
Hot Springs, United States
Riverlyn, 29
I am a caring, genuine, very funny and adventurous women who has decided to finally see more of this wonderful world! I had taken off sometime to travel to some places I’ve always wanted to see. And I have a couple trips I’d like to see and I hope someone else wants to see as well and says that’s a
xiuxian, 21y.o., from Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
xiuxian, 21
Hope to get a opportunity to explore the streets and cities with a wild heart. 💕 Light up the journey all the way✨ Student pilot. Est 97. Exploring the path to the sky. ✈️
AshleyC97, 21y.o., from Davenport, United States
Davenport, United States
AshleyC97, 21
I'm fun to hang out with and a good person if you wanna talk about anything
MindfulQueen, 34y.o., from Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines
MindfulQueen, 34
Adventurous Goal oriented Athletic Compassionate Playful Mindful
hajiba, 29y.o., from Settat, MA
Settat, MA
hajiba, 29
أنا طيب القلب، البهجة وذكية الفتاة. أنا شخص هادئ جدا وايجابية. أنا فتاة جادة وأنا جاد في نواياي هنا. وأنا على استعداد لمشاعر نقية. أريد أن أعطي كل ما عندي من الحب لبلدي الحبيب أماه.
Tiffany22, 23y.o., from City of Orange, United States
City of Orange, United States
Tiffany22, 23
I’m a young 22 year old just looking to travel, have fun and enjoy some new experiences. If you’re looking for the same I’m your girl :)
Hui, 23y.o., from Wuhan, CN
Wuhan, CN
Hui, 23
I have a half of Japanese blood, my mother is a gentle Japanese woman.I accept China and Japan two kinds of education since childhood,so that I learned self-reliance and strong. As a woman not only wanting the appearance beautiful,but also wanting more beautiful inner heart and good taste.
Lyubov, 57y.o., from Melitopol, Ukraine
Melitopol, Ukraine
Lyubov, 57
I am simple and easy-going ukrainian woman. I am a mature but not an old lady)))) I appriciate sincerity and kindness. Like all people sometimes I am happy and sometimes I am sad. I consider myself as a calm and intelligent person. We can speak different topics with you. Hope to know you and get to
Iliyana, 23y.o., from Mumbai, IN
Mumbai, IN
Iliyana, 23
In my dreams I see only happy man and happy family. I know that I deserve to be happy and believe that soon I will meet my beloved man. I’m sensitive, kind, decent and warm woman, have loving heart inside of me and ocean of tender feelings. I want to give up with my loneliness and start new life! I
babimorello, 22y.o., from Caxias do Sul, Brazil
Caxias do Sul, Brazil
babimorello, 22
Just for funnnnn 😜😘😍
Olga, 41y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Olga, 41
As I follow a health style of life, I actively do sports. I am a health food eater. Go to the gym often. It keeps my body strong and beautiful. I don’t have bad habits. I am very kind but emotional. I am also very sociable. I don’t like to stay alone, I prefer to be in company among my friends. I
Juliya, 44y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Juliya, 44
Being a single mother, I had to become a strong woman. I had to bring my daughter on my own, and be not just mother, but also father figuratively to say. But in my heart I am a tender woman, very caring and sunny :) I love to smile, and like to ease conversation with jokes. I believe there is no
Olena, 36y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Olena, 36
I am bright and beautiful brunette and wherever I go I always catch interested looks on me. But I have a strong belief that every beauty fades away with time, and only inner beauty can only grow and become stronger with time. I would like to believe that I am someone who is beautiful inside as well
Lamita, 30y.o., from Chlef, DZ
Chlef, DZ
Lamita, 30
I am very friendly person as I am very communicative and respectful. I am always well bread and I like to look always great. I am very careful,kind and understandable.I am always confident in my decisions. I have strong family values and hope to create a my own family soon.
Alina_star, 28y.o., from Russia, Russia
Russia, Russia
Alina_star, 28
It is hard to speak about myself as only people surrounding me can see me objectively
Inna, 23y.o., from Dnepr, Ukraine
Dnepr, Ukraine
Inna, 23
I am very positive person. I am purposeful and caring girl. I am very calm and at the same time cheerful person. I don’t like tantrums. I don’t like to arrange it. I love to smile and joke on various topics. I love life and I think that life is a great gift.
Svetlana, 36y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Svetlana, 36
I am a serious lady, eager to start the strong, meaningful and long-term relationships, which will turn into the friendly and happy family. I have multiple interests, so that my life partner will never get bored with me. I am passionate about life, I am impressed about people and things, and I
Vera, 30y.o., from Cancun, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico
Vera, 30
My name is Vera and I live in the Caribbean, I have my dance school, so you can guess I am very passionate about dancing! For me it is not a job, it is something that makes me very happy! My personality is energetic, but kind and soft. For me understanding, trust, honesty and mutual support are
Yu, 24y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Yu, 24
I am outgoing, confident and lovely.
Wenjing, 30y.o., from Xianyang, CN
Xianyang, CN
Wenjing , 30
how can let me discribe myself,wow,this is a very great job for me,i just know i am really not a perfect person,sometimes intresting,somtimes bored,but should say most of time is funny,i am a woman who work hard(of course i think),love life,love eveything bright sight,and try my best to look at the
Emily, 24y.o., from Lisbon, PT
Lisbon, PT
Emily, 24
I have the great power of love inside of me and want to give it to my beloved man. I’m serious woman and here for only reliable relations. I have priorities in my life and the first place takes my future family and my man.
vitainmotu, 31y.o., from Chicago, United States
Chicago, United States
vitainmotu, 31
Marketing professional from the United States. Very laid back and interested in meeting other travelers, artists, and adventurers.
Jiayi, 22y.o., from Hangzhou, CN
Hangzhou, CN
Jiayi, 22
Would you like to spend a romantic night with me in Beverly Hills my dear ? For a man I think the most romantic thing in the world is not to say I love you to her, but to be with her all the time, and to spend every unforgettable moment with her ! In the spring, we can drive my jaguar XJ6, carrera
Elena, 31y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Elena, 31
I cherish love and I am fond of life!I am a very tender, caring, kind-hearted and romantic, also I am feminine and easy-going lady who start each day with a smile and joy, cause at work I share it with people who really need it but sometimes in the evening I feel how weak I am because I stay alone.
sashababyy, 25y.o., from Portland, United States
Portland, United States
sashababyy, 25
My name is Sasha! I am 165lbs, hazel eyes and have long hair that goes to my middle of my back . I love the idea of being a classy lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets! I am very discreet, clean, and will always make you my priority. I'm known for my gorgeous look, femininity and my bubbly
Yana, 20y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Yana, 20
I am passionate and romantic! I can be a true friend and a perfect wife! I try to live with only good emotions and I adore sharing them with others! I like to be positive and happy in life. I like to be honest and express my feelings openly.
Shuangshuang(Erin), 28y.o., from Guangxi, CN
Guangxi, CN
Shuangshuang(Erin), 28
Nevena, 42y.o., from Alberta, Canada
Alberta, Canada
Nevena, 42
I am positive, cheerful and outgoing person. Loyal, honest and warm person who expect same from people around me. I dont like liers, twofaced and unhonest people.