Perfect Girls Gallery

Liliya, 21y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Liliya, 21
I am a very friendly woman (the soul of the company) I can cheer up even the most sullen person. I always listen to a peson and understand. If you want to know me better - write to me)
Test User, 75y.o., from Moscow, RU
Moscow, RU
Test User, 75
I am a test client. Please ignore me. ed309651 AT9f4bf84abab5#636743943215480109#U1JWSkVOS0lOU0NQMiNOaWdodGx5UnVuRXVyb2RhdGUjNjQy#
OnlyTheBestBabie, 22y.o., from Billings, United States
Billings, United States
OnlyTheBestBabie, 22
Blondie who wants to be someone’s Queen till the end 😃 I love to live in the moment though until prince charming comes along. Champagne taste with luxury lifestyle living is what i long for and to share it with someone special. Im old fashioned and the women stay home and clean and the men work.
Lullaby1994, 24y.o., from Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Lullaby1994, 24
Greetings from Israel! So, I'm a student, and just took the semester off in order to travel by myself to the far east. I'm looking for a travel companion. If you wanna join me, I'll be more than glad to!
Yuexiu, 24y.o., from Shanghai, CN
Shanghai, CN
Yuexiu, 24
mature, sincere, loving, responsible sweet
Milica, 21y.o., from Nis, RS
Nis, RS
Milica, 21
My tender character is looking for stable, honest, and well experienced man. I think that other peoples perspective are very important and culture of feedback so that people can continue with working on themselves. Therefore I think that ahead of me is a great future, because I am constantly
Bryndle, 31y.o., from Bakersfield, United States
Bakersfield, United States
Bryndle, 31
My passion is cooking I will love to travel and experience different foods I never been outside of Bakersfield California and I'm looking to expand my horizons I am adventurous witty and down to earth!
Fang, 27y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Fang, 27
I am a gentle and understanding lady, can take care of fiiends very good. I am confident and optimistic, always filled passion in life. amd I believe I have a traditional virtue as a women
ArouraE, 26y.o., from Brisbane City, Australia
Brisbane City, Australia
ArouraE, 26
I am a very fun loving person, I grab life as it comes at me. I am a very outgoing person but also reserved when I need to be. I have a passion to live life to the fullest and take every opputinuty that comes my way.
Harshika, 20y.o., from Bengaluru, IN
Bengaluru, IN
Harshika, 20
I love intimacy and getting swept up in a new relationship, that whirlwind when you meet someone and fall for them instantly. I think true romance is about getting to know someone and connecting on a deep level. It’s more than just chemistry and attraction.I am an outgoing girl and am a good blend
Queendiais21, 23y.o., from Portland, United States
Portland, United States
Queendiais21, 23
I like people who can hold a conversation, and who are positive and genuine as I am! Je parle français. Let's video chat and see how we get along? Sugar daddy, is that you? Here for a good time, not for a long time.
SCLASS84, 34y.o., from Denver, United States
Denver, United States
SCLASS84, 34
I am a sweet smart and fun classy lady. I like to live life in the present and always eager to experience something new everyday. I enjoy hearing stories of sucess and collaborating ideas for making daily life a better place. i enjoy good cuisine and being outdoors. Im at a place in my life where i
souhaila, 20y.o., from Agadir, MA
Agadir, MA
souhaila, 20
i am looking For a real man in my life . and all what i want Is feeling love
AChunli, 23y.o., from Columbus, United States
Columbus, United States
AChunli, 23
Hi :) I'm currently a college student, but I'm not super sure what I want to do yet. I have many passions and I want to see the world in order to discover myself and how I can best help humanity as well as enjoy life.
Hannaholli, 26y.o., from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hannaholli, 26
I'm fun, intelligent, I love to travel!
Nadejda, 22y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Nadejda, 22
It is not easy to describe myself and stay objective but I will try. I am family oriented person and I value my friends a lot. They are always my top one priority and it will be the same with my new family which I want to create with beloved person. I am polite person and I do not like arguing. I
Angeles, 23y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Angeles, 23
I am and interesting girl who likes to meet people
Jelena, 24y.o., from Sarajevo, BA
Sarajevo, BA
Jelena, 24
funny, smart, honest, polite,
Tatyana, 34y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Tatyana, 34
It is pleasant for every person to speak very hard about himself. I can say that I am not an exception. I do not want to seem too selfish and I will not describe all my positive qualities. I think these qualities my future husband will see himself. I will tell you about the negative aspects of my
Yenklis, 33y.o., from Maracaibo, VE
Maracaibo, VE
Yenklis, 33
I consider myself a responsible, dedicated, hard-working woman, with a lot of desire to live my life, I like to share, to travel, to meet many people.
sandes, 27y.o., from Antibes, France
Antibes, France
sandes, 27
I'm single I love beautiful things I'm funny sweet caring sourriante I love découvrire new location.
Irina, 35y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Irina, 35
I'm a woman with a little secret! Unpredictability is about me! The most crazy things can come to the head. Someone will get scared, but someone will attract it!) I like diversity in everything, but most importantly, I dream of a man who will be able to provide me with this diversity, making my
Tatyana, 24y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Tatyana, 24
I am a kind, happy, attentive and responsible person, I love children and animals. I am very creative, I like to socialize and to make new acquaintances. I like order in everything. It really organizes and helps to do everything in time - to study, to work and learn a lot new about our world. I
Juliya, 25y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Juliya, 25
I am normally cheerful and full of life person. Still when needed I am very serious. I have wide imagination. i am not afraid of being in public or perform in audience on contrary i enjoy that. I am determined as to my goals and devoted as to people dear to me.
Nataliya, 34y.o., from Melitopol, Ukraine
Melitopol, Ukraine
Nataliya, 34
I am very friendly and opened person. I am polite and always be nice with people.
ElysianShoshin85, 33y.o., from Marion, United States
Marion, United States
ElysianShoshin85, 33
I am very respectful and can be the elegant woman by your side as well as the bad girl after-hours. I am a submissive SB but there are times I like to take the reigns. I’m not demanding unless it’s involving the give and take of loyalty and respect. I do not expect more than what is given to me
Ekaterina, 23y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Ekaterina, 23
I’m very positive and smiling girl) I believe that we are here on this Earth to make our world more brightly and beautiful. I have my strengths and weaknesses, as every person, but I am trying to move towards perfection and get better! What I want most of all – it’s to find my beloved man and
sofiapizarra, 19y.o., from Lipa, Philippines
Lipa, Philippines
sofiapizarra, 19
I am your perfect travel companion. I know how to take photos, to shoot videos, and I studied survival aids. I am also a risk taker and I won't say no to anything related to adventure. I have lots of stories to tell and I hope I could listen to your stories too.
Ivelina, 31y.o., from Plzen, Czech Republic
Plzen, Czech Republic
Ivelina, 31
I am not a good or a bad person, I am what you deserve!
Kate, 27y.o., from Villavicencio, CO
Villavicencio, CO
Kate, 27
hello I am very strong-willed and always ready to help people.I believe in peace in the world,and I wish all people to be happy.
زينب, 26y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
زينب, 26
أصدقائي يقولون لي انني إنسانة إيجابية لدرجة أن أتمكن من تغيير العالم! نعم لدي ما يكفي من الطاقة والسعادة بداخلي. أريد أن أشارك مع زملائي الرجل المحبوب. حياتي مثيرة للاهتمام ولكن أريد التخلص من وحدتي والعثور على بلدي رجل. أحب أن أقضي وقتي مع أصدقائي. أنا شخص التواصلية جدا ومثل الشركات الكبرى. نود
khloieg, 27y.o., from Portland, United States
Portland, United States
khloieg, 27
Very fun & outgoing looking to meet these 2018 goals !
Catarina Sofia, 24y.o., from Lisbon, PT
Lisbon, PT
Catarina Sofia, 24
About me, I really feel uncomfortable describing myself. Well my friends in a recent poll said that I am relaxed and easy-going, I know how to make them smile and cheer them up which must be a good thing….I am also loyal, honest and gregarious. In my spare time I enjoy looking after myself, going
Liu, 24y.o., from Zhuzhou, CN
Zhuzhou, CN
Liu, 24
cheerful Lively, optimistic, outgoing are my character
Ilona, 32y.o., from Cherkasy, UA
Cherkasy, UA
Ilona, 32
I am a devoted and sensual woman. I am very active, responsible, sociable, optimistic and kind. I know the key to family happiness and I dream of creating a big and united family. I like to read books in different genres. My passion is dancing and sport! I'm interested in many things. I like to
majo97402, 21y.o., from Quito, Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador
majo97402, 21
I like to read, music, art and entertaining talks
Stela, 25y.o., from Kishinev, Moldova
Kishinev, Moldova
Stela, 25
My home is my castle. I am a girl with a strong character and family values. I love life and the people who surround me. That you knew me better, I'll just tell you the strongest and the weakest feature of my character. I'm an experimenter, and I'm not afraid to try something new. I think this is a
Oirana, 28y.o., from Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Oirana, 28
I love adventure and exploring. Have traveled a fair share of countries and speak some languages. Really love getting off a beaten track and talk to the locals, pick up a word or two and find out their life philosophy. I so enjoy meeting people and listen to their stories. But I am no stranger to
Rosela, 24y.o., from Cebu City, PH
Cebu City, PH
Rosela, 24
I am a jolly type of person.
Juliya, 28y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Juliya, 28
I am a very calm and balanced person, but I always know what I want from life. I like to get things done, and if I undertake something that is really serious. I am very kind, sympathetic and always ready to help. In everyday life I try to perceive everything positively. And I believe that if all
desiredone, 23y.o., from New Delhi, India
New Delhi, India
desiredone, 23
This site has been reviewed greatly, hence I fell into trying it out. So! Here I’m :) I’ve travelled enough within the nation-India. So, obviously, overseas would be my choice in here. And yeah, being 23, it wasn’t so possible to fund around the tours! Therefore, ‘Miss Travel’, you see?! ;)
Juliya, 23y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Juliya, 23
I'm a very kind person. It's always very difficult for me to walk on the street past a homeless kitten or a dog. I go to the store to buy food and feed everyone I see. If I could, I would take all the animals to my home, my heart freezes when I see these animals thrown out on the street. I always
francesca13, 28y.o., from El Tesoro, Colombia
El Tesoro, Colombia
francesca13, 28
Hi, I am a very nice person who really loves the sea and to learn something everyday. Like culture, sports and party!
Yan, 27y.o., from Beihai
Yan, 27
I wish my letter can make you excited.I am an open-minded girl. I am sincere here to find my soul mate. i have been searching for the one who understand and share the same values with me for a long time. OK, check my profile again, have a look if we are such in common. My interests very wide, I
Qing, 22y.o., from Hefei, CN
Hefei, CN
Qing, 22
i am an little shy but sometimes when i get one people i love, i will try my best to know him. is that you? can you guess what will happened?^_^ if you wnat to play with meplease get away from me. because what i want is a real man. i am a woman who always put the family on my fist position, if you
Viktoria, 42y.o., from Sumy, Ukraine
Sumy, Ukraine
Viktoria, 42
I behave and feel myself like i am 23 years old) i am ready to prove it using letters or in chat) hope that my age will not be a problem for good relations.
Yana, 27y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Yana, 27
I have more than enough money to retire and enjoy life by the way, and i want to share it all with a man who wants passion and love. Even though my pictures here are flamboyant (rules of the site i guess), i'm a normal woman with simple wishes in life. I can be playfull and so very passionate and i
K SHILBA, 28y.o., from Chennai, IN
Chennai, IN
I am kind and caring, open and honest, with a sense of humor.I love animals and i don't like to spend time all alone.I like to have a good, happy mood and see no reason to abandon this habit. I am eager in finding my true love to become a good wife, friend and love only for him.
Natalia, 31y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Natalia, 31
I am a cheerful and sociable person. My friends say that I am the soul of the company. I always restrict our trips or meetings. I love my friends and I love to spend time with them. I'm not a conflict person, but if I'm offended I will not be silent. I do not like being littered with any of my
MissFunmike, 27y.o., from Lautoka, Fiji
Lautoka, Fiji
MissFunmike, 27
Basically born and raised in the little ol' Fiji Islands. I love to travel however don't have much time to because adulting is a thing i have to do. I love the beach, boating, wandering through cities, just hanging out and definitely the occasional crazy party. I am far from the obsessive over hair
Yaru(Linda), 28y.o., from Nanchang, CN
Nanchang, CN
Yaru(Linda), 28
Do you want to be my first man? I think you know what this means, right? Baby, I want to give you a different feeling. I want you to think that the man in the world is unique. When you close your eyes, you will know that your Yaru has such sweet and sexy voice, flexible body, can make you feel like
Theodora, 40y.o., from Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece
Theodora, 40
I am an adventurous and ambitious girl trying always to be positive and optimistic in life! I am funny, outgoing and I try to be fair with everyone and not judge people before I listen to them! I’m creative decisive and dynamic and I am happy to help other people!
Jing, 25y.o., from Zibo, CN
Zibo, CN
Jing, 25
I am a kind, lively, passionate Chinese girl,i like to make friends with different people so i can learn a lot of things.I am subissive and loyal,i love to travel and learn,and enjoy laughing and having fun
katmort, 35y.o., from San Diego, United States
San Diego, United States
katmort, 35
I live for the moments you can't put into words. I'm an amateur at everything. I run, bike, hike, do yoga, swim, sail, play sports, blog, start businesses, and am always looking for new things to try and learn.
Viktoria, 31y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Viktoria, 31
My inner world is very deep and varied. I am from those people who will not pass by a person who needs help. I have many friends who cherish friendship with me. I am a very responsible and caring person. So I want to share my warmth and feel the care. They say it's never boring with me.
Nadejda, 30y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Nadejda, 30
I am extremely positive and smiling. I enjoy my life and I would like to enjoy it with my beloved man! I am shy at first, as any real lady! I am loving and very tender, I would be your inspiration and a passionate lover, a support if you need it and always be by your side!
ماريا, 23y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
ماريا, 23
أنا فتاة وحيدة من المغرب احب التواصل واجتماع الناس جديدة مثيرة للاهتمام. ويقول أصدقائي إنني مضحك وصادقة. لدي شعور جيد من الفكاهة، وأنا أحب الحياة، وأنا أعرف ما أريد أن يحصل في حياتي. الآن أريد أن أجد الحب وآمل أن رغبتي سوف تتحقق. أنا عائلي وتعرف ماذا يعني أن الأسرة، لذلك أريد أن إنشاء الخاصة بهم.
Bice, 23y.o., from Lisboa, PT
Lisboa, PT
Bice , 23
I am what I am. It says a lot, because I love to be the person, who I am. Sometimes crazy, sometimes too emotional, sometimes too loving, sometimes indifferent, sometimes magnificent. My character is a difficult one, but I think, only a strong person can handle it. I am a fire and if you are ready,
Luaalm20, 21y.o., from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Luaalm20, 21
Olá amores, sou Thais, nova no site em busca de uma pessoa que me proporcione o conhecimento de novos lugares. Estou no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Hello loves, I'm Thais, new on the site in search of a person who gives me the knowledge of new places. I'm in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Vladislava, 44y.o., from Lugansk, Ukraine
Lugansk, Ukraine
Vladislava, 44
How to describe a woman whose heart is full of love, passion and care and she is waiting just for the right man to give all these feelings to him? If you can find the right words to describe such kind of woman these words will be about me! I'm like the sleeping volcano which is waiting for the
Alexandra, 26y.o., from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alexandra, 26
Cheerful, responsive, sociable and adventurous lady. It is all about me. I can be a good friend. I like to listen to people. Sometimes it is very useful quality. I like surprises and presents. I like everything special and unordinary. I like romantic evenings, sunsets and sunrises. I love kids and
travelbabyyy, 19y.o., from Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
travelbabyyy, 19
Hello there. PS Please don't hesitate to send me a message instead of just favoriting my profile!! I'm M, I'm 18 years old, ambitious with big dreams and a strong personality to match. I'm quite a mixture of traits, therefore making it difficult to give a description of myself, so let me rather
Yafeng(Winnie), 28y.o., from china
Yafeng(Winnie), 28
Hi, i am looking for a loving man.wanna be your sexy lover and sweet wife,enjoy passionate love with you and don't want you to feel lonely any more. lets give us both chance? let us fall in love and develop further more. i amreadyand you? i love us meet in person soon! what do you think ?
Yingying, 24y.o., from Beijing, CN
Beijing, CN
Yingying, 24
I am a self-confident woman with a big heart, creative, warm-hearted, generous and sometimes naughty, you will know when you meet you!
Anastasia, 20y.o., from Tiraspol, Moldova
Tiraspol, Moldova
Anastasia, 20
I like creativity and appreciate this trait in others. I don't like to he and I feel when others do. I try not to be late and I hate when others don't come on time. I prefer to associate with clever and polite people. It is very annoying when somebody whom I trust turns out to be unreliable.
غزوي  gazoui, 25y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
غزوي gazoui , 25
A simple girl but very ambitious, I love life and I do not like loneliness, so I am looking for the right person who deserves to share my life with him, I do not like the problems and I am evoiding them with all my energy. I hope to find the real love on this site فتاة بسيطة لكن طموحة جدا، أحب
Shuxin, 24y.o., from Zhuzhou, CN
Zhuzhou, CN
Shuxin, 24
I am an active and confident girl. I am easygoing and I have sweet smile. People often like me at the first sight they see me. My profession is doctor, a job need patience and responsible spirit. So I am also careful and full of love. In work, I take care of the patients very carefully. In life, I
ifollowrivers, 18y.o., from Manchester, United Kingdom
Manchester, United Kingdom
ifollowrivers, 18
I love to say i'm funny and easy to get along with. I just love meeting new people and doing things to get my heart racing. Just simple fun :D
Tingting, 23y.o., from Hefei
Tingting, 23
Nice to meet you, an uninhibited and sexy girl. I have slim waist, long and straight legs, soft and lovely rabbits, and naughty minds always. : ) wants to find my right man darling here,I think you are captivating and handsome men!! So I tack action at once and want to meet you, understand you, and
Maria, 34y.o., from Melitopol, Ukraine
Melitopol, Ukraine
Maria, 34
I think that one of the most important traits of character is sincerity. It is very bad feeling when you can’t trust a person. So I try to be sincere with people not to deceive them. I also consider myself like a positive and kind person. I am a philanthropist. I try to help people and to make them
Darynaa, 26y.o., from Ukraine, Ukraine
Ukraine, Ukraine
Darynaa, 26
I am free for great trip with a nice gentleman )
Svetlana, 22y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Svetlana, 22
I wish so much that my life was like the sun ! light and bright I am a person positive ! I love to entertain and make people happy ones ! and at the same time I am very serious girl ! I have my own priorities in life that you really want to turn into reality ! I go through life always with a smile!
clareee, 20y.o., from Tulsa, United States
Tulsa, United States
clareee, 20
I love to dance, eat and have a good time.
Zhenzhen, 30y.o., from Shenzhen, CN
Shenzhen, CN
Zhenzhen, 30
I am a new Chinese woman. I respect and learn the good traditional qualities of being a woman, like being family-oriented, loyal and hard-working. Also, I have studied in England before. I love the western culture of freedom, open-mind and liberate. You can see me as a woman combine with eastern
EvaKiss, 21y.o., from Aix-en-Provence, France
Aix-en-Provence, France
EvaKiss, 21
Hi, i'm Eva and iam pretty girl, who is looking for new acquaintances and good communication.
Mengrui, 31y.o., from Xian, CN
Xian, CN
Mengrui, 31
I’m a beautifu,independent,sexy girl with a cheerful heartI love everything in my life.god gives me a pretty face and a sexy body,which makes me love fashion and photography.
Petya, 25y.o., from Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria
Petya, 25
I’m mature and strong woman, but sometimes I want to be a little girl in the arms of my beloved man. I dream a lot and one of my sacrament dream is to have my own family. I imagine how wonderful life can be when you are not alone and when you know that you love and you are loved.
Curia187, 21y.o., from Rock Hill, United States
Rock Hill, United States
Curia187, 21
Im missing the excitement in my life I want to date but I’m also ok with just a traveling buddy but I would Ike to be able to bond and form at least a friendship I’m fun bubbly and down to earth. I’ve been told I have the biggest heart in the world
Svetlana, 38y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Svetlana, 38
about myself i can say that I am like two sides of coin, but both in the good way.)))) My life wasn't easy and it has made me a strong person who knows how to live and to develop myself. I never stopped in the developing of my inner world as I was sure that I will meet my beloved. Of course I don't
coral, 28y.o., from Santo Domingo, DO
Santo Domingo, DO
coral, 28
Hi! Hola! Im here to meet someone special to share my life with, achieve our dreams together and be each other's best friends and biggest fans!
Sweetissima, 29y.o., from Bratislava, Slovakia
Bratislava, Slovakia
Sweetissima, 29
READ MY PROFILE BEFORE WRITING ME, LET'S NOT WASTE OUR TIME Sweet, funny, curious, cautious, smart and authentic. I'm Spaniard. I love travelling, cooking, and spas :) and more things, but the list is too long, you'll have to meet me to know more :P I speak Spanish, Italian and English. I'm up for
Ariadna, 18y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Ariadna, 18
I am a simple girl, very funny, I like the girl food and the good places with a lot of nature
EmiliaSB, 24y.o., from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
EmiliaSB, 24
Please read my profile before texting me! I consider myself Kind, beautiful, funny and smart young lady. I'm only interested in travels, enjoy good companion, live new experiences and know new cultures with a very passionate and positive person, as I consider myself. Share new adventures and enjoy
Yang, 35y.o., from Fushun, CN
Fushun, CN
Yang, 35
I am an amazing and affectionate girl with great passion and patience to my life and my future love. I always keep a good mood and smile every day. and I am able to communicate with a good attitude and sweetness and not be quarrelsome.
Irina, 24y.o., from Rovenky, Ukraine
Rovenky, Ukraine
Irina, 24
I am a very kind-hearted person, some people can even use my kindness in their own needs, but I suppose it to be not so bad. My character is always different and that's why nobody can ever feel boring with me.
Dana_C, 31y.o., from Córdoba, Argentina
Córdoba, Argentina
Dana_C, 31
Soy una chica trans completamente natural, fresca y muy femenina. No tengo ninguna cirugía realizada. Soy delgada, alta y de muy buen humor. Soy actriz y bailarina en Córdoba soy muy sana, no fumo, ni bebo ni me gustan las drogas. Siento que este es mi mejor momento por cómo luzco por fuera y cómo
roseeey, 22y.o., from Paris, France
Paris, France
roseeey, 22
a free soul looking for adventure
Giovanna98, 20y.o., from Ahaus, Germany
Ahaus, Germany
Giovanna98, 20
Hi! My name is Giovanna… I speck little English and Italian. I have 19 years, and I am amazing girl.
Aleksandra, 20y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Aleksandra, 20
Currently, I’m studying in NTU KPI engineer-ecologist. This sounds like very complicated and hard job, but I’m very passionate and interested about my studies and I love learning very much. Because, I would describe myself as a very open-minded and caring person and I want to make our world better.
Galina, 42y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Galina, 42
I am the type od person who is know what she wants from life and have ceratin targets and dreams. I am well-balanced and responsible person, but at the same time I am active and cheerful. I don't like arguing and always try to escape conflict situations, I think we live only once and should not
Marirosie, 21y.o., from Tangier, Morocco
Tangier, Morocco
Marirosie, 21
Hey i love traveling and im searching for a partner. Im fun to go out with not the boring type . I speak english french arabic and spanish . I love the beautiful views and animals. I love going on an adventure ..
katerina1410, 34y.o., from Brooklyn, United States
Brooklyn, United States
katerina1410, 34
Young, beautiful, drama free, easy going women looking generous man who can show me your home town.
Vegattammal, 23y.o., from Pune, IN
Pune, IN
Vegattammal, 23
I Just likes modern dresses and high heels. I look for a serious yet stable relationship to move forward in life, a faithful and honest man. I am emotional and i love to feel emotions. I have soft and kind character.I am eager in finding my true love to become a good wife, friend and love only for
Yin, 32y.o., from Shenzhen, CN
Shenzhen, CN
Yin, 32
Hi~nice to meet you at herei am a nice lonely lady live at shenzhen cityi have angle side and devil side ~i can be bluei can be quiet, and i can be power too I'm tender and caring, smiling and warm, just missing my second half..maybe we need to write or chat more and we will find more.
RosaL22, 23y.o., from Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand
RosaL22, 23
I've recently finished my Bachelor in Art. I'm now a sales consultant and run and operate two businesses in NZ. I'm probably 80% coffee 10% bad jokes 10% body. That's it. That's me. Haha. Get ready for a lot of dancing in any sort of situation, the odd dabble in cocktail testing and a whole tone of
suustravel99, 19y.o., from Reykjavík, Iceland
Reykjavík, Iceland
suustravel99, 19
Always down for some nice places to visit with nice company. Living in Iceland for 6 months.
Elena, 32y.o., from Kherson, Ukraine
Kherson, Ukraine
Elena, 32
I am open, kind cheerful girl and I always look positive on the things around. I am very sociable . I love meeting new people and learn something new . I am very sincere and I prefer being honest with others and expect the same in return.
kyky1993, 25y.o., from Calgary, Canada
Calgary, Canada
kyky1993, 25
I'd describe myself as down to earth, genuine. Being conscious of ones body and surroundings should be top priority. If you can't love yourself, you can't love anyone else.
Chiapanean, 26y.o., from Edinburg, United States
Edinburg, United States
Chiapanean, 26
I'm quirky and I like a variety of things. I could spend hours reading. I also love to watch action movies so I’m always up for an MCU marathon. I love dancing so a night out is always great. I love getting all dressed up just as much as I enjoy lounging in a comfy sweater. I’m slowly but surely
Maria Fernanda, 21y.o., from Medellin, CO
Medellin, CO
Maria Fernanda, 21
I'm on this site with the only hope of finding a special man to share mi life with, a man who wants to be part of it and that wants to fulfill many dreams by my side so we both can be happy. I am a single woman with no children willing to build a home, that's why I'm here, it's my first time in
Silva, 29y.o., from Georgia
Silva, 29
I am feminine loyal girl, looking for real man. I love people, I try to take part in different Volunteer projects. I love my job - it is great to make women more beautiful for their men) Right? I dream to make this world better
Olya_28, 33y.o., from Siberia, Russia
Siberia, Russia
Olya_28, 33
I'm Sexy adventurous intelligent kind sweet with a Sense of humour
DallasLux, 25y.o., from Arlington, United States
Arlington, United States
DallasLux, 25
Louisiana native. Just a real girl with an open mind and flight benefits. I am an open book. You ask me anything.
Ana, 38y.o., from Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia
Ana, 38
Honest, responsible, nice, higly demanding but tolerant, friendly
Thanh Hòa ( Hana ), 26y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Thanh Hòa ( Hana ), 26
I am kind-heartedconfident Optimisticdromantic,modest,nice lady
paulmll_, 25y.o., from Belém, Brazil
Belém, Brazil
paulmll_, 25
Advogada/ Chef de cozinha/ modelo. E o amor?, você me pergunta. O amor, ah, sei lá. O amor nem dá pra definir direito. Acho que é um desejo de abraçar forte o outro, com tudo o que ele traz: passado, sonhos, projetos, manias, defeitos, cheiros, gostos. Amor é querer pensar no que vem depois, ficar
Adriana, 27y.o., from Nis, RS
Nis, RS
Adriana, 27
I am very positive girl who likes to have fun and good time with friends.I am always optimistic and i really believe i will find my better half :)
Silvana_Mrr, 27y.o., from London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Silvana_Mrr, 27
Soy divertida, simpatica. Pienso que la vida son dos dias y uno esta lloviendo quiero disfrutar mi juventud a tope.
Daria, 20y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Daria, 20
I do not even know what to tell you about myself. In general, I am a very cheerful and tender girl. My friends tell me that I look like a little sun when I am smilling)) I like it very much) Every day I try to discover something new for myself. I like to communicate with people and help them in
babylil7890, 22y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
babylil7890, 22
Hey everyone ! Just a simple girl who loves travel. Mixed girl,based in Nyc.
Sara, 23y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
Sara, 23
I am very happy to know the love of my life, sometimes they think that because you are young you do not know what you want, but really at my young age I already know what I want for my life, and I hope I can have a man to teach me new things, and apart from that we can have fun together
HappyKatti, 35y.o., from Los Angeles, United States
Los Angeles, United States
HappyKatti, 35
I've spent all my life traveling around the world: United States, Asia, Middle East, Canada and Europe. I am fun to be with, free-spirited and intelligent. I'm into yoga, Buddhist philosophy, I like contemporary arts and techno music. Nature is my biggest source of energy and inspiration.
ethereal_2018, 34y.o., from Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia
ethereal_2018, 34
Hey :) I’m 33yo, educated- I’m a primary school teacher. Born in Australia, love traveling and recon I have a gypsie heart. I love experiencing different cultures, languages, and food. My favourite quote is “ there is life at the end of your comfort zone” so I guess me being on here pushes me into
Angela, 30y.o., from Pereira, CO
Pereira, CO
Angela, 30
I am very open and reliable person. I like to laugh and enjoy every detail of life. I dont like scandals and quarrels. I believe there are no unsolvable problems and everyone can always find a compromise. I love children and believe that they are the meaning of our life. I always am ready to
misskitty93, 25y.o., from Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
misskitty93, 25
*In Ho Chi Min City from July 24th 2018 until August 01 2018 - Looking for easy going, fun people to hang out with during my time there - Not looking for hookups - Love yoga, spirituality, watersports, beach, movies, eating out, karaoke and anything fun
Ekaterina, 35y.o., from Melitopol, Ukraine
Melitopol, Ukraine
Ekaterina, 35
I am natural outside and inside, I am what I am without hiding anything. In relations I am tender, kind and loving. I am cheerful at work work. I don't complain and don't see life as a burden. I am a good house wife, always use my imagination in preparing food and I am a wise shopper, careful with
valentina, 21y.o., from Tulua, CO
Tulua, CO
valentina , 21
Hello I consider myself a respectful, kind, funny and passionate woman LOL😁😁 I hope you want to talk to me and at the same time see the pictures of my profile, tell me if one of my photos is your favorite 💟💟
Sarah473, 35y.o., from Montreal, Canada
Montreal, Canada
Sarah473, 35
I am a woman who works hard play hard, I love Life and travelling is my passion (4 times this year). I like cultural travelling but also like To relax in the Sun.. I live in Montreal but also have a cottage in Gatineau