MariPaz16, 20y.o., from Guadalajara, Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico
MariPaz16, 20
I'm a girl that loves languages and to meet people, I speak fluent English and French, a little bit of Japanese and my mother tong Spanish, I want to see the world, feel it and enjoy it, I am currently studying international relations. And hope to see all the world one day.
Sinan, 32y.o., from Fushun, CN
Fushun, CN
Sinan , 32
I am easy going and love to learn new things, i love to smile, it's the way how i make new friends, i don't like to talk much when i meet friends, so the smile can make me to look better and not so serious in social. i think most of men want to have a well educated Chinese girl, so i never stop
Anna, 29y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Anna, 29
I am very calm,kind and romance girl...and also I am very honest and caring...I like joking and I have sense of humor...If you like to smile,you can be sure,you wont be bored with me...
MeeFromBrazil, 24y.o., from Goiânia, Brazil
Goiânia, Brazil
MeeFromBrazil, 24
Passport ready... hope we click and meet soon!!! Kisses 😘
Maria, 24y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Maria, 24
I can say I am a person who has lots of energy inside) I like to share my positive attention with everybody. Look at me I have a charm and natural beauty. So it help in my job because I am a teacher. I am a very kind teacher. I want to notice also that I am a communicative and cheerful woman, I
Alina, 21y.o., from Tiraspol, Moldova
Tiraspol, Moldova
Alina, 21
My friends say I am reliable and honest. I like taking care of my friends and family and I can give them my helping hand in any time. I also have a high family values, so one night thing is not about me. I love the outdoors, nature and all life has to offer!I like dining out and in, movies,
Yaqi, 35y.o., from Zhuzhou, CN
Zhuzhou, CN
Yaqi, 35
I like reading, watching moves and TV. like all outdoor sports, easy going, kind heart, love romantic, love kids. the most important is really sincerely and seriously, will be honesty to my lover, never lie to him.
Xian, 31y.o., from Chongqing, CN
Chongqing, CN
Xian, 31
I believe in true love I am here looking for a romantic hot man planting the love flower with me I am passionate about life. If life gives me lemons, I make lemonade, I must admit that I have a charming personality
Viktoria, 46y.o., from Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Viktoria, 46
I'm adveturoes( Its why Im here), I have a good sense of humor. I love to travel, visit new places, meet new people. I'm kind, loyal, smart unerstanding, tender, straight.
Yanyan, 25y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Yanyan, 25
many people say me a gentle woman, but i have the desire to try do everything.i like adventure.
mandyrobss4, 28y.o., from Atlanta, United States
Atlanta, United States
mandyrobss4, 28
I think that I am a very sunny and open person. My heart is filled with love and affection. My close people say that I am a cheerful and bright lady. I always try to share my good mood with other people. I like to smile. I believe that a sincere smile is the most confident and attractive quality
Alina, 28y.o., from Zaporizhzhia, UA
Zaporizhzhia, UA
Alina, 28
Hello!I look for an honest man, with an open heart. I want to say that I don't care about age and appearance because I need an experienced man. I am young but I am ready to built family with a man. I know the value of the warm and close relationships and I will try to feel the heart of my partner
Sweetafrica, 24y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
Sweetafrica, 24
young college student ready to explore
Ekaterina, 28y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Ekaterina, 28
Welcome to my profile my dear guest! I’m glad to meet your eyes here, well I’m really very happy and thrilled person about all my life’s aspects and I think, that when you achieve your goals and your dreams on your own, when you feel failure and then you get up again and again. It helps you and it
Kseniya, 39y.o., from Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, RS
Kseniya, 39
Hello, I'm looking for a companion. I love to laugh, travel and meet new interesting people. Please message me if you normal :-), witty, love to talk...
CrownMe83, 35y.o., from Cincinnati, United States
Cincinnati, United States
CrownMe83, 35
Fun energetic, sweet natured intelligent Great sense of humor. Positive vibes only likes to travel see new things
marieboyla, 35y.o., from nordland, Norway
nordland, Norway
marieboyla, 35
I am a good and respectful lady who always give respect to whom its deseverves to
ObeyMyBeauty, 28y.o., from Las Vegas, United States
Las Vegas, United States
ObeyMyBeauty, 28
I am a college graduate (two degrees) with a good head on my shoulders. Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of the body. I just so happen to have with both. My parents blessed me with a curvy body, and a lot of confidence. I am a true Gemini, with a great spirit. Born a natural leader, with many
cayy13, 26y.o., from North Attleborough, United States
North Attleborough, United States
cayy13, 26
Fun loving, laid back and adventuorous woman looking for my travel partner! Weekends, beaches, mountains, monuments; I'm all for it! Lets go somewhere ;)
Bing, 28y.o., from Wuhan, CN
Wuhan, CN
Bing, 28
I am Family woman. caring. trust. hugs .fun .joy. happy .kind hearted ..Gentle,patient ..respectful ..passionate ..romantic ..always smiles in good mood all the time : cracking jokes ; mind very quick and very informed on news local and world events : very calming in case of emergency
Thi Nhu Huynh, 22y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Thi Nhu Huynh, 22
I am a cheerful lovely active but also kindfriendly and sincere girl girli am live in HCMC with my aunt all the time .
Marina, 32y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Marina, 32
I always thought it is a bad style to advertise yourself but need to give you a vision of me so you could understand who you are talking to. I am a very calm person, kind and generous. I am known as a gentle, affectionate and very romantic lady. They say I am very well-mannered, stable, reliable
Inga, 23y.o., from Izmail, UA
Izmail, UA
Inga, 23
I consider myself as smart and intelligent girl.I am very romantic and passionate.I am also a very friendly person so I am never alone,there are always a lot of people around me.I can hold a converstaion in any situation. I like water so much,swimming,sunbathing,especially midnight walks on a
kritiana, 28y.o., from Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
kritiana, 28
im a nice person with some qualities.i can be honest,i can be complicated sometimes but the true me......easy,i try to understand the others,im funny and optimistic.
Viktoria, 26y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Viktoria, 26
Well, I can describe myself as a kind, funny, and cheerful person of a sunny disposition, my friends call me our sunshine as I am always trying to warm people around me. I think our life is a gift, and I try to live it to the fullest, to enjoy everything that surrounds me and to make other people
Yanhua, 29y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Yanhua, 29
sexy, passionate, enthusiastic girl with business need someone to enjoy life with
Nataliya, 34y.o., from Sverdlovsk, Ukraine
Sverdlovsk, Ukraine
Nataliya, 34
I am just a kind and sincere person; I have a well balanced character and almost never get angry. I am intended to percept the other the way they are and never get upset because somebody’s behavior seemed to me extraordinary and odd. I cannot stand those who lie or falter, or are capable for being
Yana, 21y.o., from Prague, CZ
Prague, CZ
Yana, 21
I can describe myself as loyal,friendly and calm person. My friends consider me as a very supportive and helpful girl.I can give them my helping hand in any time.I am very faithful,intelligent and with high family values .I enjoy meeting with friends and spending time with them so much.I like going
Nainika, 26y.o., from Chennai, IN
Chennai, IN
Nainika, 26
I would like to introduce myself as a young lady with a charming smile. I’m Kind and active girl. I seem to my friends as reliable and honest person. I like taking care of my close people and I can give them my helping hand in any time.
Maria, 20y.o., from caracas venezuela
caracas venezuela
Maria , 20
I am a fun, responsible girl, I love the beach, share with my friends and family, I like animals very much
Mengxue, 27y.o., from Chongqing, CN
Chongqing, CN
Mengxue, 27
I especially enjoy a good loving, caring, easy going man with good values, virtues, upbringing, hobbies, interests & one who appreciates & is willing to share that heritage, culture & customs along with his devoted love & caring with me.
Maria, 26y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Maria, 26
I could say that I am cheerful, kind, caring and romantic. I want to surround my man with love and care. I work hard and love my job very much. I think that I have a good sense of humour. Also I have a good education. I am serious, but also sometimes I could be silly. I am tired to be strong and I
Xuefen  Jia, 22y.o., from shanghai
Xuefen Jia, 22
Taking over a wine villa from my parents in shanghai,i am always busy with running it to make it better and betterso i always fly to ParisLondon,the UK to learn more knowledge and negotiate with my foreign clients.i have good cars and big housesbut there is no one to share with me .i like to
Ekaterina, 36y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Ekaterina, 36
Treat people as you want to be treated is my favorite expression! I am honest, caring, and sincere and I appreciate these very qualities in people around me. I'm firmly concerned that every person is a precious diamond which should be gem-cut every day to shine brighter. I am a woman of substance,
alvarindre, 23y.o., from Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
alvarindre, 23
I am a fun and curious woman who loves to travel. I love both exploring and also relaxing. I love to take care of animals and experiencing new things.