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Pepie Khumalo, 30y.o., from Johannesburg South Africa, South Africa
Johannesburg South Africa, South Africa
Pepie Khumalo, 30
Am a very caring and adventurous personlove travelling to other countries learning new cultures a language
priscilla05532017I3, 22y.o., from Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
priscilla05532017I3, 22
Only for serious people if you want to spend some good time with me +971553201713
Kayla Exon, 25y.o., from Johannesburg South Africa, South Africa
Johannesburg South Africa, South Africa
Kayla Exon, 25
Hey there! You’re welcome to my profile. The name is Kayla, I’m originally from Reading, but I’m currently in Johannesburg on holiday, I actually lost my Dad in car crash two months ago, and it really weighed me down, then I realized I needed a change of environment, something to help me get over
playwithamy98, 19y.o., from Richmond, United States
Richmond, United States
playwithamy98, 19
I'm a fun-loving vegan who is passionate about animal activism, fitness, the outdoors, and obviously travel! I like to journal and write short fiction stories in my spare time. I take business administration classes online, and haven't totally decided what I want to do when I graduate. I'm 19 and
angelfr, 27y.o., from Toshima, Japan
Toshima, Japan
angelfr, 27
I’m well educated, funny with the sens of humor
Yusra, 27y.o., from El Jadida, MA
El Jadida, MA
Yusra, 27
I am very active and I like an active style of life. I am a good cooker and housekeeper. I like to make my home cozy. My life is not easy but I always think positively about everything that is going on! I believe in faith and in magic! Hope that real magic will happen with me soon
Ittybittybliss7, 21y.o., from Los Angeles, United States
Los Angeles, United States
Ittybittybliss7, 21
Hello there I’m Kaiulani, I am based right here in So Cal and I bet there will be little doubt that our time together will be unforgettable. I have a degree in theater arts and I'm very expressive, yet down to earth. Some of my favorite things include traveling, shopping, sushi, and getting lost in
Yana, 18y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Yana, 18
I'm tender and sensitive woman, who still believes in love and true feelings. I'm energetic like a hurricane and tender at the same time. I am happy and easy-going person and dream to meet my soul-mate... I'm energetic, stylish, flexible, romantic, sensitive, determined, caring, honest, fun-loving
astrea12, 22y.o., from Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
astrea12, 22
Petite, green eyes and long hair. I'm really social and open minded, really adventurous and love to have conversations with interesting people. I love the beach and the sea as well, I believe I was a mermaid in other life! Just get to know me it's better that way than just reading a profile, don't
Ekaterina, 28y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Ekaterina, 28
I am a romantic lady, friendly, reliable and positive, cute and modern young girl. I'm a very purposeful person and I always try to reach all my goals. I like to communicate with interesting people and to get acquainted with new people. Smile and hapiness are
Irina, 35y.o., from Lugansk, Ukraine
Lugansk, Ukraine
Irina, 35
I’m a sensitive, kind, loving and caring lady with a good heart. I want to find the only person to share my life with. I am fond of music. I love to draw and I’m fond of different kinds of art. I'm also talkative, not afraid of any changes. I’m honest with lots of love and caring about other
KesiaBrito, 19y.o., from Vila Pavão, Brazil
Vila Pavão, Brazil
KesiaBrito, 19
I do not even know if I'm fine, I admit that I find it difficult to make a definition of myself ... I do not like to talk about qualities and defects ... I prefer people to know me and draw their own conclusions ... I try to plant and sow good fruit wherever I go, for I faithfully believe in the
Annie, 34y.o., from FL, United States
FL, United States
Annie, 34
I'm Annie i was born and raised in Plattsburgh NY but I currently running my masters here in Jacksonville FL I'm 34 years old I'll be like to meet my soul mate here.I'm not particularly looking to make a love connection, however, if I meet someone who cap
Anastasia, 26y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Anastasia, 26
My feminine features are very simple: tender, romantic, dreaming girl, who desires to be the most beloved one in the world. I have faithful character, and I will never forgive betray and I will never betray and lie, because honesty is the key of the happiness in any home, in any relations. I am
caribbeanflavour, 28y.o., from Arnos Vale, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Arnos Vale, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
caribbeanflavour, 28
I am quite shy person when I need to be love laughing and just being happy. Strongly belive honesty is the foundation to everything... I'm looking to be some ones secret ingredient let me be that one thing that's makes everything better.
huimin Wang, 26y.o., from Sanya
huimin Wang, 26
I am not a woman with good luck all the time, but i am hard-working,and finally successful. I own my diamond company,my business start from a small diamond shop,then several shops in same city,then lots shops in big cities all over China,now,I own a international Diamond company.I am an responsible
Jelena, 21y.o., from Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, RS
Jelena, 21
I am a romantic, tender, kind, sincere and open-minded person. I wish to see and try many interesting things together with my future man. I am very passionate.
Nana Gum, 26y.o., from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of
Nana Gum, 26
very open minded, fun, best crazy company lol, adventerous, love trying new things
Elena, 31y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Elena, 31
positive, friendly open minded, adventures loving travel, healthy food and sport
Juliya, 31y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Juliya, 31
I am loving, amazing and genuine. I will give my man all my attention, love and care. I am kind, caring and social, that’s I have a lot of friends. I love my parents, my little son and my close people. I like to participate in different meetings and have active way of life. I have my own opinion on
صوفيا, 28y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
صوفيا, 28
أصدقائي يقولون لي انني إنسانة إيجابية لدرجة أن أتمكن من تغيير العالم! نعم لدي ما يكفي من الطاقة والسعادة بداخلي. أريد أن أشارك مع زملائي الرجل المحبوب. حياتي مثيرة للاهتمام ولكن أريد التخلص من وحدتي والعثور على بلدي رجل. أحب أن أقضي وقتي مع أصدقائي. أنا شخص التواصلية جدا ومثل الشركات الكبرى. نود
Svetlana, 24y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Svetlana, 24
Activities, sport, positive attitude to life and people, love, enjoy - all my life about this. I love life. I believe life is full of great opportunities and pleasant happy moments. I enjoy every moment in my life. And if something not good happened, I know it is temporary. As sunrise comes after
Alvina, 28y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Alvina, 28
I can be described as a 100% woman. That's it. Tender, devoted, caring, charming; always in search of new emotions and experience. Young but wise. I am a sexy blonde lady! At the same time I am very active, adorable, sincere person. I am ready to give all my love and passion to Special man!
Irina, 27y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Irina, 27
I like to communicate with positive and cheerful people. I am honest and sincere and like when people are open and don’t lie. I am kind, tender and responsive. My negative side is that I trust people too much. I am a sociable, easy-going and active person. I have many interests. I am fond of
AmeenahTheArtist, 21y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
AmeenahTheArtist, 21
I am a 23 year old artist from New York City, Currently living out my passion and evolving it into my own business. I’m a super fashionista and love to be out and about setting my own trend . Conversation is a pleasure of mind, so I appreciate open communication. The best feeling is making lifetime
Kristina, 20y.o., from Kishinev, Moldova
Kishinev, Moldova
Kristina, 20
I have an angelic character, I do not like quarrels and conflicts. I do not like to swear, I never get angry and try to live with a smile on my face. If you do not get pleasure from life? Then for what are we living?
Jennifer-b, 25y.o., from Dubai - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
Dubai - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
Jennifer-b, 25
Dutch girl in dubai, summer is too hot here i want to go to turkey or europe to swim!
Anna, 27y.o., from Melitopol, Ukraine
Melitopol, Ukraine
Anna, 27
I am very sociable, inquisitive, kind, proud, and sincere. I am very active and sociable. I am an easy going girl and it is very easy to communicate with me. People say that it is pleasant to stay in my company. I like have a good conversation, to listen to other people and help.
Zoryana, 43y.o., from Lviv, Ukraine
Lviv, Ukraine
Zoryana, 43
In the childhood, I wanted to be a model, but something went wrong and I forgot about this dream. As you can see, I try to look like as a model, now :) Besides my beauty, it's important to see my inner world and its beauty. I’m enough smart and well-educated woman. I like reading in my spare time,
Tamara, 19y.o., from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tamara, 19
I am a very active lady and I love life. I am sincere and romantic woman with a good character. I am very active, kind, positive, intelligent and romantic lady. I believe something, that doesn't kill us makes us stronger! I'm calm, appeasable, with good sense of humor and good style
Juliya, 36y.o., from Kherson, Ukraine
Kherson, Ukraine
Juliya, 36
I am a kind, intelligent, communicative, romantic, and attentive lady with a good sense of humor. I don't like arguing so I always do everything to avoid it. I like when people can sit down and discuss their problems in order to find a solution that will suit both parties :) I prefer to smile and
Anna, 22y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Anna, 22
I am passionate and sensual lady... I very active and there is a fire in my heart! I feel myself very feminine. I love attention and compliments...
Noreidi, 30y.o., from Ibague, CO
Ibague, CO
Noreidi, 30
Hello, I am curious and always glad to investigate something new and interesting. I am kind and always ready to help in a difficult moment. I am ready to love, my heart wants someone who loves him and i want happiness dont you think is important to be in couple to face the life and their problems?
Maye, 30y.o., from Cali, CO
Cali, CO
Maye, 30
Although we have a lot of distance between us, and many miles that separate us, I want you to know I want to meet you, by letters or live chat. I am a loving woman with a big heart. I want to build a serious relationship. I like to spend time outdoors. In my spare time I like to meet with friends
Margelys, 20y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Margelys, 20
I am a fun, responsible girl, I love the beach, share with my friends and family, I like animals very much
دعاء, 25y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
دعاء, 25
أنا فتاة وحيدة من المغرب احب التواصل واجتماع الناس جديدة مثيرة للاهتمام. ويقول أصدقائي إنني مضحك وصادقة. لدي شعور جيد من الفكاهة، وأنا أحب الحياة، وأنا أعرف ما أريد أن يحصل في حياتي. الآن أريد أن أجد الحب وآمل أن رغبتي سوف تتحقق. أنا عائلي وتعرف ماذا يعني أن الأسرة، لذلك أريد أن إنشاء الخاصة بهم.