Nataliya, 42 y.o. from Poltava, UA

About: I am Nataliya, 42 from Poltava, UA. The most important quality that I can highlight in itself - that is what I am able to understand other people, I can share with people of their condition, to enter into their situation and show complicity in the lives of others. With me all of my friends often share and trust me. And trust the other to me, that's what matters to me. I am open and sincere people, love the people and I like to communicate with people. Interest in life itself fills me and gives a lot of happy moments, communication with interesting people. What is important to me. Still I can add to himself, I'm cheerful positive person. With me so many people like to communicate. I am a very responsible person, t. To. The valuable and expensive for me the confidence of people to me and I am responsible for what I say and do. The same quality welcome and from other people with me. I love to laugh and be happy, it often helps me in difficult situations to defuse the situation or just to have fun from the heart.

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