Anastasia, 27 y.o. from Kramatorsk, UA

About: I am Anastasia, 27 from Kramatorsk, UA. Do you know why lotus is the symbol of purity? Because no matter how dirty the water is, when lotus opens in the morning, its petals are always snowy white and clean... I am a lotus, and I grew beautiful from the poor ground - being orphan since my early childhood, loosing everyone by the age of sixteen, I didn't go into a nose dive - instead I learned to see beauty in every single day! Please, note, that I won't stand calling me a "searcher for better life" or "gold digger"! Instead, I, being an independent and educated woman, want to unite my life with a man, whom I will show and gift the beauty which is around - and the one which is in me. What I want in return? The same! Passion, tenderness and love which I never gave to anyone I want to give to you... Still, if you dare to call me a scammer, please, first come here and say it in my face, though be careful - I spend years doing kick-boxing, so I know exactly how to kick, he-he!

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