Dayanni Katerine, 25 y.o. from Bucaramanga, CO

About: I am Dayanni Katerine, 25 from Bucaramanga, CO. I want to find my soul mate, and here is difficult now, the men of my country , not all of them are bad, but what life has shown me and the men who surround me have not been the best men in the world, I see that are superficial simply looking for a little pleasure and nothing else. I'm still young but with my feet firmly on the ground , I have always dreamed of finding someone who values me as a person and as a woman, and someone who understands how especial we are, not an object to be removed and placed when is convenient, i do not want a short love in my life, I want a real man, who also have dreams and want to share with me, a man who is willing to go by my hand with me to achieve these dreams and fight for a better life.

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