Alla, 42 y.o. from Dnepropetrovsk, UA

About: I am Alla, 42 from Dnepropetrovsk, UA. I'm a woman, so i won't play girls' games. I know lots of men who want to get to know me and date me, but i decided to search for a man outside of my country. I know that there's someone out there for everybody. No one should be alone - that's my strongest belief. What else can i say about myself, without revealing too much right from the beginning.... I'm an educated woman, i won't lie, i will never betray the one i will love, not a chance!I'm a woman who has many sides. I'm always open to new things, after all - we live only once, right? I already read a fair amount of books about a lot of things, let me tell you that! In one word - try me and you will never look back.

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