Nikolette_K, 23 y.o. from Anderson, United States

About: I am Nikolette_K, 23 from Anderson, United States. -my name is Nikolette nickname is Niks -im 23 first day of Libra 9/23/94 -art & writing are not just my hobbies but are my passion (currently in the process of writing & self-publishing my first novel) -recently moved to South Carolina, right outside of Greenville. -im an ENFP (Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception for those of you not familiar its the Meyer-Briggs psychological study of the 16 personalities of human behavior. highly recommend you to take yours ) -i have a craft business i have built and ran myself for 2 years everything is handmade -i love nature & going fishing - best advice i ever got was from my homeschool teacher "Acknowledge reality, use it to your benefit, or it will work against you." -my Mammie always has told me since childhood "Life is what you make out of it, just know everything happens for a reason so never ignore your intuition because thats the one thing that never lies to you." -i spent a long time hating life til last year when i decided and promised myself that i wanted to put away the list of reasons i hated life and am now choosing to make a list miles long of things that make me happy and decided to build a life that i love. -yes im young but very intelligent because i have book smarts to hold conversation but street smart to learn from experiences. -i moved to houston earlier this year first time ever leaving home and i loved every second of travel and seeing new things, truly an old gypsy soul. -i learned that you can come home and everything is still the same from the people, to the places, even the smell but whats changed is you. - i have a wide variety of interests, i love doing random research and learning. RANDOM FACTS- -im a person who feels awkward when theres no music on & just silence lol - i love online shopping (you can tell by my wish list lol) - reeses fast breaks & redbulls are my guilty addictions - i hate sweet tea my moms a diabetic so i grew up with unsweetened tea - i LOVEEE the sunsets & sunrise also catch myself always drawing outerspace - im an only child - never have seen the ocean - im addicted to pintrest i pin my life out daily lol - my dream car is a 69 camaro - sons of anarchy is my all time favorite show. - i have only wore victorias secret prefume "pure seduction" since 8th grade - i love chocolate PB anything - my grandma taught me how to cook - ive been a dancer on & off for 6 years - i played softball for 9 years (love the Cleveland Indians) - my cat is my best friend shes like my child because honestly i dont think i want to have kids in this cold fucked up world. - Sweet Home Alabama & Blow are my favorite movies - i listen to all types of music. - my favorite colors are black, red (obviously look at my hair lol), purple, & silver - art supplies are the key to my heart - closet nerd i love lord of the rings & star wars (star trek lame lol) - i SUCK at math numbers give me a headache but i used to red the dictionary for fun growing up lol

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