Aithne, 23 y.o. from Ponce, Puerto Rico

About: I am Aithne, 23 from Ponce, Puerto Rico. -I am a 22 old pharmacy student from the island of enchantment in search of meaningful friendships and people I can connect with on a deeper level. -A life-long bookworm, I enjoy a good book during my free time and can be found often with pen and paper at hand. -I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese fluently. Currently learning Hindi and ASL. -I enjoy spending time outdoors and the company of animals. -I enjoy gardening, reading, writing and learning new things. -I also enjoy wearing yukata and belly dancing -I collect strange looking rocks I find when going to the river and buddha statues. -I am a very spiritual person, a child at heart. -Full of never ending curiosity, joy, passion and optimism. -And I just love being affectionate with the ones I feel comfortable with. -I consider myself to be mostly an introvert, but at times I can be quite the contrary. -I enjoy drinking wine in good company, sushi, discovering new dishes, places and getting to know people and their lifestyle. I can say a lot of things about myself. But I prefer the rest be known when contacted. I am very open and love to converse about a wide variety of subjects. So feel free to contact me. I'm very non-judgemental :).

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