Huijun(Joyce) Chai, 21 y.o. from shanghai

About: I am Huijun(Joyce) Chai, 21 from shanghai . do you think i am a pretty girl ,want to marry me at your first sight ?and tell you a secret ,i am also a rich girl ,our family begans to do jewelry business from my grandfather,since i was 18 years old ,i began to start my own jewelry company .now i have five companies in zhengzhou and shanghai, I'm a boss in my work,but i am a sample woman only want a special man to love in my life,i love luxury jewelry,especially love wearing them,being naked at night,in the dark room,they are shining,do you want to see the beauty of this anomaly?can you help me take off the jewelry before we go to sleep ?at last ,if we both have interest in each other ,i want to fly to meet you ,is it ok for you ??

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