Anastasia , 23 y.o. from Prague, CZ

About: I am Anastasia, 23 from Prague, CZ. My friends say, that I am a good friend. Yeah, that is truth! I always try to understand everyone, because we are all humans. I do not believe in cultural difference, age difference or any difference at all, if to talk about love. I hate rumors and lie. I think, if you have done something - you have to tell the truth, no matter what events will be next. A true heart of a person is the most important for me. I am very interested in foreign cultures and I would like to visit some countries to get to know their cultures closer. I think, the hottest part of a woman is her brain.I like to watch movies very much. Sometimes I feel, like I am a hero of the movies and live another life - that is really cool. I am also a great lover of sport. When it is winter, we always go either with my family or with my friends to the mountains to have fun. There we can skiing or even play hockey. I love that feeling, when the frost is kissing my cheeks. Making a snow man brings really a lot of positive emotions.

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