Oksana, 22 y.o. from Dnepropetrovsk, UA

About: I am Oksana, 22 from Dnepropetrovsk, UA. I am a very nice and kind girl. My main qualities are patience and perseverance. I can easily reach the goals when I’m motivated enough. I am quite modest and always think before saying something, especially when I know I can hurt somebody’s feelings. I am also very funny and simply love smiling and laughing, thus raising the feelings of those around me is a pleasant thing to do. Finally I prefer to always tell people the truth, but only in the most delicate way. Strangely enough but my most favorite thing to do is to play football outside. I’m getting quite good at it. I also enjoy jogging early in the morning or late in the evening. It helps restore my energy sources after a long day at the university. What is more, I like dancing and listening to music, mostly rock and when I’m at home. When I want to get inspired I usually take a book and relax. The ideas instantly start coming into my head.

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