chunyan, 29 y.o. from changde

About: I am chunyan, 29 from changde. My first name is Chunyan,My family name is Hu.Everybody called me “little swallow”, I have tea company at Changde of Hunan, but I was born in Xinyang of Henan , The best known feature of my hometown is Xinyang Maojian tea,I think anyone who is well-read man will knowing xinyan maijian tea! I was at university in Hunan, so now i stay here to develop my business!i am an active girl with a sincere kind heart, will give all my heart to the man i swimming,dancing and all kinds of outdoor and indoor activities,enjoy cooking very much but i need your help. I don't want to say too much about my appearance, I think in this website, few people dare to show their life picture! Look at my life picture , I am endowed with good looks. I can sing a alone, drink coffee alone, graffiti alone, travel alone, shopping alone and alone walking in the rain,... but I can't live alone always, I need your company, I need your warm arms. Sometimes I feel like a snail, with a heavy shell.The strong shell. But there is a wa

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