Na(Lumina), 25 y.o. from XinYang, CN

About: I am Na(Lumina), 25 from XinYang, CN. I guess many people will be attracted by a woman because of her fabulous wealth,sexy body and beautiful face.But I have to ask that if these things are helpful to your soul?In this materialistic world, is there anyone who cares for your true feelings? In the past two years,I traveled a lot of places.I've seen poverty in parts of Africa,I've enjoyed scuba diving and skydiving in Australia,and I've seen the romance of some European towns and the close relationship between man and nature and so on...The more I experience, the more I feel lonely.Life itself is like a journey.The colorful world makes me eager to find the soul mate who can share my happiness with me. I like men who are older than me because I need a mature,experienced man to care my heart.When we make a formal love relationship here, I hope we can meet as soon as possible in real life.I can match your time, and I can fly to your city but I wish there is no cheat between us.Will you consider me?

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