Anna, 33 y.o. from Kiev, Ukraine

About: I am Anna, 33 from Kiev, Ukraine. Our life consists of many different elements and when one of these elements is absent you cannot be totally happy. I am a self-sustained mature lady and I had a long path to what I am now. I appreciate sincerity, kindness and intelligence in people so of course I try to develop these qualities in me as well. I see beauty of our world and prefer to think and live in a positive way, help others and take care of those whom I love. They say I have very good easy-going nature, and am very agreeable to communicate with. I hate conflicts, quarrels, rumors and prepossession to things. I have a respectful attitude to different cultures and countries and to people in general. My rule is the more you give the more you receive! I like to smile, laugh, joke, have fun, live full life but still miss the most essential element of happiness. This is love..I feel that my life is incomplete without it and I guess it is natural. So I am here hoping to meet that man who will sincerely love me and want to

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