KyraaaBby, 23 y.o. from Amsterdam, Netherlands

About: I am KyraaaBby, 23 from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Honesty and being yourself are two very important things to me. I'll tell you exactely how I feel about something, but then on the other hand I can be quite a people pleaser, but that's only with people that I feel really comfortable with. I'm really open minded as well, there's not a lot I would consider to be weird. People that don't know me very well would perhaps describe me as 'shy', but that'll fade away quickly enough, if I even go through this 'being shy' when I'm with you. Just like any other girl I like shopping, traveling, shoes and parties. I also enjoy going for a walk and learning new things. I'm always in for a date that's not the standard dinner date. My favourite time of year is Christmas, although my favourite season is summer. I am a dog-person and love everything that has glitters or is pink, white or gold. My talents include making weird faces. I adore the beauty of nature, could stare at a flickering candle flame for hours and I've got this thing for over the knee boots. Sushi is my comfort food and I don't really like chocolate that much (who would have thought).

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