Anastasiya, 19 y.o. from Krakov, Poland

About: I am Anastasiya, 19 from Krakov, Poland. I was born in a loving family and I moved around a lot as a kid, but eventually ended up in the middle bedroom. :) Well, enough about me, let me tell you about my work. Actually, I'll let it speak for myself. So read it and find out what it says. Or, rather, what I say it says. :) I am a nurse and I work as a renal specialist nurse. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. My work is difficult and hence interesting but demanding, though to those outside my profession undoubtedly dull. I believe that life is not only days which passed, but those which went down in memory. And it’s true! It is so desirable, that such wonderful, magic, bright days were as many as possible in life. In fact most days is grey, ordinary, alike one on other as twins. In a word are regular. I am an energetic girl and try to conduct every day so that it went down in memory. I love to obtain pleasure from this life, from all of its wonders. At the same time I am very artful being and know how to support t

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