Girl_Candy, 35 y.o. from North Bend, United States

About: I am Girl_Candy, 35 from North Bend, United States. Im real, looking for something real. I don't pretend to be anyone but me. I'm kinda a Spazz but on top of things..I've had nothing but bad relationships and I think it's time for me to be spoiled and treated like queen So here it is ...I have bright outrageous pink (magenta) hair, jade eyes and a vegetarian. Ive traveled the world and learned about other cultures and tryed the most impressive food, so I do love traveling and eating :) I dont try and be anything or anyone but me, I turn heads but im not full of myself actually quite the opposite I dont like being gocked at I dress the way I want and wear what I like ......lil black dresses and heels as high and stunning as I can find I take care of my body, I hate to admit but am a bit of a germaphobe, hand sanatizer is never outta my reach… I love cooking (dont laugh),learning about and working on cars I like getting greasy but hate being dirty :) LOL I sparadickly jump in the ocean I find it refreshing Ive biked the Holland countryside,paddled a paddle boat through the canals of Amsterdam,Swam the warmths of the BlueLagoon in Iceland,repelled down watersfall&zip-lined through the jungles of South America,jet-boated through IguazuFalls in Agentina,trekked the Glacier of Patagonia,Watched the Tango Show in Buenos Aires,

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