Askaboutme, 32 y.o. from Louisville, United States

About: I am Askaboutme, 32 from Louisville, United States. Don’t know if people actually read these but, you should to know more about me...Newly single....trying to navigate this whole thing.l and I can’t lie this site has been all over the place. Like I think I’ve seen it all...then level Crazy slides in my messages. I’m a college professor and I love all things science, traveling, and having a good time. I think what makes me different is I literally am someone who you can discuss the current state of events with, but I’ll also meet you at the bar for shots and dancing. Im courteous, polite, and always a the streets. Lol I can have a good time in various situations and my motto is work harder!!! I guess I should add on here from the brief dates I’ve had thus far...I can read, write, and articulate a full English conversations...born and raised in the US...sounds hilarious...I thought so too...but apparently that’s an anomaly. I don’t do drugs...I’m an educator so, you’re not getting someone who is looking for all of their needs to be met. I take care of my necessities but, would like to get some of my wants. Lol I’m honest, a straight shooter...and appreciate the same in return. Oh...and you want to spit, release body fluids, or cause any type of physical harm to me...keep it moving...I have no desire or wish to partake in any of that whatsoever. No judgement on my end...that’s just not what this girl is into. I say do what makes you happy but, find someone who genuinely enjoys it as well.

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