Feralge, 23 y.o. from Saskatoon, Canada

About: I am Feralge, 23 from Saskatoon, Canada. Looking for my financially supportive Sean Connery/Ryan Reynolds love child, but could settle for a self-deprecating comic. Originally from England, packed with blunt honesty and sharp wit. Currently sporting a "hot" thyroid tumour. Actress, vocalist, and outdoor enthusiast. I live freely and probably recklessly. I'm an ex-competitive athlete turned wildlife biologist and part time theater girl. Physical and chemical attraction are equally important to me, but a respectful manner is priority. I enjoy raw connections with intelligent, intriguing individuals. Something stronger and more long term is ideal, whether it be a friendship or more. But fleeting experiences are exciting too. Part free spirited hippie, part English lady, I'm just as enchanted exploring the art, culture and beauty of old Europe as I am backpacking through a jungle or climbing a mountain. Please don't ask me for the login details to my online banking account. I'm struggling, not stupid.

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