Anastasia, 29 y.o. from Thessaloniki, Greece

About: I am Anastasia, 29 from Thessaloniki, Greece. All of my friends say that I am a very outgoing person. I always remember my self being active, socializing on the spot. My parents made sure I would become a well mannered person. I do believe that every person can achieve anything as long as they believe in themselves and they are ready to work hard. I am a person like that. I always keep a part of me for my self. Unless I know a person pretty well, I won’t show him my inner character. I tend to closure when I have things that make me sad and I not always ask for help and that is a big flaw of mine. But I do have the need to make others around me happy and I was always a caring person. You don’t have to expect something in return when you give love and affection. I always liked to read and to educate my self and I like to have nice intelligent conversations. I am an honest person and I know very well how to keep a secret. I am also very discreet and I respect other people’s boundaries and personal space.

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