Olga, 35 y.o. from Moscow, Russian Federation

About: I am Olga, 35 from Moscow, Russian Federation. I am a happy person who has everything she really needs :) I live in harmony, I have wonderful job and I am surrounded by loving people. But we are not made to live our lives alone, do we? I think that everyone will need a soulmate, someone who can become the closes person ever the one who i can share my deepest fears and secrets, and I am no exception. I am not hot headed girl who want to jump into the marriage as soon as she can, I know how does it feels, when emotions blinds you :) But this is not what i am searching for, what I need right now is to find a man who will only put smile at my face, I want us to become best friends, to support you not only when you need it but even when you don't think you will need my support :) I want us to have passion, but I will not build my future relationship just on Passion and Love alone :)

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