Yisheng(Julie), 25 y.o. from Chongqing

About: I am Yisheng(Julie), 25 from Chongqing. I ask god for a rose,he gave me a garden. I ask god for water,he gave me an ocean. And now I ask god for an angel,will he gave you to me ? I wonder to know? Do you? Now let me tell you more about me ,i have a big wine estate and the wine is sold all over the world.so i have the chance to travel to many countries of the world,too. i have been to USA,Japan, France and etc.When you get to know me,I can be very emotional like anyone else. Haha ,a interesting phenomenon,I feel more cheerful and optimistic when it is sunny.I would like to find a man who he love me and I love him, so that we will be the good match both in physical and mental. I know you will come and carry me out into the palaceof winds.My daring, I am waiting for you .

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