Nana (Nana) Zhu, 29 y.o. from shanghai

About: I am Nana (Nana) Zhu, 29 from shanghai. I am invest hotel chins in shanghai ,which make me have income of 1.5millions every year,but i don’t like to waste money , I just use these money to make me become more beautiful,more knowledgeable and more elegantly .and I have my private gym in my big house in shanghai ,I like do exercises very much to keep my body fit and keep younger ,but I always feel lonely when I do exercise alone In my house ,I want my beloved man to accompany me ,I want to meet my beloved man in real ,do u want to see me and stay with me in real ?Here is a very mature, confident and rich woman looking for her true love .First ,i am business woman ,I need to fly abroad ,especially the USA, and Europe every month ,and I really enjoy the western culture ,I am very open-minded woman ,so I hope I can find a western man to be my husband ,haha ,do u also have interest in our Chinese culture and me ?

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