Svetlana, 31 y.o. from Moscow, Russian Federation

About: I am Svetlana, 31 from Moscow, Russian Federation. I’m sincere person of wide views. I know what friendship means. It’s not just a word for me. I like to take care of people who are important for me as they deserve it and I know that I get the same in return. I can say that I’m faithful and reliable. In spite of any hardships I try to be cheerful and enthusiastic. I believe that our thoughts materialize so it’s healthy to think positively. I am NOT here to play games! Never! That is WHY I INVITE you to my fabulous world of LOVE and understanding!!! I have so many things in my life that I like a lot- active sport, good life, positive moments, good friends and relatives… But i LACK one very important thing... I feel lack of love and i have nobody to wake up with and kiss every morning… I am a strong and self-made woman with a sensitive soul that is why I can afford to myself to be independent and looking for simple man!! I want to feet my future man for real that is why I am ready for compromises!

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