AleenaR, 26 y.o. from Saint Petersburg, Russia

About: I am AleenaR, 26 from Saint Petersburg, Russia. I'm a mixed race individual (an answer to those who ask). I've put up some pictures that shows location in background, just to show that I am a genuine traveler. I am looking for company; a travel companion for emotional support so we discover places together. I'm here solely for the sake of travelling and cultural exchange. I am a very friendly person who has learnt some budget travelling tips from other travellers. We can have fun on a budget. Please no discussion about relationships, not unless when I'm atleast friends with you. I am not comfortable ablout sharing personal matters. I want to clarify, if I meet you we can be good acquiantances & travel buddies but not friends unless you prove it. Anything else is out of the equation, no friends with benefits sort of arrangement. I can offer you my time, company, travel & educational tips. Any souvenirs if you want. I can discuss about spirituality if you want. I am very accepting and funny person & some one similar would get along really well. I'm a youth activist and I've worked voluntarily for 20 months whereby I covered transportation & personal expenses myself. Youth leadership programs value me and sometimes fund me partially or fully to attend those but I really feel my talent isn't valued in my city (or where I have worked) as I'm good at public speaking and theatre and an engineer by degree, I feel stressed and travelling makes me happy. I have visa for Azerbaijan and Fan id for entry into Russia and Belarus, entering Abkhazia is also possible. Turkey, Malaysia and other countries that require evisa for example would let me apply even if I'm not in home country. Some countries like those in Schengen require visa application from country of legal stay. I like travelling, participating in events such as cultural exchange and healthy activities. I have been to Russia before and I can read Cyrillic as well. That's a plus point.

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