DizzywthExcitmnt, 25 y.o. from Doylestown, United States

About: I am DizzywthExcitmnt, 25 from Doylestown, United States. I am a fun-loving, intelligent, 25 year old. I love to spice things up in the kitchen by creating my own recipes from scratch, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. I'm comfortable with going out on the town and dancing or spending a quiet evening at home cuddling while drinking wine and binging on Netflix. I love to travel and have a huge sense of wanderlust. I love hiking and going on adventures outside with my 6 month old puppy. I'm a great listener and I am always the person people confide their secrets to. This is my first time ever trying something like this, so be please nice to me and in return I promise to add some spontaneity and fun to your life :)

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