IamaHKer, 22 y.o. from Hong Kong, Hong Kong

About: I am IamaHKer, 22 from Hong Kong, Hong Kong. I have been having a desire of traveling around the world since I was 12, it leads me gaining international perspective in my teens, although I didn’t visit many places of the world, I still wish to achieve it in my youth. I am currently 22-year-old, working in the small firm, I haven’t attended college yet due to the unsupportiveness by parent, which I have always wanted to move out yet I still need to discover the unknown aspects of mine. As coming from a dysfunctional family, being self-motivated is a must, I am also thankful for having a big curiosity thus it’s nothing hard to me to live independently and being active and motivative by myself. Therefore, I trust myself of being a competent travel companion.

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