HadleyHale, 27 y.o. from Toronto, Canada

About: I am HadleyHale, 27 from Toronto, Canada. I have a huge heart and am often praised for how much I care for others. I have a passion for helping those in need (animals and people!) and if I could, I would make the whole world feel happy and have nothing to worry about. I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh too. I have a unique sense of humour and very seldomly fail to crack people up. I take pride in looking gorgeous whether I’m fresh-faced and in a t-shirt or made up like a super vixen—I never fail to captivate those who encounter me. I feel beautiful with or without make up on and I ALWAYS wash my face at night! You won’t catch me sneaking away at 5 in the morning to put make up on so as to try and pretend that I woke up that way 😂 I love all kinds of food EXCEPT for cilantro. That’s the only thing I don’t like. I’ll try anything. I am a huge dessert person—candy isn’t for me, but I could eat baked goods all day! Classic birthday cakes are my favourite!! Because of my sweet tooth, I try to find balance between eating healthy and unhealthy. I am a fantastic cook and baker and I will always perk up and be smiling so long as I am in the kitchen. I keep active not with sports but by going outdoors and doing things that I love to do such as riding my horse and taking my two Great Danes for a walk or a hike. I really enjoy exploring new places with my dogs. You know how dogs freak out in excitement when they hear the word “walk”? Mine have that reaction when I ask if they want to go on an adventure! As for my physical appearance I am frosty blonde with blue eyes that change green. I am 5’5” and have an hourglass figure with a toned tummy and thanks to riding horses I have pretty good muscle tone. I do not have fake anything—no lip injections or Botox either. I have no tattoos but do have some piercings. My favourite thing about myself is my mind. I have never met another person with a mind quite like my own and the more someone gets inside of it the more intoxicated they seem to grow. I satisfy my big mind and brain by reading books. I love getting lost in fictional stories but I also fancy non-fiction as I never want to stop learning. I thought that I used the words “like” and “enjoy” enough already so I threw “fancy” in there 🤷🏼‍♀️

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