IrishKiki, 30 y.o. from Dublin, Ireland

About: I am IrishKiki, 30 from Dublin, Ireland. Joining this is a bit random but here goes... I'm fairly ambitious and creative generally and I love adventures so I'm thinking something like this could be an adventure. Either that or I shouldn't use my life as a social experiment. Impulse usually wins me over in the end. I'm going back to design college very soon so I'm going to be a post-graduate student. That basically means I will be living like a bohemian hedonist which suits me, and is easy in a city like Dublin. I'm a big doggy lover. The biggest love of my life right now is my family dog Lulu and if we chat I will likely send you videos of her. I'm interested in a wide variety of topics and if you get me started on something i'm interested in you should have a bottle of wine handy and settle in because I can delve deep. A good debate is always welcome ;p Also I should mention I'm not an escort. And due to my strong feelings on women's rights I would never accept any meet up on the assumption of a baseless sexual exchange. Nor would I feel comfortable meeting with anyone who's nationality doesn't meet my standard of equal rights. I just feel I should put that out there. Sorry. I'm a strong women and would prefer a 50:50 exchange or thereabouts.

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