Anja , 30 y.o. from Belgrade, Serbia

About: I am Anja, 30 from Belgrade, Serbia. I grew up surrounded with boys. You wouldn’t be wrong to imagine me fighting for the ball in the backyard of my house; I was that kind of girl. Now, I know you’ll probably laugh, but the TV show ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ aired in those years, and that little girl really thought she could become as powerful as her hero on screen. Of course, that changed later, especially in high school, when pink dresses and makeup replaced dirty knees. However, a little warrior still lies inside me, and he’s just playing a different game, the one where my personality counts more than physical strength. What remained the same after all those years? Hmm, I guess the fact that I still like to tease men, that will never change. Probably because they will always respond like boys. Also, I still love sports, so don’t forget to ask me what’s my favorite basketball team, maybe we're watching the same game every week!

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