Anna, 51 y.o. from Kiev, UA

About: I am Anna, 51 from Kiev, UA. What am I doing on this site? The answer is simple – currently, there are things that are not in the tune with my life. To feel the harmony of happiness I need my beloved man, who will share his love with me. Triumph and losses have crossed my path, I know how bittersweet they taste. Like medal has two sides, the same way my life does: there were both happiness and grief; I used to make mistakes, and, honestly, still do; I've had friends and equally they betrayed me. Love happened in my life (at least twice, because I have two sons!)), and I do believe I will meet love on my way again. I got disillusioned too often (it also can be proved - I don't have the man I love). Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupery says: "This is what my Fox used to be like before. There was nothing that made him different from hundred and thousands of other foxes. But I made friends with him and now he is the only one in the whole wide world". We may get acquainted and you may become the only o

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