bienna, 28 y.o. from Vienna, Austria

About: I am bienna, 28 from Vienna, Austria. Why I want go be the next travel partner.. because I'm different to most women. This might sound like and old phrase but it is true, people/guests keep telling me that. In my short 28 years on earth I was lucky enough to experience and discover more from the world than most people in their whole lifes. I grew up in Austria but had the chance to live in Kanada, the USA and all over Europe. I was never homesick in my life because home is where your heart is. I can call myself lucky on life experience and with the years I switched from shy innocent to outgoing and bubbly. I lost 20kg during my first time ine the USA and cut my hair short. Never imagined that I could ever be that person but some good people made me realize I could be whatever I want If I set my mind to it. What also helped was growing up with grandparents who always thaught me that everything in life happens for a reason you just need to see the positive side on it and grow with it. Stones on my path are no hurdles but mountains you climb to enjoy the view. I might maybe not look like the typical beauty standart these days with long hair/extensions and bare skin (short hair and some tasteful tattoos) but I know who I'm and jealousy is not a thing when you know that. I love my hair, my curves, my hight and just my whole body including the person I'm. I try to keep growing physically as well as mentally. I can be stubborn sometimes but I'm easy to handle and If I was wrong I will admit it and appologize. I love kids (was a nanny for 4 years and still in contact with all 4 families and my 7 kids), enjoy cooking and baking (also my profession), hate to be alone somewhere for a long time and enjoy having people around me way to much. I grew up in the tourism/hospitality industry and went to culinary school and learned from my dad and mom as well as from my grandmas tricks to cook the best Austrian Hungarian dishes. Over the last 10 years I worked many hours as head waitress, as a cook or as a hostess/steward and I don't want to miss any second of it. My favorite job was and still is to date to work as a hostess on sailing boats.. I cook for my guests, clean/keep the boat tidy and entertain them. I know when I need to just give hints what they can and when I need to be active and interact with them. I had my fair share of champagne showers as well as mimosas for breakfasts. Not just that but I know also when a shot is needed or a cocktails wants to be enjoyed at the pool. I'm a fun person to have around and sometimes I turn bright red and want to hide behind the next corner but most of the time I'm just a regular bubbly person.

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