AGM1092, 26 y.o. from Saint Petersburg, United States

About: I am AGM1092, 26 from Saint Petersburg, United States. I’m a digital nomad, so nowhere and everywhere is technically home for me. Heading to Thailand/SE Asia in August, for how long is to be determined. Who would like to meet me there? I run my own company from my laptop so I do work even when I travel, but I feel I’ve got a pretty good work/life balance. I am an extremely adventurous and passionate girl. Hopeless romantic and extremely compassionate. Things I love: ambition, adventures, laughing, learning, music (especially live), books, and passion. I’m looking to spend my time with someone who also is equal parts ambitious and down to earth and has an abundant mindset. Life is absolutely too amazing to ever think otherwise. Looking for a soulful, passionate person who wants to laugh all the time. It would be amazing to have a partner who has a passion to travel and would do it with me. As my company is in its infancy I invest most of money into that so it would be wonderful if I could meet someone older, wiser, confident, financially secure and someone who wanted to financially cover the cost of the traveling for a young woman so we can share stress free, amazing trips anywhere our hearts desire. Don’t worry I’m not looking for someone to pay my bills. I have been solo traveling the world on my own dime thus far so I’m quite self sufficient. I guess it’s just a fantasy of mine to be swept off my feet by a mature, worldly guy and be treated like a princess. I know being a traveler makes serious dating hard and I’m in no rush, I enjoy casual company as long as there’s chemistry, but I am also open to deeper more long term situations and open to love. My schedule and my heart are very open to finding an amazing traveler to share moments of life with.

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