Jing (baby), 35 y.o. from Chongqing

About: I am Jing (baby), 35 from Chongqing. I am confident, open, wild, mature, independent, creative, and care lady. As a passionate girl, I am open-minded and have a young heart. . I can communicate with different people easily. At the same time I am honest and devoted person. I am a persistent person and I always try to achieve what I want. I am a very optimistic person and believe in my happy future! I care and try to make people happy around me . As they say, everything should be beautiful in a beautiful lady. It seems to me, the real beauty consists of harmonic connection of soul richness, moral clearance and only after these ones of the physical appealing to the partner. In other words, appearance is only our outside dress. The real and natural beauty is inside of our soul - somewhere deep in the soul and it reflects in the eyes. There are so many inner and outside beauties waiting for you to explore.

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