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Tatjana, 46y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Tatjana, 46
I am a woman, who has a personal freedom and freedom of the choice and i want to exchange this freedom for something, in my opinion more valuable . i am sure a smart woman just can not afford to be ugly.
Gabriela, 22y.o., from Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria
Gabriela, 22
What can I say about myself? I have a very strong personality I always get what I want. I have a very active life position, to sit at the same place is not for me. Maybe it is not a perfect quality, but I always say what I think. My life moto: Never stop.
Karina Mariya, 20y.o., from Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary
Karina Mariya, 20
When I think about being female I think about being loved. I am a dynamic person who likes to scale walls. I like to set goals which hard to reach. I can not express my feelings when I achieve this.. It brings a lot of energy and confidence that your aims are right. I am a manager by profession,
zoyya, 28y.o., from Tunis, Tunisia
Tunis, Tunisia
zoyya, 28
I hate stress and drama,I love life romance good food,good films...
Valentina, 28y.o., from Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece
Valentina, 28
I am very sensitive, honest and quiet girl. I am patient and kind also. I am originally from Russia but I live in Greece for many years. I am generous with people. I am family oriented and love children.
chantelleno1, 32y.o., from London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
chantelleno1, 32
I am English and love to explore new places I am interested in visiting countries I haven't been to before .. with great company :) I have blond hair, blue eyes and size 10 Getting Immersed in New cultures, meeting like minded people and living life to the fullest ! I believe in sharing, good
Alina, 25y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Alina, 25
I am very sincere person. Hiding something is not what I enjoy. I prefer to stay opened and honest with people that I love…For me it is very important to be in good mood all the time, I believe in positive thinking.
lunabelle13, 25y.o., from Waltham, United States
Waltham, United States
lunabelle13, 25
Adventurous, ambitious, sweet, with a creative mind & a sense of humor. I am very feminine and a little sassy. I also have a variety of interest and a few hobbies. I like to keep an open mind and refrain from judging others. ask me anything.
Queram, 21y.o., from Philadelphia, United States
Philadelphia, United States
Queram, 21
If you want to know about me, just ask
catalang, 27y.o., from Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile
catalang, 27
I am person who loves to travel, to know new places and to live adventures. I'm a very social person
jamaicancaramel, 28y.o., from Port Antonio, Jamaica
Port Antonio, Jamaica
jamaicancaramel, 28
i'm fun sometimes quiet i love to read and watch tv, i'm not shy but a bit conservative i'm not afraid to speak my mind
Zam0, 26y.o., from Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China
Zam0, 26
I'm a fun loving person who has caught the travel bug. I'm open minded and ready for an adventure
Anna, 23y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Anna, 23
I am kind, loving, purposeful. I love life, i want to find my future soul-mate on this site. I am seriously oriented and want to start a family. I love modeling, reading, jogging, listening to music and dancing while no one sees. Also i adore cooking new dishes from different cuisines. Are you
Tamy, 25y.o., from Nairobi , Kenya
Nairobi , Kenya
Tamy, 25
I am a young vibrant lady who is always positive, full of energy, social and bubbly. I am an outgoing person who enjoys a night out in an exquisite restaurant with fine dining, wine, good company and environment. I love nature, outdoors, beautiful sceneries, hiking, walking on the beach, cycling,
SheaZendaya, 30y.o., from Doha, Qatar
Doha, Qatar
SheaZendaya, 30
Bornean Professional hotelier Independent & committed
Ekaterina, 20y.o., from Almaty, Kazakhstan
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Ekaterina, 20
I am not a selfish woman. I value trust and honesty. I am romantic, but also practical. I have a good sense of humour. I am hardworking, very inquisitive, fun-loving and a positive person overall. I am also very calm by nature.
Biljana, 49y.o., from Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, RS
Biljana, 49
I like art, drawing
Khaleesi01, 33y.o., from Houston, United States
Houston, United States
Khaleesi01, 33
I'm a degreed professional playing with idea of going to law school. Call me crazy but I love learning. I enjoy things from horseback riding and checking fence line on the razor to enjoying a great steak with a good red wine or as simple as reading a book. Laid back, never married, no human
Meng yue, 22y.o., from zhengzhou
Meng yue, 22
I am a lovely girl who is easygoing but not casual. i don't want a forced love,just need sincere love and true heart,no lies.I come from a decent family, mom is a professor in university, dad is a big boss in real estate business. He also have five other businesses.I take over dad’s real estate
Paola, 19y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Paola, 19
I am a unique girl, very simple, transparent I like to fight for my dreams, since I consider myself a fighter girl
Kimberlykinks, 25y.o., from London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Kimberlykinks, 25
Hi my name is Kimberly kinks, I’m a Young entrepreneur looking to travel the world and have fun with company. I’m normally chasing a dream, but when I’m not I’m playing badminton and with friends, or in the library. I’m a custom to getting piercings when I travel...just a heads up! If not out at
Svetlana, 29y.o., from Tiraspol, Moldova
Tiraspol, Moldova
Svetlana, 29
Ah, sink or swim – you’ll see me as I am! Responsible, punctual and having perfect analytical mind – these are my most noticeable advantages. As for my faults, they are stubbornness and hot temper. Err… not too bad? I hope so… Looking for a true friend? You must know that I’m an indispensable
claire90carterx, 25y.o., from San Antonio, United States
San Antonio, United States
claire90carterx, 25
I like music, different music - it can be Madonna or Michael Jackson or I like Beyonce and some famous Russian singers. I like to read books and go to the cinema. If I have a chance I like to travel, I get a pleasure from sea and beaches. One my dream to visit Rio de Janeiro, because there are
Liris, 26y.o., from Bogota
Liris, 26
Liris, yes that's my name ... means Strong and spiritual! and that is my definition, I am an authentic woman and capable of doing everything I set out to do. I am a woman of character, emotionally stable and secure, I feel able to take the initiative, even among a group of people, also with a
amal, 26y.o., from Chefchaouen, MA
Chefchaouen, MA
amal, 26
I am ready for life adventures and full of life person. I know what I want from life as I am very persistent. I like meeting new people and having new friends. I am very positive and I have a lot of dreams in my life. You will never be bored with me.))
Sara, 23y.o., from Casablanca, MA
Casablanca, MA
Sara, 23
im a kind and sensetivecalme and romantic cultured girl...I wish to explore new culture and other world im so open mind person and im so passionate my one love when i meet him.
BAO KHUYEN, 24y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
i am kind and happy, every moment i just enjoy every breath in the world. no matter ehat happened, at least, i am alive.
AdventurousLiyah, 24y.o., from Dayton, United States
Dayton, United States
AdventurousLiyah, 24
Not everyone deserves the opportunity to get to know the real you. Are you up for the adventure? I want to travel and enjoy new things that I've never done before. Let me take care of you as we benefit each other.
Nadejda, 61y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Nadejda, 61
quiet, easy to get on with, creative, curious
Shuyu( Elizabeth), 26y.o., from shanghai
Shuyu( Elizabeth), 26
A 25 year old and divorced woman means nothing in China because no one is willing to accept me and my daughter at the same time, i have a 5 years-old daughter,Yes, I was pregnant before I got married. My ex didn't give me a complete wedding, and then I was abandoned. But I'm strong and my life
NatalieLo, 22y.o., from Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
NatalieLo, 22
Interested in going out/clubbing, travelling, good restaurant but cooking also, reading, visiting museums, watching operas, enjoying great wines cocktails
Qun, 28y.o., from Hu Nan, CN
Hu Nan, CN
Qun, 28
Adriana, 35y.o., from Pereira, CO
Pereira, CO
Adriana , 35
♥♥Hello, I am here in this place in search of the love of my life, in search of new experiences, are you the man that will give me security and new memories for my life? ..😘😘... if you are that man do not hesitate to write I will be waiting to answer your message I send you a kiss, will you tell me
Hai qi, 28y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Hai qi, 28
Like traveling,meeting new people,learning new things and cultures. like reading and watching tv or movies,like go to concerts and theatre.I like doing all romantic things together with my man!! Like doing sports and dancing to keep fit,especially Yoga!!I am good at singing as well, hope someday
Erika Marcela, 27y.o., from Bucaramanga, CO
Bucaramanga, CO
Erika Marcela, 27
I am a tender, affectionate, honest woman, the reason why I'm here is because I want to find a man who is gentle, loving, interesting, someone who makes me feel like a princess. I've always dreamed of having a beautiful home with a man that feels happy to return home I'm the kind of woman who does
Juliya, 41y.o., from Lugansk, Ukraine
Lugansk, Ukraine
Juliya, 41
easy going, balanced, kind, sincere