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Polina, 34y.o., from Prague, CZ
Prague, CZ
Polina, 34
I am that girl who is herself in all situations. I am self-confident and respective in any situations, too. I can always help without any profit. I am really charitable and have a big heart. I also need these characteristics in my future husband. But love is always in the first side.
EmGambit, 27y.o., from Darwin, Australia
Darwin, Australia
EmGambit, 27
Curious as a child, every corner and turn was a new place to be discovered. Meeting people along the way, turned out to be as exciting as it was risky. Now, my zest for life stems from the fact that I have yet to meet as many people as I would like. Open conversations are important to me. Everyone
Acesweety, 25y.o., from Montego Bay, Jamaica
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Acesweety, 25
I am very quiet at time. Super outspoken when I need to but not aggressive. I’m also very jovial and sarcastic. I’m all about fun and living life to the fullest of my ability. With me there’s never a dull. Except from when you make me sad.
Shaiza, 31y.o., from New Delhi, IN
New Delhi, IN
Shaiza, 31
I am full of cheerfulness and optimism. I always know how to find bright things in events and people, if it's worth doing. Discouragement rarely visits me, as this is not a very constructive emotion, in my opinion. However, such a position is fraught with some misunderstanding with others who do
Bella_W, 24y.o., from Lichfield, United Kingdom
Lichfield, United Kingdom
Bella_W, 24
I'm a dancer which wants to travel the world. I'm quirky and confident with a slim/curvy body. I would love to visit the prettiest of places with great company. Absolutely love dry humour and terrible jokes. Good food, cocktails and animals are my favourite!
Sejal Dhansukh, 20y.o., from Mumbai, IN
Mumbai, IN
Sejal Dhansukh, 20
I am always well-dressed. I know how to select clothing that is modest, age appropriate, within my budget, and perfect for the occasion. I well-groomed, practices good hygiene. And I maintain my health. I am caring person and always ready to help. A friend of mine and me absolutely love cats and
kamilacastro, 31y.o., from Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
kamilacastro, 31
I would describe myself as a very determined, Happy, Honest,Fnny😂, Ambitious, Intelligent etc… So easy to say my quality 😁😀
MzVida, 28y.o., from San Francisco, United States
San Francisco, United States
MzVida, 28
Time, presence, and physical/emotional attentiveness are our most basic proxies for something ultimately unprovable: that we are understood. Gift the love of your life with undistributed, unhurried attentiveness. What you'll learn about me is that I'm affectionate, yet attentive, as well as patient
Viviokey, 26y.o., from Purwokerto, Indonesia
Purwokerto, Indonesia
Viviokey, 26
I'm honest, trustworthy person and like to hear from another perspective. I enjoy travelling, watching movies and drinking coffee with extra milk.
Sweettheartt19, 19y.o., from Albany, United States
Albany, United States
Sweettheartt19, 19
Super sweet and very easygoing little shy at first but I’ll warm up I’m an open book so feel free to ask anything you want!:)
Ulyana7, 28y.o., from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Ulyana7, 28
Bright, cheerful lady eager for adventure! (;
Zhiming, 34y.o., from Guangzhou, CN
Guangzhou, CN
Zhiming , 34
i am a sweet lady. I like to spoil my man. will wear sexy bikini in front of him every night will sleep topless.I need a man to share the rest of life with me.can you take me and help me become your sexiest wife?
Anjelbb23, 26y.o., from Mountain View, United States
Mountain View, United States
Anjelbb23, 26
Young fun sane classy girl here . Looking to travel the world with genuine happy people. Please be respectful and load of fun! Transgender
Polina, 45y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Polina, 45
I have a kind and calm character. I am caring and optimistic, extremely energetic and always find something to do! I like to help people in all their needs. I am sincere and I value honesty in relationships, I hate lies and cheating. I am ready to do everything to make you feel happy!
Islandsugar94, 23y.o., from Miami, United States
Miami, United States
Islandsugar94, 23
Passionate and goal oriented seeking a likeminded gentleman.
Yuzhen, 27y.o., from Yongzhou, CN
Yongzhou, CN
Yuzhen, 27
we often thought there be better ones on the way,time and time again we found the best one is just beside us we are always busy to find the beauties around us,I hope we can find each other here.
Alina, 22y.o., from Tiraspol, Moldova
Tiraspol, Moldova
Alina, 22
i grew up in the country side i started to work from ages 10 .. i am not lazy ass:))). i stayed with gooses and cows. My pictures do not have Photoshop and I look as I look ;) Yes I am young and I already have a son but I want to meet an older man . I work as nanny in the kindergarten and I have a
Dan, 31y.o., from Zhengzhou, CN
Zhengzhou, CN
Dan, 31
would u like to travel the world with me on my private plane? ha ha ..because of my business,i thinking many things very comprehensive.maybe you want to know what i am doing .its beauty salons.i have about one hunderd of beauty salons in zhengzhou,and other 58 salons in another province. because my
misscandy09, 33y.o., from Marbella, Spain
Marbella, Spain
misscandy09, 33
Human, gentle, fragile, loving, funny, free spirit, looking to live my life at its best and take all good oportunities!
Masha, 28y.o., from Tbilisi, GE
Tbilisi, GE
Masha, 28
Hello, I am looking for a best friend and love here. I am very energetic girl. I can be different: fun, calm, creative. It all depends on my mood. But no matter what, I am always kind, sweet, gentle, caring and loving. I always try to understand and to listen to the opinion of the other person, but
fayrouze, 31y.o., from Birtouta, DZ
Birtouta, DZ
fayrouze , 31
أنا وامرأة نشطة جدا والبهجة واثق من نفسه. أنا لا أحب أن تتوقف. أنا صديق مخلص وسأكون زوجة مخلصة لزوجي الحبيب! أنا مثل القط لطيف .. أستطيع أن عقص الى الكرة والخرخرة إلى جانبك، ولكن يجب أن نعرف أن أستطيع أن تظهر لك مخالب بلدي. ؛)
JulieSh, 22y.o., from Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya
JulieSh, 22
I am a young beautiful outgoing lady who is down to earth and loves to travel
Juliya, 37y.o., from Krasnodon, UA
Krasnodon, UA
Juliya, 37
I love to work and communicate with people. I am easy to have fun, I love to laugh and joke around. I am independent but far from being a feminist. I always try to keep busy doing something,I am very tender woman.. With age you start to realize that tenderness is a special feeling, which you want
keysia12, 29y.o., from North Ridgeville, United States
North Ridgeville, United States
keysia12, 29
I love the outdoors,traveling, spontaneous road trips, nice quiet walks, romantic dinners,reading,going out with friends, dancing, writing poem, listen to music too and relaxing at home.
Alina, 32y.o., from Kherson, Ukraine
Kherson, Ukraine
Alina, 32
Air and live, wanderer, in whose eyes sparkle sparks dying sun ... A slight smile and thoughtfulness ... I know not only that beauty is sometimes difficult to see, but the fact that it is often simply do not notice. I do not believe in fairy tales, but I love to listen to them. I love to feel part
tonipony, 19y.o., from Birmingham, United Kingdom
Birmingham, United Kingdom
tonipony, 19
I was born in Romania but my family moved to Canada when I was young. I’m now studying law in the UK. I love taking pictures! I like to go out every so often and love meeting new people. I’m very energetic and enthusiastic and (I think) I’m good company!!