Ekaterina, 30 y.o. from Kiev, Ukraine

About: I am Ekaterina, 30 from Kiev, Ukraine. How much a photo can tell you about person? I am sure that picture of me in cocktail dress will not tell you that i am easygoing, kind, good-tempered person and an animal lover. I visit animal shelter every other Sunday and help with finding a house for pets from shelter.. One of the things i can be blamed for is decisiveness, accepting decisions, adventures and life challenges. Even my business has been a decision almost of one night and a month of bringing it to life. When you really wish for something , the only way to make it happen is to take the challenge)) So I hope when I am meeting my man – he wouldn’t be taking 5 years to decide on whether he is ready to spend a week with foreign lady. Other thing I like to do is to spend quality time with my close people. Not that I am irresponsible, but when I have time I can come up and say – Lets go away on weekend) We could do anything from living in a tent to being lazy at the resort.. Hope you would prefer time together rather th

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