Indigomango, 24 y.o. from Saint Petersburg, United States

About: I am Indigomango, 24 from Saint Petersburg, United States. I am going through the hardest time in my life, and would really just like to get away and travel with positive people… My fiance and love of my life was murdered. I have been doing everything I can to fight justice for him, protests, spreading awareness online, contacting organizations… I've barely had time to grieve or feel my own emotions My living situation is not the best now that I have had to move out of the apartment we were living in and I am also unemployed and living with family at the moment. Because of all this it has been hard to hang on and keep going. I am now drained and really just want to get away for a while I am very positive when I am around other positive people, I love art and find it very therapeutic when I create art, I love to gain knowledge and experience the world around me. My favorite place to be is out in nature and I am definitely far from high maintenance but I enjoy the luxuries of life of course. I consider my self a human rights activist and i believe this world could be a much better place. I am more spiritual than I am religious but I never judge anyone for their religion or beliefs. I am not looking to date or a serious relationship. I am only looking for a platonic friendship or travel partner.

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