Nataliya, 40 y.o. from Odessa, Ukraine

About: I am Nataliya, 40 from Odessa, Ukraine. I am very positive, sociable and active person and it attracts others. I get along with people easily and combine such traits as genuineness, kindness, a loving, gentle nature. My feminity is so natural, I am sensual, affectionate, charming, romantic and at the same time intelligent and witty. I am faithful and honest with traditional family values. Making surprises and bringing joy to people who surround me fill my heart with happiness. My even-tempered character helps me to accumulate enough patience to work on routine things but at the same time I am able to be spontaneous. I adore organizing something extraordinary in order to cheer up my partner. Being a good problem-solver I am not afraid of difficulties. I know that I will surely overcome any for the sake of my future soul mate and our love.

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