Brianna1bv, 26 y.o. from Austin, United States

About: I am Brianna1bv, 26 from Austin, United States. My photos are still pending. Im not hiding, sorry! I'm 26, I was born in la but raised in Austin and its all I know. I'm a small girls seeking big adventures. I skateboard (alot of people can't picture it) its a passion of mine. Im into painting with resin, and creating with live edge wood and resin. I enjoy trying new extreme sports. I’m mainly seeking platonic friendships :), I’m always willing to be your wing girl, listen to you, give any advice, grab drinks, or a meal with you, be your traveling partner. I love being In or by a body of water, it truely makes me happy. I'm adventurous, out going, i love to laugh and be around humorous people. I have a wish to take as many trips as possible and experience new cultures, environments, and people. This world is too small not to see more of it beyond the place you live.

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