RockyDee, 24 y.o. from Cleveland, United States

About: I am RockyDee, 24 from Cleveland, United States. Natural redhead, college kid, homeowner, soldier, daughter of an artist, traveling newbie! I've spent the recent bit of my life focusing on college and working. I started out as a CBRN specialist in the army, and have been in for over 6 years! (yes I feel old!) I've reclassed since as an HR specialist but will soon be reclassed once again as a journalist! What can I say, I love learning new skills. Which is why in college I'm a general crafts major. I know how do create textiles, metal jewelry, ceramics, and I can even blow glass! I'm the daughter of a famous artist so I have big shoes to fill. (My father has a permanent piece in the Smithsonian!) I've even made some of his pieces that were in Amsterdam's fashion week, so when I say I'm an artist, I don't just 'doodle' in my free time ;) Recently I bought myself a house, but I had to gut it so I've been becoming quite the handyman! Once again, I'm thrown into the world of a thousand new skills. It's always hard for me to write up thoughtful profiles, or interesting ones to say the least. But hopefully you'll take the chance and see that I'm a much better conversationalist than I seem! If I've favorited you, chances are I'm just too shy and I'm not quite what to say, please drop me a line and I'll respond~ Thank you for your time :)

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