Oohmarlene, 27 y.o. from London, United Kingdom

About: I am Oohmarlene, 27 from London, United Kingdom. Full-time-traveller-wannabe Affectionate, fun-loving, fascinated by the world. I have the urge to experience everything that life has to offer. I am open minded and curious, I need excitement and passion. I have a constant fear that there's not enough of my life to see everything I want. I tend to flirt too much. I like good coffee in the mornings, good wine in the evenings and good food at any time, sightseeing, outdoors, sunsets and sunrises, plane take-offs, nature, taking up new sports, latin music and dancing, yoga and the after-workout feeling, starry sky at night, sauna, massages & spa treatments, spontaneous trips and city breaks, road trips, car driving and singing (classic and hard rock only allowed in the car!), leisurely breakfasts, hotel rooms with views, taking photos. Simple pleasures. Not "the finer things in life" ;) I enjoy spa weekends and a little bit of luxury from time to time, but have nothing against travelling in a campervan or backpacking - to keep the balance :) Severe vitamin D deficiency 😏 Keep up with me!

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