WanderingSmiles, 32 y.o. from Antwerp, Belgium

About: I am WanderingSmiles, 32 from Antwerp, Belgium. Hi there! A little bit about me. I am a bubbly, single girl. I was born in South America. Raised and still living in Belgium. I love traveling, meeting new people, getting to know different cultures. Last years I traveled to Egypt, UAE, Canada, USA and in Europe. Loved all of those places and each for a different reason. If you would like to visit Belgium, I would like to join in discovering my own country. Being a tourist where I live, always fun and interesting also. Get your camera ready! More interests- besides traveling, are very broad. Books are my passion (fiction and non-fiction). Mostly I read in Dutch because that's what is easy to find here, but when I dive into a certain topic it will be mostly in English. My other language-skills aren't good enough (yet) to read AND comprehend a good book. I like listening to all kinds of music, mostly pop, r ‘n b, Latin music (I just started learning Salsa), ‘80s - ‘90s, classical music. And yes I love singing on road trips, so close your ears or don't. ;-) I am into religion/spirituality, it is so fascinating to me. Any new approach towards this just pulls me. At the moment I am busy with the secret, NLP and the fourth dimension. I know a lot of people don't care, and I am not the judgy kind, so each their own thing but just wanted to put it out here. ;-) Keeping myself busy is never a problem. Being bored is very rare to me. I can even enjoy doing nothing. Also puzzles keep me busy, yes actual jigsaw puzzles but also sudoku and other brain train stuff. I also like doing crafts, taking walks in nature, Netflix (lots of interesting documentaries), and so on. Hit me up with a message if my profile speaks to you. Hope to ‘read’ you soon! Xoxo

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