missanwylde, 19 y.o. from Las Vegas, United States

About: I am missanwylde, 19 from Las Vegas, United States. (if you want two pretty girls to join you my best friend and I have always done this together. if its not your cup of tea then I'm ok with it just being me)I'm an 19 year old blond (temporarily brunette until someone can help me fix this disaster) living in Las Vegas. I’m learning French right now and I have a passion of learning different cultures and going to places that are rich with history. I love reading and poetry. I’m very classy and kind. Im a Capricorn if that makes a difference?♑️😂I’m NOT like many girls you will find here in the valley. I’m quite fun and I love life and I love new experiences. I’m easily mentally captivated by ones who are wise and very knowledgeable. My life’s true passion is knowing as much as possible and finding beauty in the world and the relationships I establish. I want to learn more languages and travel the world to build connections with people, and soon launch my own business. My one true idol and role model is Audrey Hepburn. Her grace and kind heart is something I strive to achieve as I grow as a human being. I shoot far from the average lifestyle. I want to make the most out of life and I love doing things that are a stretch from people’s comfort zones. (Not to sound crazy but I would totally be a spy or something wild like that because Im an adrenaline junkie minus heights LMFAO)

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