Shan (Lily), 26 y.o. from Wuhan, CN

About: I am Shan (Lily), 26 from Wuhan, CN. At work, i am a brilliant and precise office lady, but in life, I am a frank, kind, and candid girl. People around me consider me as a reliable woman, because i am always prepared to help others. I am also a strong-willed woman, i do not fear difficulties, i can always try my best to overcome them, because i believe that, where there is a will, there is a way. if one person can not work hard to get what he wants, how can he deserve what he have got. Due to this dashing character, i am successful in my career so that i live a comfortable life. Though i have strong character, sometimes i feel very helpless, because i am just a young girl, however strong i am, i need a soul mate to comfort me , to support me, this is different from that of my friends and family. I am a just a little woman, i do own the weak side, i am sentimental, a tiny moving thing can make my eyes in tears. This is me , independent at most times, whereas sentimental in life, would you like to step into my hear

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