Nadejda, 37 y.o. from Kiev, Ukraine

About: I am Nadejda, 37 from Kiev, Ukraine. I never talk bad about people I dont know, I never judge and I always try to help to close to me people, if I can help of course! I consider myself like a reliable person. I always keep my word! of course I am not ideal, I have a few sins, if you want to know those sins - at least start conversation with me, I cant talk about myself too much in my profile, coz it is not polite)) but the main you need to know about my character now - it is that I am REALIABLE person. I think adult man will really value this point! coz it is very hard nowadays to find reliable person you could wait a help or support from. I would like to support my man in everything - from his job to some points connected with his car repairing!!!)

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