weiwei(vivi) wang , 29 y.o. from guangzhou

About: I am weiwei(vivi) wang, 29 from guangzhou. I am a girl like wind, a girl who is love laughing,i'm strong beyond ur imagination. honey, if you are here, want to play with the love game with me. it's ok. i am not afraid of u. hahahahaha,it's for kidding ,because i'm friendly and humorous.if i love the man, i will do everything for him. it's dangerous to u that playing love game with me.Because I have the backing of the people, hahahaha, did i scare you? it's very funny. i can't stop but to laugh. my support people are my father and my mother. my father is government official, hands the important right. my mother is a successful business woman. they love me, but they don't spoil me. they buy a seaside villa for me.they support me everything.i like nice things,i do my wedding dress design company.my inspiration came from my view of love.I want my love to be full of colorful and romantic.will you be the man?

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