Anna, 31 y.o. from Kharkov, Ukraine

About: I am Anna, 31 from Kharkov, Ukraine. Happiness is contagious. The happier you are, the happier those around you. This is my motto and I keep to it going through my life. Despite the voice of mind, there must always be a moment when the heart speaks louder. I listen to my heart that led me here on this site. I am very spiritual and deep person. I truly feel my heart and I always know what I want. I believe in tight connection between two people. I always keep my word and everything that I feel and share is in my soul and it is not a game for me. I can be too trusty, but I know that faith and trust are very important. I believe that loyalty and love are what make our world beautiful and crate hope for the humanity.My interests and hobbies are so different. I am crazy about jazz and good pop music. I like visiting consents. I sing myself and I am learning how to play guitar. I like astrology and nature science. I can spend a calm family evening at home reading a book on a sofa and I also can go to dancing or cinema.

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