Xueying, 24 y.o. from Zhengzhou, CN

About: I am Xueying, 24 from Zhengzhou, CN. I was born in a businessman family , my father is a successful businessman .i have a company in cosmetic industry with his help,now i have got success in it.i have bought 6 houses in the CBD of zhengzhou .of course i have 2 sport cars.and i have the villa in Hawaii.Now i have invested in the new business of the beauty shops and the hotel they can help me earn millions per month.i want to find a man who can live with me ,love me .a man who can hang me when i am weak in morning .a man who can give me a warmth embrace when i feel sad .in my life i usually help someone who need help,if we were together i hope we could do it together.also if you were the man who i want to find you would never consider the problem of money i could give you all you need.and i can visit u if we fall in love.anywhere is ok for me to fly to u.and give u the rich u need. I will never hide my strong enthusiasm for sex, for it is one of my natures. I am not shy to express the sex.

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